I’m a Mid 60’s yr old male, married, father of 2, & a Papa to 3. I was raised in B’ham,AL. I attended Banks High School (Class of 71) most of the time. I’m fortunate enough to be livin’ on Logan Martin Lake in Pell City, AL. Education, well it’s a mystery at best. I was more into the Social aspects than the Academics portion. I have always enjoyed writtin’ short type stories & quips. I never was a good English student in school. That wasn’t due to the Teachers that was strictly on me. Put blame where blame is due. Hell, in Jr. College I even managed to Flunk Remedial English #095 twice. I never was into the Structure part but more about the Content. Nuff said on that. Military Service, I was in the United States Air Force from June 1971 thru June 1975. I worked for the local Caterpillar dealership (mostly in the Material Handlin’ side of the business) for 33yrs. I was lookin’ for a Pay Check & ended up findin’ a Career & more friends than I can count, oh well. Now retired, since May 29, 2009, oh did I say {{{ RETIRED ! }}}, & Life Is Great!


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