…”afraid of future competition”…

This country has always Protected it’s IMPORTANT PEOPLE with Weapons/Guns! As do other nations around the world.

Just for example, for those Idiots who don’t understand that, maybe this might help you. In our country we protect The President, with Secret Service Agents, both while in office & even once he (so far there has never been a HER) has left office for LIFE. The Vice President for as long as he (again, there has never been a HER) is IN office. All of our Legislative Offices, Judicial Offices, Military Bases, and on and on and on.

In this Country Children (Elementary School, High School, & yes even Colleges) have pretty much been considered  as “Hands Off”. But it seems as thought that has changed too. For some strange, Charles Whitman decided to change that in Austin, TX. back in the 1966. And the most recent down in Parkland, FL.

Crazy People come in all shapes, forms, sizes, colors, & religions. I’m sure there are probably many other categories that could be listed. Some influenced by politics, video games, religious beliefs, drugs, dropouts, unsuccessful students, lack of love or supervision at home, and on and on and, on. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to be of the utmost importance to protect the future leaders of this country. Does that show that current Career Politicians want to eliminate the completion in future years? I sure as hell hope not. Although some I DO wonder about!

I realize that Federal, State, County Governments, & Local Municipalities would have to work that into their budgets. And like ALL good politicians none of them want to raise taxes to cover such issues. But throw “A Little PORK” item out there that they can steal from & they’ll all vote for it. Nor do any of them want {{{{{ GUNS }}}}} in schools for possible protection situations. They would rather let Law Enforcement handle that. Then they have dodged that “Budget Bullet”.

Then there is the argument about Law Enforcement Response Time! Hum-m-m…recently in Florida it took 20 some odd minutes! WHY!!! How do YOU feel on this? Maybe YOUR child, niece or nephew, neighborhood children will be next? Hum-m-m…Oh well, lets study it & MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, vote on it in a few years. We’ll just wait on our Career Politicians to decide on that, if they’re really NOT afraid of future competition…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”those ole wrinkled faces”…

Heads with White/Gray/Silver Hair. Heads just tryin’ to hang on to Hair. Heads with NO Hair @ all. They weren’t always like that. The bodies aren’t as slim, trim, toned, nor as muscular as they once were. Most of us don’t like to admit to it. Time/Life has taken its toll on us. But we are still more fortunate than some of our “Ole Runnin’ Buddies” that are no long among us. To those I say “it was fun while it lasted”…Salute!

Many of the faces are heavily covered with facial hair. Some of us still have a hard time growin’ it. Voices are a bit different. Some broken, some more gravelly than before, many are more mellowed than before, several are still soft spoken, & others of us are still just as loud as always.

Lookin’ around me at lunch today was a sight. But a good sight! There are several “Old Men”, Fifteen (15) to be exact & One (1) Teenager/Grandson, that joined together, as circumstances allowed, to renew friendships. Most are retired but there are still some that are workin’.  We all looked around to see who was there. Greetin’s, hand shakes, cussin’, & yes even some “Manly Hugs” were shared. At the same time we are all lookin’ around & noticin’ “who’s not here” since our last get together. It’s as though we are inquirin’ to the others if who ever is not there is OK. It’s kinda funny, yet also serious. And as always if they’re not there they ARE talked about, good or bad, & laughed about.

We take/make time, out of our busy lives, to break bread, slurp some hot soup, sop biscuits in gravy, or graze their way around a bowl of salad (Yuck!). Cause their Wife’s or Doctor told’em they needed to & then take all the smart-ass comments about it. All in jest!

We come from various backgrounds. Many of us were from the same neighbor hood. Many of us played “Little League” ball together @ Wahouma Park. Many of us went to grammar school together. Many of us spent endless summer days at the same Swimming Pool (Cascade Plunge).

We were a blendin’ of different High Schools. But the comradery was always, and still is, there. Many were Academicians, many were Jocks, others just were what ever they wanted to be!

Many went on to College, several went into The Military, others went on to find Careers, & some started families. The years passed by, as they still do. Over the years (for various reasons) many of us kept up with others & some didn’t. Our paths went in so many different directions. That’s life!

But destiny has been kind to us. It has, for what ever reason, chosen to reunite many of us back together, once, a month to share little more than an hour to an hour & a half together. But what a fun & interestin’ time it is. Oh-h-h and the colorful conversations that are over heard! Some true, some distorted, & many just made up!

I consider myself lucky, fortunate, & blessed to be a part of this “Fellowship”. I’m sure I could use many more adjectives (there’s a $0.25 word throw-in) to describe how I feel. But then I would be admittin’ that, when I actually was in class way back when, I really was payin’ attention.

It was good to see all of those ole wrinkled faces today & I look forward to seein’em again next month.Until then,..”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Until next time my Brothers”…

Today, Saturday, My Bride & I were fortunate to be able to meetup with several/five (5) “Ole Friends” & their wives @ The Birmingham Boat Show. An event many/most of us thru the years have used as an opportunity to unite, refresh friendships, & just catch up with each other. Most of us guy’s have been runnin’ buddies from Grammar School days, High School days, Cascade Plunge, & Wahouma Ball Park days. A couple of us did time in the Military, a couple of others took the College route, as the others found their careers & started families. Yet as our Military & College Days came to an end we all just seemed to find one another as though we had never parted. Now all but two (2) of us are retired after various different career fields, families are raised, & we all brag on Grandchildren. Most of us have been Bass Fishin’ buddies since the mid to late 1970’s. A few of the others have joined us in those adventures in latter years. We just wander aimlessly just lookin’, admirin’, & dreamin’ of that Next Boat! Oh the options that are available now days along with extreme price tags! But, Toys do get expensive no matter what your interest may be. After a few hours we left the Boat Show. There we lost one couple to other activities. Yet met up with another across town for a casual dinner. The {{{{{ Cold Beer ! }}}}} began to flow as The Stories got to be “Tall Tales & Fairy Lies” of days gone by. The laughter at times got loud & out of control as one story topped the previous. But we didn’t reallyseem to care. The Management didn’t ask us to tone it down of threaten ot have us removed so I guess we didn’t offent the others around us too much. Everyone had a Yarn to tell! Too many to count. The Brides all seemed to enjoy the “Tellin’ of Tales” even as some of them, at times, really got vivid with details from yesteryear. I feel both blessed & fortunate to have shared my life & memories with these guys (& their Brides). No one bought a Boat but we had “One Hell Of A Day”! Until next time my Brothers (from different Mothers)…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Well, thank goodness I did”…

Once a year we all think of/reminisce about Birthdays in our lives that REALLY stand out. I can say I’ve had Two (2). How about you? Today, as  I turned 66 years of age, I catch myself doin’ the same thing. Just think about this for a {{{{{ FLASH ! }}}}}. What happened in YOUR life 50 years ago today??? Well, Fifty (50) years ago today, in 1967, I turned {{{{{ 16 ! }}}}}. No – NOT SWEET either! Then in 1972, I lost a $20:00 bet! I had bet a friend of mine, two (2) weeks earlier, that I probably wouldn’t live to see my 21st Birthday. Because just two (2) months earlier I was a proverbial “Dear John” & was feelin’ sorry for myself! Oddly enough a few years ago, that ole friend, from my Germany/USAF days, was visitin’ with us. We were relivin’ old days & that came up in conversation. My Bride, who I married twice in 1975, had always accused me of makin’ that story up. But, my ole friend confirmed I paid off that lost bet, at The Roman Inn (a Pizza & Beer Restaurant on base) where my friends, in Germany, had organized a get together for my 21st Birthday! Well, thank goodness I did. That was one drunken night in my life. To all of you out there who are also celebratin’ your Birthday today, & I know one Artiest that is, I hope y’all have as wonderful of a day as I’m havin’…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>Just Chillin' (2)

…”A date that will live in infamy”…

December 7, 1941 – “A date that will live in infamy”!

Seventy-Six (76) years ago we were Attacked @ “Pearl Harbor” by the “Japanese Empire”. Thankfully we do not speak Japanese here today. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths, on this day especially, with a Veteran of “The Attack on Pearl Harbor” {{{{{ Please }}}}} go out of your way to “Thank Them For Their Service”. We are slowly losing these Heroes. The day will come when when you can’t. Don’t take a knee. Stand tall, show Pride for what they did for YOU, Salute them or look them in the eyes while you shake their hand & simply say “Thank You For Your Service”. Because of them we still, well most of us, speak English in this country…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Hot Tottie”!…

It’s been one of those long dreary Fall Days. Got a lot accomplished though. Just kickin’ back right now, in my La-z-boy, with a nice “Adult Beverage”! Served myself up a couple of shots of Amaretto in a Whisky Sippin’ Glass, ran it thru the Microwave to warm it up. A true “Hot Tottie”! If you haven’t enjoyed one you SHOULD! Aahhh…”Hold’em Hook”!….BG>

…”to Protect the Freedoms”…

As I sit here this mornin’, as the aroma of my Mug-O-Joe wafts around me, I find myself reminiscing about yesterday. Rocky Ridge Elementary School (in Hoover, AL) held their “2017 Veteran’s Day Program” in advance of Veterans Day, on November 11, 2017. It was such a movin’ event put on by The Fourth (4th) Grade Class & Volunteer Teacher Staff. The Guest Speaker was Retired Command Sergeant Major Jerry McClain. And what an impact he had on the young students, & even some of us older folks, there. He was impressive! I was just one (1) of many Veterans in attendance there. Not only was I invited by my two Granddaughters, 1st & 3rd graders who attend school there, but they sat beside me durin’ the entire program. There were several Patriotic  Songs preformed by the members of the 4th Grade. There was one young man who performed two (2) Solos on his Violin. There were also a couple of solo songs, well performed, by other students. I was both impressed & touched. Several times durin’ the program I was touched to the point of tears. Those of you that know me know that I get emotional. My 1st Grader caught me @ one of those times & asked “are you OK Papa”? At that point it just got worse, I couldn’t swallow, but forced out a “Yes Ma’am” response to her. She put her arms around me, hugged me, said “thank you for your service Papa”!. & followed by an “I love YOU Papa”. Again, I couldn’t swallow, tears filled my eyes & trickled down my cheeks. I just hugged back & kissed her gently on top of her head, & wiped my tears. Near the end there was a Slide Show showin’ members of the Students & Staffs families who have Served in our Five (5) Military Branches. When the slides of my Granddaughters relatives, who had served (their Great Grandfathers & Me), came up I went through the same scenario with my 3rd grader as I had with my 1st grader. I was an emotional wreck! But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Again, it was a wonderful presentation by the 4th Graders & School Staff. But most importantly, & I think I can say this for all of The Veterans in attendance there, it is a good thing that these young people are bein’ taught what the meanin’ of Freedom is, the toll it has taken & continues to take to Protect the Freedoms they/we have & live under. God Bless America. {{{{{ SALUTE ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>