People buy guns.
People buy ammunition.
People load guns.
People pick out their targets.
People aim guns at selected targets.
People pull the trigger on guns.
Should we ban Guns?
Should we ban Knifes?
Should we ban Baseball Bats/Clubs?
Should we ban Cars/Trucks?
Should we ban Rocks?

“SHOULD WE BAN PEOPLE”?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”Hey, it made my day!”…

It’s been an interestin’ mornin’ so far. Got up a little late, 6:00am, checked the temp out on the Deck an it was great. Got me a Mug-O-Joe & went out there to enjoy the mornin’. The realization hit me, again, as I sat there sippin’ My-Joe, “If you’re Lucky Enough to live on The Lake you’re Lucky Enough”! Well…you guessed it!… It was time for a refill on My-Joe, so I headed in, got said refill, & proceeded to get dressed to go work out. The Gym, I go to, never fails to entertain me. As I’ve said before “Spandex isn’t for EVERYONE! But then again It Is for SOME”! Oh, and I must admit “this mornin’ there were more Is’s than there were Isn’t’s”!  I’m glad I had finished my 20 minutes on the Tread Mill & was on the Stationary Bike puttin’ in my 15 minutes on it. There was a guy, about my age, on one of the Tread Mills just really bustin’ a sweat on one of those pre-programed workouts. You know the kind. He had his tunes on, I guess, with Ear Buds in, eyes closed more than open, just a Jammin’ & Joggin’! Well, Young Miss Spandex (one of the Is’s) climbed up on the unit next to him. I swear I thought there was a Commercial bein’ shot in there! Cause it was just like one of those Commercials we’ve all seen on TV. That poor guy just happened to open his eyes, looked into the Mirrored Wall in front of him, castin’ his eyes just off to his left, & {{{{{ BAM ! }}}}}! Down he went & got slung off the back of it! Those that saw it were either doin’ all they could to keep from laughin’, as though they had’t seen it all. Then there were those askin’, in loud whispers, “What Just Happened”? As for me, Oh Hell No! I burst out in laughter & liked to have fallen off that Stationery Bike I was blazin’ a trail on. I was hurtin’. Miss Spandex just smiled, as though that wasn’t the 1st time that had happened near to her before. The poor guy, in the mean time, got up off of the floor, untangled his Ear Buds that were wrapped around his head, grabbed his little Work Out Bag, & decided to quietly leave. He never said a word. As he exited the door the laughter rose a few decibels. Buy this time we, all the Older Guys, were focused on Miss Spandex as she finished her work out on the Tread Mill. Then she just politely left as well, with a cute little smile on her face. Hey, it made my day!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”TRAGIC! Both were TRAGIC”!…

The sun was up, the steam rose from my Mug-O-Joe this mornin’, as I stepped out on the Deck to survey my back yard. There are only a couple of small limbs, some branches, & scattered leaves across the yard. It’s a good thing too. My chain saw died on me about a year & a half ago & I haven’t bought a new one yet. I need to get that done! Maybe, just maybe, “Irma” sensed that – I don’t know? Stranger things have happened!  Where I live, in “The Big Pell” (Pell City, AL) we were fortunate to be spared by “Tropical Storm Irma’s” devastation. We did experience rain (2 to 3 inches maybe), some moderate winds, but nothin’ to complain about. We were on the tail end of “Irma”. I happened to be watchin’ the Late News last night when “Irma” was officially bein’ down graded to a Tropical Depression. As I was listenin’ to that I was readin’ a FB post by a local friend, from across town, askin’ if anyone had lost Power? Just a second or two passed by & our Power Flickered! Just enough to knock out our Satellite TV, all of our electronics {{{ Beeped }}} ,as they do, a couple of times when power is lost then they all reset. The lights flickered but NEVER went out! It was as though “Irma” was wavin’ good-bye to us & movin’ on. We were fortunate not to be in “Irma’s Path of Destruction”. I can’t even imagine what others have been thru & now face as they get on with their life’s. Many will have a very long road in front of them. I guess the cliche’ here is “it could have been worse”! My sincere condolences go out to those that have lost loved ones durin’ this tragic event. I don’t want to, in any means, be thought of as over lookin’ the recent events with “Hurricane Harvey”, all of those affected buy it, & those too that were lost. God Bless EVERYONE affected by these tragedies. All I can say is “TRAGIC! Both were TRAGIC”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”maybe ya just had to be there”…

There was a time, way back when, when we , our family, would every now & then go on a day trip to different places with another family. Friends of our. Our kids were just a couple of years apart. In each family there was a son & daughter. So the trips & days went well. On this particular day we were headed to Tallapoosa, GA. Our destination was for two stores right next door to each other. One was a Golf Supply Outlet & the other was a Year Round Christmas Store. Now, I’ll let y’all guess who was headed to which stores. The other family just happened to have a Mini Van & we all fit in it just fine. The bad thing was the other Father, he’s an “Ole Tater Chip Salesman”, would drive. I always questioned his “Man Hood” as he just looked too happy to be drivin’ a “Mini Van”! The highlight of the day happened as we were approachin’ downtown Tallapoosa, GA. It ain’t a real big town. We came in on GA Hwy #100, crossed over the ole Rail Road Tracks, turned on to US Hwy 78 & were slowly easin’ down main street. Now Tallapoosa, GA. is an OLD COUNTRY TOWN. The Ole side walks were elevated, had roofs extendin’ out over the ole sidewalks for shade & to keep the rain off of ya I guess. They were real narrow. With everything in such close proximity there, ya know, really made things reverberate underneath’em, pretty damn loud (remember that). Folks were leisurely  strollin’ along lookin’ as though they had no where to be in a hurry, as ole Country Folk do. As we eased along I noticed an Ole Dog, “Ole Blue” I called ’em, & he was just followin’ is nose along the side walk. Now “Ole Blue” was a TRIPOD! He was long legged, ribs was slightly showin’, he was just lopin’ along & had a pretty good gait goin’ too, for an Ole Tripod. I guess he was either sniffin’ out who all had been cruisin’ his territory as dogs do or he was sniffin’ for a tasty snack, dropped from some of the Saturday Strollers. Well I was ridin’ “Shotgun” & spotted “Ole Blue” bout a 1/2 a block in front of us. Well, I don’t know why it did but a strange hankerin’ was comin’ on me. The closer we got to “Ole Blue” the more excited I got. I kinda felt like a Cat, crouched down gettin’ ready to pounce. The only difference was my tail, cause I don’t have one, wasn’t twiitchin’ the closer we got to’em. There were conversations goin’ on inside the Mini Van so everyone was preoccupied & not payin’ any attention to me & they hadn’t seen “Ole Blue” yet. As I eased my window down, the attention shifted to me. A couple of folks was askin’, in unison, “why are you lettin’ the AC out”? The whole time I was easin’ my arm out the window, I sat up tall in my seat & {{{{{ WHAM! – WHAM! – WHAM!!! }}}}} I beat on the side of that Mini Van, scarin’ the hell out of everyone in it. The guy drivin’ didn’t know if he’d hit somethin’ or someone had hit him! At the same time I was doin’ my best imitation of a “BIG DOG” barkin’, {{{{{ Arrrr! – Arrrr! – Arrrr – Arrr!!! }}}}}. My Bride & my children figured it out pretty quick. They know me! The driver’s wife & kids were still tryin’ to figure out what their Dad/Her Husband had hit!. “Ole Blue” flung his head around, tucked his tail between his legs, as though there was a BIG Ole Dog about to take off part of his ass! He was tryin’ to get some traction to get the hell out of there. It was kinda like his clutch was slippin’! His ole long lanky legs were goin’ thru the motions but he just wasn’t gettin’ no where. Bout that time his ole paws caught traction, he flung his ole head back to the left & {{{{{ WHAM ! }}}}}. Right into the side of the buildin’, face first! {{{{{ Rrr – Rrr – Rrr – Rrr!!! }}}}} the whole time & down he went!. He finally got up, still just a hollerin’ {{{{{ Rrr – Rrr – Rrr – Rrr!!! }}}}} & took out around the corner & he never checked up!!! I laughed so hard my ribs & throat were hurtin’. Like a chain reaction, from the others in the “Mini Van”, all began to break out in laughter as well. Except for “Ole Tater Chip Salesman” he was still tryin’ to figure out what just happened to his “MiniVan”. I don’t know, maybe ya just had to be there. We didn’t buy anything that day but it was pretty entertain’ for me I must say…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”My mug was empty”…

Blue Heron

The early mornin’ temps, out on the Deck this mornin’, were in the mid 70’s as I sat sippin’ my “Mug-O-Joe”. No breeze at all, so my remote control {{{ click – click }}} to the ceiling fan, changed that. As I sat there enjoyin’ my breakfast of a banana, a cup of dry Honey Nut Cheerios, & my mornin’ “Joe” there was quite a ruckus goin’ on down at the water. “Ole Pete”, our resident Blue Heron, was tryin’ to enjoy a calm mornin’ of fishin’ for his breakfast of Shad. Then suddenly there appeared another Blue Heron  who decided to try & run “Ole Pete” off of his spot at the boat launch. The culprit, I believe, was who we recognize as “Re-Pete”, quickly learned that he wasn’t near as bad as he thought he was. The squawkin’ got to be rather loud as the two exchanged insults, in Heron talk. Then the body posturin’ began & the flappin’ of wings almost seemed dangerous. It really didn’t last too long but, in the moment, it seemed to last quite a while. “Ole Pete” ended it by runnin’ “Re-Pete” off squawkin’, at the top of his lungs, or so it appeared. Just wish I could’ve understood Heron talk. Things finally settled down, “Ole Pete” went back to his spot on the boat launch & continued catchin’ & enjoyin’ his breakfast of fresh shad. As for me, well, it was time for a refill of “Joe”. My mug was empty. Hope y’all enjoyed the start of your day as much as I did…”Hold’em Hook!…..BG>

…”Seein’s Believin’ “…

The US Postal Service (USPS) has the motto “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. United Parcel Service” (UPS) has long patted themselves on the back as bein’ able to out perform the USPS. And UPS is a MAJOR competitor of the USPS. Thru the years UPS has really taken a lot of business away from the USPS. I say this all because I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED with UPS right now. OH, did I say “HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED” with UPS right now”? As I posted yesterday I was expecting delivery of my “NEW “Computer”. After bein’ given three (3) different delivery dates for my “NEW Computer”, all MISTAKES on behalf of UPS, & yesterday, YESTERDAY, bein’ the FOURTH (4th) delivery date, IT DID NOT GET DELIVERED yesterday! Well last night, after waitin’ all damn day, then late into the night, & finally turnin’ my driveway lights off at 10:15p.m. we finally get a very nice (BS) update, via email, on the Non-Delivery of said “NEW Computer” due to “WEATHER CONDITIONS in The Ham” earlier in the day. Oh, so that tells me they don’t operate by the same motto, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”, as does the USPS! Well, just let me say they have one PISSED OFF Customer! I wonder if they’ll make it here, waaaay out here in The Big Pell, today? “Seein’s Believin’ “…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


After THREE different “Delivery Dates”, via an on line order, I’m supposed to be gettin’ My NEW Computer today. Yeah, I know, many of you out there thinkin’ “What’s the big deal, it’s just a computer”? It’s a BIG deal for me! I’ve NEVER had a NEW Computer. Every computer I’ve ever gotten has been a “Hand Me Down”. I got what wasn’t good enough, anymore for another family member, because THEY needed the NEW one with all the “Bells & Whistles”. Ole Bill/Dad doesn’t need all that technology! He could be dangerous! Hell, even at work, I NEVER had a NEW Computer. It was a “Hand Me Down” because some Manager, at the top, thought they needed the NEW one, more, so that they could occupy their busy days by checkin’ the Stock Market, watchin’ their 401K, playin’ Solitaire, shopin’ on Ebay, or what ever their personal mission of the day was. It started the “Trickle Down Effect”. When the New one came in they would get their old one scrubbed down by the IT dept. Then the next level Mgr would decide he needed the “Ole Bosses scrubbed unit” & so on until it got to me, or who ever else was in need of one. I grew up on “Hand Me Downs”! NOT this time! “All  the Stars & Planets have lined up for ME”, again! The day is HERE, MY NEW Computer will be here TODAY! I feel like a child on their Birthday or @ Christmas. The anticipation is killin’ me! I’ll be lookin’ out the window every-time I hear the sound of what I think could be “The Delivery Truck” comin’ down the driveway {{{wait a minute! Nope!}}}, all 200 ft from the road! Now I’ll have to learn a lot of new systems & processes, but I’m lookin’ forward to it. “NO MORE HAND ME DOWNS”! I need another Mug-O-Joe…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>