…”this is MY opinion”…

A personal POLITICAL RANT. Read ON or exit NOW!…You’ve been warned.
In today’s screwed-up Political World too many people think “if you don’t agree with or think like ME then YOU’RE WRONG”! LEFT (DemocRAT/Socialist) or RIGHT (Republican) WING, LIBERTARIAN, INDEPENDENTS (just want to stop someone else) it really doesn’t matter but “YOU’RE WRONG”! Right!…
As for me well I lean more Republican than anything. I have been known to vote for an occasional DemocRAT in my time but they have far & few between. And most of’en end up runnin’ as a DemocRAT cause they know they can’t beat The Republican Candidate but feel they offer more that the other DemocRATic Candidates do. I will not Vote by markin’ the PARTY BOX at the top of a Ballot. I will sit there, how ever long it takes, to go thru each race bracket & vote for the Candidate I want to represent me. And like I’ve said ” I have been known to occasionally vote for a DemocRAT”.
Hum-m-m-m…interesting…from Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV):

2 A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.
As for me personally “I don’t really hold Politicians in a high position”. I refer to ’em on a regular basis as “Liars, Thieves, & Crooks”. There may have been ONE but I don’t recall who it MIGHT have been to come out of Office with less Personal Wealth than they went in with. Very few exit without attaining the ranks of Millionaire Status. Most, by far, exit as Multi-Millionaires. They are famous for Passin’ Laws & Bills that affect the General Population/Voters that put them in office. But make sure to leave a clause in them that, of course Deletes Them, their families, & staffs. Why? Go figure…
The DemocRATs: “as a DemocRAT, I accepted the outcome of the referendum” (ahh-hahaha).  I have been told by more than one person (one of whom I respect very much) “I/we didn’t leave the DemocRATic Party…they left Me/Us”. I wonder if that was why Senator Richard Shelby “Flip – Flopped” from a DemocRAT to a Republician? Oh I’m sure there are some “Ole Yellow Dog DemocRATs” still out there. Those that would vote for ANYONE put on a ballot (say “A Yellow Dog”!). One of my Grandfathers was one of ’em. Just hangin’ on to the Old Party Standards. But…for the most part Today’s DemocRATs/Liberals are more Socialist & transitionin’ that direction more each day . Yeah yeah…deny, deny, deny!
The Republicans: “a person advocating or supporting republican government”. Oh I know there are some I just couldn’t vote for. They are commonly refereed to now days as “RINOS”! Most of them know/knew they are/were too Conservative to be a DemocRAT, too Liberal to be a Republican, & just too Confused to be an Independent or Libertarian.
Then there are The Libertarians: “a person who believes in the doctrine of free will”. Are just too full of themselves they just can’t seem to commit to either Major Parties Platform because Certain Planks just don’t FIT them. They will vote for “The Man” & know, for the most part, the Independents “don’t stand a chance in Hell of winnin'” a major race.
Our form of Government is a Republic (“a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch”). It is NOT a Democracy (“the practice or principles of social equality”). As set up by our Forefathers in The Constitution. But most folks don’t understand that.
Please understand these are my thoughts, opinions, & positions. Do I consider myself 100% right? No but it’s the way I feel. Just as YOU think you’re RIGHT & others are WRONG. Fat chance! The difference is I can & will admit it & YOU/Most WON’T! You/Most immediately deflect to another topic hopin’ to best another in an on goin’ debate/argument where there are rarely ever winners. It’s just your opinion – vs – someone else’s. Well, this is MY opinion!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>




I’ve been sittin’ around this mornin’ listenin’ to The News, Sippin’ down a Pot-O-Joe, & feelin’ the effects of some Cold Medicine as I’m battelin’ a “Head Cold”. It’s amazin’ to listen to a Politician, regardless of “The Party” they associate with. Wow I just described them usin’ a PC phrase! Stick a camera in their face & a microphone up to their mouth & there’s no tellin’ what they will spew out. To me it really doesn’t matter. I look at a Career Politician as kind of “A Hybrid”. You know a Cross Breed. I relate them to Cockroachs & Rats. I found some minimal definitions I’ve listed below. Think about it! They all bring nothin’ but disease, sickness, death, & financial ruin to everything/everyone they touch. Well except for themselves. They all seem to find Financial Gold Mines for themselves & most become Millionaires or Multiple Millionaires. They [Politicians, Cockroaches, & Rats] have been around since the beginnin’ of time. The even allowed ROME TO FALL!

Career Politician (Liar, Thief, Crook)

Essentially, a career politician is an individual who has never worked outside the political arena, or who has worked in politics for a period significantly greater than that spent working in an outside field. This term usually has a negative connotation, and therefore is not generally used to describe oneself…wiseGEEK
Cockroach (Insect)
Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea, which also includes termites. About 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests. The cockroaches are an ancient group, datin’ back at least as far as the Carboniferous period, some 320 million years ago…Wikipedia
Rats (Rodent)
Creatures of destruction. “Rat-effing” (substituted word) is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their non-fiction book All the President’s Men (1974).

The main things I like about President Trump is #1) he was a Billionaire before he got elected so he’s not searchin’ personal financial gains; #2) he’s not a Career Politician; #3) he has ALL of The Career Politicians in “The Swamp”, in the words from a Elvis song,”All Shook Up”; #4) the Skeletons in the Career Politicians closets are rattlin’ so loud it’s damn near deafening. And yet NO BODY WANTS TO PROSECUTE  ANYBODY because they’re afraid Their Skeletons might get released for us all to see.
We know “GITMO” has plenty of space to warehouse them since Obama basically emptied it out.
Well enough of my Political Ranting for today…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”there’s always a THEY around”…

Because of the Recent Violence & Related Deaths that took place at The Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, AL I feel I just have to RANT…
I hate it! I hate it!…{{{{{ DAMN-IT I HATE IT ! }}}}}. The Term {{{{{ “GUN VIOLENCE” ! }}}}}…
It sounds as though people are blamin’ GUNS for all of The VIOLENCE that PEOPLE {{{{{ YES PEOPLE ! }}}}} are committin’! Guns DO NOT JUST FIRE at innocent people! Nor do they FIRE at Criminals committin’ crimes! Nor do they FIRE at Innocent By-Standers! Regretfully Innocent By-Standers  may be hit, durin’ the exchange of Gun FIRE between two (2) or more People/Thugs/Criminals/Law Enforcement Agents or Military Personnel FIRING at The Bad Guy/Enemy! GUNS DO NOT PICK VICTIMS! HUMAN ACTIONS DO!
Regardless of what ANYONE tells you GUNS DO NOT FIRE at anyone with out a HUMAN FINGER PULLING THE DAMN TRIGGER!  Now just for the sake of argument (the Liberials out there) occasional accidents DO happen when a Gun is DROPPED, due to mishandling, by HUMAN HANDS! Human hands have what? FINGERS! Also, again, just for (the Liberials out there) the sake of argument there IS the occasional FIRING of a Gun by the means of a Mechanical Apparatus being tripped/triggered either on purpose or by accident by a victim. But THINK about this? What or Who set up that Mechanical Apparatus? Yep…You guessed it…”HUMAN HANDS”. With WHAT? Say it out LOUD!…{{{{{ FINGRES ! }}}}}. Now with all of the a fore mentioned scenarios I’m sure I may have miss others…
My POINT here is that GUNS DO NOT CAUSE VIOLENCE! Who causes VIOLENCE? Say it out LOUD! {{{{{ PEOPLE CAUSE VIOLENCE ! }}}}}. A gun just happens to be the weapon/device CHOSEN (that day) to be used in the reported Act Of VIOLENCE! Therefore it has to be GUN VIOLENCE! Right? HELL NO! Well what if some other instrument like a Knife, Base Ball Bat, Golf Club, Car/Truck, Explosive Device, Electrical Trap, Hand Drill, Saw, Stick, Screwdriver, Pipe (Monkey) Wrench, Rope, Hammer, Hand Ax, Hatchet, Bowling Ball, Machete, Sword, Ball Point Pen, Fire, & the Oldest of them ALL – A ROCK had been used?
How many acts of Violence does the Mass Media really report on that ARE NOT GUN Related. Well if something is really Bloody & Gory, Multiple Body Counts, or the Sudden Collapse of a Buildin’. But in general it’s for Scare Tactics. {{{{{ GUN VIOLENCE ! }}}}}…gets everyone’s (Community Leaders, Small Time Local [City-County-State] Politicians all the way up to the Nationally Elected Liars/Thieves/Crooks attention. {{{{{ GUN VIOLENCE ! }}}}}…They ALL want to SCREAM IT! It’s bred into’em. They live for it…
People/Mass Media/Idiots…the next time Violence occurs (near you) PLEASE…before you assign a Tag/Title to it spend the time to find out WHO (was involved), WHAT Instrument/Weapon of choice was CHOSEN (buy the individual/individauls committin’ the crime/action), WHEN said action (Crime/Accident) occurred, & WHERE (specifically) it took place! Too many people like to run their mouths just to be heard! Everyone (with a cell phone) camera wants to be a Movie Maker or Sale the next HOT picture (possibly makin’ them the next innocent by-stander to be injured) to the Mass Media who are too DAMN LAZY to do the research for themselves/Their Companys before reportin’ the hundreds of rumors about who saw what & what THEY (there’s always a THEY around) said THEY saw….”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Crooked Candidates”…

20160422_105144-1_resizedIn just two (2) days WE, in The United States, have “The Mid Term Elections” comin’ up. I’m so tired of all of the The “Robo Calls” on both my Home & Cell Phones. My Bride & just let those unrecognized phone numbers/calls go to the answerin’ machines. Funny how they hang up on us. I’m also “Sick & Tired” of Commercials on Radio & TV. You know, where either the Candidates, or Supporters of said Candidates, stand there & tell us all of those “FAIRY LIES” about how honorable they are. Ahh-hahahahah!…Yeah – Right! Hell, when they speak, if we listen closely enough, we can hear all of those Skeletons Rattlin’ in their closets! Then they tell us about all of those Issues/”FAIRY LIES” THEY are going to do for us as soon as THEY get into office, either Major Party you pick one. It doesn’t matter. One person can’t DO anything on their own. The first thing they WILL DO is start fund raisin’ for the next election. Many of you live in states where there’s Early Votin’ that has been going on. I don’t understand that. I guess they just think they’re special or something. And in some states they still say “Vote Early & Vote Often”. I do hope all of you US Citizens & Only The Livin’ Please will get out and VOTE.  And I do hope you will Vote Republican. Personally I think The Republicans will do more for the average US Citizen. I know all ready this is goin’ to piss off all of my DemocRAT Friends & Associates. But I also know they’re askin’ folks to vote for their Crooked Candidates as well…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>

…”This Great Nation”…

20160422_105144-1_resizedWith tomorrow bein’ The 4th Of JULY, here is a little History…

Their Blood flowed thru the fields, the streets, & the waterways. Yet they fought on, with their weapons of the day!

They came from the Towns & Cities, the Fields, Hills & Mountains. They came from across the Seas to fight by our side against a Tyrant! PATRIOTS…Yes, PATRIOTS! Each & everyone of them. Remember that! They knew it was wrong to be forced to support a King in a foreign land. And from this up risin, “This Revolutionary War”, rose a New Nation! In it’s beginnin’ only Thirteen (13) Colonies.

Now we are a Nation of Fifty (50) States! Each recognized by a STAR! “A white star on a blue canton with a field of 13 alternating stripes, 7 red and 6 white”, one for each of the Original Thirteen (13) Colonies. How proud & determined those Patriots were who gave lives for those they loved & what they knew was wrong. The Kings men fell & the remainin’ fled. In the end rose the United States Of America!

“The Preamble to The Constitution” says it all, “We The People…”. I remember as a child, in Elementary School, it was one of the First things we were required to learn about our History. We had to memorize it, & stand in unison as we orated what Our Forefathers had given to us. It was a Hand Written Document they gathered together to create. The Document that our Nation was to be, & to THIS DAY still is, governed by. IT IS NOT A LIVIN’ DOCUMENT” as some like to think! “The Preamble” was followed by The Seven (7) Articles Of The Constitution”. When it was completed each of “The Writers” signed it. Each of them knew if they were captured by The Kings Men it meant DEATH! Do you remember “John Hancock”? Do you remember WHY he signed it in such LARGE penmnship ?

If you live in This Country & have never read “The Constitution Of The United States Of America” YOU SHOULD! You should go & start readin’ it TODAY! Every American Citized should have an understanding of how & why we are governed. Thru the decades it has been Amended. There are, currently, Twenty Seven (27) Amendments to it. These too should be of interest to you!

So as You/We Celebrate our Nations 242nd Birthday, The 4th Of July, remember how YOU/WE were GIVEN (unless you have worn The Uniform) The Rights each & every CITIZEN of This Great Nation have. “God Bless The USA”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”Don’t Change Your Opinions”…

Once again, it is Sunday Mornin’ & a Beautiful one at that. I’m sittin’ here on “The Front Row” pew as is my custom…{{{{{ SQUIRREL ! }}}}}.
The water is still. The Flags are hangin’ straight down as the lack of a breeze is apparent. My Mug-O-Joe is on it’s 2nd fill, yet it’s just as good as the 1st. It’s times like this that help me keep “Grounded”. I realize, once again, that I am only One (1) in the Billions (1,000,000,000’s) of humans on the face of this Planet we recognize as EARTH. I know I can’t speak for others & TRY not to, most of the time. But at times like this I do realize that “all is right in My Life & My Little Place/Space in this World. There is so much discord among the people. Everyone has “an Opinion” about their little place in time & space around them. While OTHERS are so quick to tell them “they are wrong” because THAT IS NOT what they believe…{{{{{ SQUIRREL ! }}}}}.
Perception is a strange thing. It divides too many! We all interpret what we see, hear, & yes even read differently. That’s “Our Preception” based on what WE interrupt the Facts to be. So YOUR Right, because YOU think so, based on YOUR interruption! Am I wrong for not agreein’ with YOU? Or are YOU wrong for not agreein’ with ME! Hum-m-m…Some WILL be offended by that I’m sure…{{{{{ SQUIRREL ! }}}}}.
It’s as though we are not accepted into Groups/Partys, on the Left or Right, if we don’t fall completely 100%, into one or the other’s Group/Party. Is that because they/you are Smarted than I (maybe)? Are you better Educated than I (probably)? Do you have any Common Since about you? Ahh-hahaha! Have you ever heard someone say, to You, “You don’t have enough since to get in out of a shower of rain”! Well do you? Interrestin’ thought about some I know…{{{{{ SQUIRREL ! }}}}}.
I think the Sermon has come to an end. It seems as though the congregation is leavin’. Oh, remember, “Don’t Change Your Opinions based on  Someone else’s opinion”. Y’all have a blessed day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”most of you are already thinkin’ “…

22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nSittin’ out on The Deck this mornin’, with a fresh (#2) Mug-O-Joe, I feel myself driftin’ off into that “Wanderin’ Mind” mode. Some how I got hung-up on two small words, “What If”! Have you ever thought that?…

What If….all the birds sang the same song; the trees were all the same kind/color; siblin’s didn’t argue/fight (right!); the world really was flat (where would the water go); what separates Up from Down (other than that fine line in the middle); wild animals weren’t wild; people didn’t kill people (it’s not guns); Politicians actually did what they said they would do (Hum-m-m there’s no money in that); Men & Women thought alike (Naw-w-w left brain/right brain); you could change a decision you made early in your life (I wouldn’t be where I am now); we couldn’t/wouldn’t think for ourselves (politicians are workin’ on that); people were more understandin’ (then what would we argue about?); Dr’s were actually on time for the appointment they set for you (right!); does the light stay on in the Frig when the door is closed (don’t climb in one to prove a point); why does our Government borrow money to give/lend it to other countries (that NEVER pay it back); why do Politicians Steal from Social Security (cause they know No-One will hold them accountable); do you trust a Dr, that smokes, with your medical decisions (hum-m-m); you had to buy manners & respect (how much would they cost you); people didn’t lie about their weight & age (ahh-ha-ha-ha); honesty really earned others respect (what would skeptic’s complain about); Democrats & Republicans actually agreed with/trusted/believed one another (right!); we raised our children like our parents raised us (would the world be a better place); we really trusted people more (it has to be earned). I guess I could go on & on but my Mug-O-Joe is no more. But I’ll bet most of you are already thinkin’ “What If”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>