…”this is MY opinion”…

A personal POLITICAL RANT. Read ON or exit NOW!…You’ve been warned.
In today’s screwed-up Political World too many people think “if you don’t agree with or think like ME then YOU’RE WRONG”! LEFT (DemocRAT/Socialist) or RIGHT (Republican) WING, LIBERTARIAN, INDEPENDENTS (just want to stop someone else) it really doesn’t matter but “YOU’RE WRONG”! Right!…
As for me well I lean more Republican than anything. I have been known to vote for an occasional DemocRAT in my time but they have far & few between. And most of’en end up runnin’ as a DemocRAT cause they know they can’t beat The Republican Candidate but feel they offer more that the other DemocRATic Candidates do. I will not Vote by markin’ the PARTY BOX at the top of a Ballot. I will sit there, how ever long it takes, to go thru each race bracket & vote for the Candidate I want to represent me. And like I’ve said ” I have been known to occasionally vote for a DemocRAT”.
Hum-m-m-m…interesting…from Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV):

2 A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.
As for me personally “I don’t really hold Politicians in a high position”. I refer to ’em on a regular basis as “Liars, Thieves, & Crooks”. There may have been ONE but I don’t recall who it MIGHT have been to come out of Office with less Personal Wealth than they went in with. Very few exit without attaining the ranks of Millionaire Status. Most, by far, exit as Multi-Millionaires. They are famous for Passin’ Laws & Bills that affect the General Population/Voters that put them in office. But make sure to leave a clause in them that, of course Deletes Them, their families, & staffs. Why? Go figure…
The DemocRATs: “as a DemocRAT, I accepted the outcome of the referendum” (ahh-hahaha).  I have been told by more than one person (one of whom I respect very much) “I/we didn’t leave the DemocRATic Party…they left Me/Us”. I wonder if that was why Senator Richard Shelby “Flip – Flopped” from a DemocRAT to a Republician? Oh I’m sure there are some “Ole Yellow Dog DemocRATs” still out there. Those that would vote for ANYONE put on a ballot (say “A Yellow Dog”!). One of my Grandfathers was one of ’em. Just hangin’ on to the Old Party Standards. But…for the most part Today’s DemocRATs/Liberals are more Socialist & transitionin’ that direction more each day . Yeah yeah…deny, deny, deny!
The Republicans: “a person advocating or supporting republican government”. Oh I know there are some I just couldn’t vote for. They are commonly refereed to now days as “RINOS”! Most of them know/knew they are/were too Conservative to be a DemocRAT, too Liberal to be a Republican, & just too Confused to be an Independent or Libertarian.
Then there are The Libertarians: “a person who believes in the doctrine of free will”. Are just too full of themselves they just can’t seem to commit to either Major Parties Platform because Certain Planks just don’t FIT them. They will vote for “The Man” & know, for the most part, the Independents “don’t stand a chance in Hell of winnin'” a major race.
Our form of Government is a Republic (“a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch”). It is NOT a Democracy (“the practice or principles of social equality”). As set up by our Forefathers in The Constitution. But most folks don’t understand that.
Please understand these are my thoughts, opinions, & positions. Do I consider myself 100% right? No but it’s the way I feel. Just as YOU think you’re RIGHT & others are WRONG. Fat chance! The difference is I can & will admit it & YOU/Most WON’T! You/Most immediately deflect to another topic hopin’ to best another in an on goin’ debate/argument where there are rarely ever winners. It’s just your opinion – vs – someone else’s. Well, this is MY opinion!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



…”Ole Stink Eye”…

Day Three (3) of this week finds My Bride & I both recoupin’.
Monday I was noticin’ both of (yes MY Big) Ears havin’ that sound when they’re retain’ fluid behind the ear drums. Kinda like the sound of water sloshin’ around in yer ole head when ya lean over. So My Bride tells me, through her broken voice as she suddenly has lost hers, that I need to go see the Dr soon. Well Tuesday mornin’ I was there when his office opened. They worked me in quickly. Turns out I have both of my ears with internal infections & a Chest X-ray confirmed a chest full of congestion. So I shucked my drawers & took Two (2) in the ole butt to jump start my healin’. One on each side. Also had Two (2) Rx’s called in to follow up on my healin’. Then off to “The Ham” I go to have lunch with some ole wrench benders I used to work with.
To make the day even better, My Bride called me on my way back to “The Big Pell”, in her broken voice to ask me to pick up a Rx for her. She checked with one of the Docs she worked with about her watterin’ eyes!  He said “Yep you got a case of “Ole Stink Eye” (Pink Eye) goin’ there”. So I get home with all our new meds for the day & we start “Playin Doctor”! But not like we used to in the Ole Days. So today we’re on the mend together tryin’ to get over The Humps on “Hump Day” of all days! Ain’t that a Kick In The Butt!
I just gotta make sure every time I get near My Bride I wash my hands so I don’t end up with “Ole Stink Eye”! Y’all go enjoy “National Nothing Day”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”just expressin’ my thoughts”…

Today Is The Day! The CFB Playoff Game Is Here. The University Of Alabama -vs- Clemson University! The questions I keep hearin’ are “WHY is it bein’ played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California”? & “Why is it on a Monday so late at night”?
Apparently “The CFB Board Of Detractors (Iggiots)” missed the possible effects this game could have on the area of Santa Clara, CA. Lets consider the “Carbon Foot Print” that those Ole Left Coast Freaks is always bitchin’ bout!  Can you say “Additional Smog” & “the Residual Effects on The Eco System”? How bout the possibility of additional “Plastic Straws” that might just find their way into the Ocean & Cloggin’ some Ole Turtles Nose? Do I hear “Today’s Special – Turtle Soup”?…Hum-m-m? Oh…I’m sure they have already been calculatin’ all those MILLIONS of $$$$ that they could gain from this event. Maybe they could help some of those “California Homeless” to get off of the Streets, to hide them from the view of the incomin’ Foot Ball Fans. And…possibly they could spend some of that “Wind Fall” to hire additional “Poop Scoopers” to clean up the streets & sidewalks. Nobody likes steppin’ in POO! Oh-h-h & do those BCS Iggiots realize that the “Golden Bear State” is the site of numerous, let me repeat NUMEROUS, {{{{{ EARTH QUAKES ! }}}}} annually? Do those CFB Iggiots realize what they’re exposin’ all those Citizens & Fans in that Stadium to?…Damn!
To put it simply, so those CFB Iggiots can understand it, IN ADDITION to all of the “Good, Good, Good Vibrations” from all of the additional Pedestrian, Taxi, Bus, Plane, possibly Train /Rail Traffic, & all of the Jumpin’, Stompin’ of Feet, Loud/Obnoxious Cheerin’, & those BANDS  hammerin’ out all that noise in the Stadium penetratin’ down to those {{{{{ TECTONIC PLATES ! }}}}} just what effect might that pose? Hum-m-m… I wonder what them Rector Scales might record (member down in LS WHO!!! )?
Oh…let me mention just one other small issue those CFB Iggiots might have over looked. There will be a Hurd of Pachyderms chasin’ a Pack of Scraggly Lookin’ Cats around on that turf for a “Full 60 Minutes” (member that 1 second?) each tryin’ to possess that inflated Hawg Skin. Now THAT might just add some additional “Good, Good, Good Vibrations”! And where do ya think’em will tramsmit down to? Yep! Right on down to’em ole {{{{{ TECTONIC PLATES ! }}}}}…Hum-m-m…
I hope my ramblin’s here ain’t upset them CFB Iggiots too much. I wuz just expressin’ my thoughts. I’ll close now simply sayin’  “I hope’em Ole Pachyderms, of mine, bring home #18”!…{{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook:!…..BG>

…”I gotta admit…She’s A Gamer”…

Damn!!!…It has been a busy (New Years Eve) day around The Gray house. I must admit my Bride has amazed me. When she gets fueled up on Steroids & Mimosas first thing in the mornin’…well let’s just say all I had to do was stay the hell out of her way & occasionally say “Yes Honey” or “OK Babe”! After she got things squared away with her health Insurance Company this mornin’ she finally got busy around the house. She got all the Christmas stuff taken down boxed up & I put back out in the shelves in the garage. She got the floors all vacuumed up in the Great Room & furniture moved back where it was before the Holidays. OH! Did I mentioned she cooked supper for us both, cleared the table & washed the dishes? Oh yeah…some where along the line she has managed to get a couple of loads of clothes washed & dried, folded & separated for us. I put mine away though. I don’t know why she hasn’t gotten the third load done yet…but I’ll keep on her! I may need to get her another dose of Steriods & Mimosas ready. There are still a few things she can get accomplished with the New Battery Operated Vacuum I got put together & charged up for her. All I’ll need to do is make a list of things to do & give it to her “To Do” while I watch the College Football games on tonight. Well I’ll be damned! She DID get that third (3rd) load of cloths done after all! I gotta admit…”She’s A Gamer”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Tis the season”…

Today is Christmas Eve! Are YOU ready? “Christmas is Nigh!”.
There are Two (2) Lists…NAUGHTY & NICE! Which one are YOU on? Now…we all like to THINK we’re on the Nice List. But…are YOU? What have YOU done differently this past year that you didn’t do the year before? It’s strange how WE, as our Parents did to us, asked our children & now our grandchildren…Have YOU been Naughty or Nice this year? “Cause Santa Clause is watchin’ YOU”!
I would be willin’ to bet that ALL of YOU, at some point growin’ up, have been guilty of doin’ at least one thing, durin’ the previous year that we wouldn’t dare want Santa or Your Parents to find out about. Yeah…you just thought of it, didn’t you? That didn’t take very long. Now YOU have to judge that act. On a scale of 1 (bein’ Naughty) to 10 (the Worst) how would you rate it? Come on…you’re only judgin’ yourself to yourself about somethin’ YOU once did that you really didn’t want certain others to know about. Yet you really enjoyed doin’/gettin’ by with it. Yep…YOU just thought about it again didn’t you!
Yep, you can’t fool your own conscience! Remember that cartoon when we were young. There was The Angel sittin’ on one shoulder & The Devil sittin’ on the other. The Little Angel tellin’ you “Don’t do it” & The Little Devil tellin’ you “Go On do it & don’t worry about it…it’ll be fun/excitin’ “. How long did you have that conversation with yourself before you made your decision? Was it fun or excitin’? I’ll bet the corners of your mouth are turnin’ upward slowly right now…”You’re grinnin’ like a possum”, thinkin’ back on it aren’t YOU! So with that bein’ thought about what is the verdict? “NAUGHTY or NICE”!
“Tis The Season”! Let us remember “The Reason For The Season”! We Christians Celebrate The Birth Of Our Lord & Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, The Son Of God, Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas to all…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



I’ve been sittin’ around this mornin’ listenin’ to The News, Sippin’ down a Pot-O-Joe, & feelin’ the effects of some Cold Medicine as I’m battelin’ a “Head Cold”. It’s amazin’ to listen to a Politician, regardless of “The Party” they associate with. Wow I just described them usin’ a PC phrase! Stick a camera in their face & a microphone up to their mouth & there’s no tellin’ what they will spew out. To me it really doesn’t matter. I look at a Career Politician as kind of “A Hybrid”. You know a Cross Breed. I relate them to Cockroachs & Rats. I found some minimal definitions I’ve listed below. Think about it! They all bring nothin’ but disease, sickness, death, & financial ruin to everything/everyone they touch. Well except for themselves. They all seem to find Financial Gold Mines for themselves & most become Millionaires or Multiple Millionaires. They [Politicians, Cockroaches, & Rats] have been around since the beginnin’ of time. The even allowed ROME TO FALL!

Career Politician (Liar, Thief, Crook)

Essentially, a career politician is an individual who has never worked outside the political arena, or who has worked in politics for a period significantly greater than that spent working in an outside field. This term usually has a negative connotation, and therefore is not generally used to describe oneself…wiseGEEK
Cockroach (Insect)
Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea, which also includes termites. About 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests. The cockroaches are an ancient group, datin’ back at least as far as the Carboniferous period, some 320 million years ago…Wikipedia
Rats (Rodent)
Creatures of destruction. “Rat-effing” (substituted word) is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their non-fiction book All the President’s Men (1974).

The main things I like about President Trump is #1) he was a Billionaire before he got elected so he’s not searchin’ personal financial gains; #2) he’s not a Career Politician; #3) he has ALL of The Career Politicians in “The Swamp”, in the words from a Elvis song,”All Shook Up”; #4) the Skeletons in the Career Politicians closets are rattlin’ so loud it’s damn near deafening. And yet NO BODY WANTS TO PROSECUTE  ANYBODY because they’re afraid Their Skeletons might get released for us all to see.
We know “GITMO” has plenty of space to warehouse them since Obama basically emptied it out.
Well enough of my Political Ranting for today…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”Tis’s The Holidays”…

The Yule Tide Logs are cut & stacked in the wood piles close to the fireplaces across this land. Christmas Trees are either already up, as ours is, or will be purchased soon & that task will be completed. Adults are either thinkin’ of “that Special Gift for that Special Person”. Others have already purchased’em & are trying to get’em wrapped before the nosy folks go to snoopin’ around to find out what they’re gettin’. As for the Children, well they’re addin’ last minute items to their list before they stick’em in the mail marked North Pole! Yeah…even the Older Kids that are convinced Santa doesn’t exist. But they still want to cover all their bases just in-case. As for us Delinquent Adults, well this one anyway, is gettin’ the Bar re-stocked after it got raided over the GOBBLE GOBBLE Holiday get together. But hey…Ti’s The Holidays…..BG>