…” A good day I must say!”…

Yesterday a friend of mine, my Son’s Father-in-law, texted me inquirin’ if I wanted to go for a Motorcycle ride. He was here this mornin’ @ 10:00 a.m., on his BMW Motorcycle, as we had agreed on. I had gotten the “Ole H-D” out of the basement (earlier) & was ready. We pulled out headin’ for the Talladega National Forrest in Heflin to ride the Scenic  Parkway Drive. Wow! Ya shoulda seen all of the dust that blew off of the Ole H-D. Not to mention the Spiders a trailin’ behind from their silky web strans. Just swingin’ in the breeze till they let loose or were just flung off. It was a beautiful day for a ride. We cruised the Back Roads all along the way. Our first real sight was on Raceway Boulivard as we rode past the Talladega (DEGA!) Raceway. There were a LOT of folks already set up in the Camp Grounds & traffic was backin’ up tryin’ to make it to their Special Sites. On to Oxford via Hwy 78E to the H-D Store as I needed to get some engine oil. Also had them check out a funny sound, they didn’t find anything though. While there I ran into an Ole Friend, a young lady who was a customer of mine @ Magic Chef durin’ my workin’ years, there. I gotta hug, ofcourse, as wwe caught up. Still pretty as ever! I also ran into the son of an Ole Friend, that I used to call on @ Russell Corporation, in Alexander City. Got to visit briefly with him as well. But NO HUGGIN! Just a good manly hand shake! Ya just never know who you’ll run into. Off to lunch we went @ a local BBQ restaurant. After an enjoyable lunch & visit we headed out to Heflin, AL  still riddin’ up Hwy 78E to the Scenic Parkway Drine for the Talladega National Forrest. It was a wonderful windin’ twistin’ ride. We stpped @ a Scenic Overview there, met & spoke with an Ole Marine from North GA. An interestin’ gentleman I must say. We parted ways with the Ole Marine & on to the top! AS we crested the top the Restaurant/Office Buildin’ was pretty busy so down we headed on down the back side of the mountain. We came out on Hwy 21 in Munford, headed on toward the City of Talladega, passed thru there an on back to the house in The Big Pell! That was a very enjoyable 100 mile roundtrip ride. My riddin’ mate for the day took a quick breather here then on back to The Ham for him. A good day I must say!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”the highlight of my day”!…

20160422_105144-1_resizedThank goodness NATE has finally “Petered Out”. It has moved on north of “The Big Pell”. It has really been a wet & dreary day. I think even the Fish are bored. I’ve been out on the patio a few times, gazed down toward the water, & haven’t seen any activity. I’m now in my 2nd year of not allowin’ The NFL into my home. As a proud Veteran of the USAF I refuse to pay to be insulted by a bunch of overpaid radical athletes, that probably couldn’t make a livin’ doin’ anythin’ else & I’d bet many of’em can’t even count the amount of money, that high, they’re bein’ paid to play a game. Enough of that topic. But the highlight of my day was the Matas Greek Pizza I just enjoyed down here in The Cave. Thank you to who ever invented the Freezer! My condolences to a life long friend & her family on the loss of her Father this mornin’. My thoughts & prayers are with you. I hope you all have a better evenin’ than you had last night, where ever you are…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”It’s the little things in life”…

Yesterday mornin’ I was handed a Grocery List & was pointed in the direction of the Grocery Store. Well how hard can that be? As for me, well, that damn Grocery List always seem to get me in trouble. It seems like there are always items that come home that weren’t on that Grocery List! I realize I’m probably in the vast minority of people that this happens to. But as far as I was concerned it was a good shoppin’ trip. And as usual, I was reminded how simple of a list it was. I never claimed to be a good shopper anyway. From there my day rebounded. I received a return call from a friend (he’s a Financial Advisor) about lunch we had been tryin’ to set up for a while. I told him I was goin’ to be headin’ to “The Ham” for an evenin’ get together so we decided to meet 1/2 way along my route. I arrived a little early which is usual for me. To my good fortune I happened to run into a cousin of mine, that I hadn’t seen in a while, that had been havin’ lunch with some of her friends. We spent about 10 to 15 minutes catchin’ up on the others family & other topics as well. It was very enjoyable. The Financial Advisor arrived & my cousin left. Ya never know who you’ll run into! The Financial Advisor & I caught up over lunch. We weren’t there to discuss business just to catch up on each other. It was very relaxin’ to just talk. Business never came up! A short lunch seemed to turn into a 2 hour period of total relaxation. We bid each other a farewell as he had to return to the financial grind & I had time to burn, before my later engagement. So as fate would have it the Bass Pro Shops facility just happened to be along my route as well. So I popped  in there to kill a little time & see what I needed. After perusing the various departments & examinin’ items of interest, I exited there with the same amount of money, in my pocket, as I entered with. I headed back to “Ole Big Red”, my trusty old Expedition, cranked up my tunes & headed toward “The Ham” for my evenin’ get together. Again I was a little early as was one another friend who was there for for the evenin’ get together. As we were catchin’ up a couple of others arrived. Oh & by Couple I mean TWO (2) other friends arrived right on time. About an hour went by & another couple of folks came in. And again by couple I mean Two (2) other friends (husband & wife) joined us. The Six (6) of us laughed as we caught up, shared stories, & talked about others that weren’t there. those that were too busy, too tired, too sick, too poor, or too far away. Yeah, probably YOU! As the Witchin’ Hour, 8:00 p.m., drew near the small group thinned as usual. I departed shortly after the Witchin’ Hour myself as the last Two (husband & wife) were orderin’ them somethin to eat. It was just a handful of folks but an enjoyable evenin’. As “Ole Big Red” & I made our way back to “The Big Pell” I had all of the windows down, the Sun Roof open, my favorite Oldies Cranked Up just enjoyin’ the 70 degree evenin’ air whippin’ thru “Ole Big Red”, as it also sucked all of the dust out of it. The Moon was Full, Bright & there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. MY 45minute drive went by too quick as I found myself turnin’ into my driveway. I coasted down to where the Garbage Can is kept, hooked it to the trailer hitch & back up the 200 ft long driveway I went, so I wouldn’t have to do it before the sun comes up in the mornin’. It’s the little things in life. Good night all..”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



People buy guns.
People buy ammunition.
People load guns.
People pick out their targets.
People aim guns at selected targets.
People pull the trigger on guns.
Should we ban Guns?
Should we ban Knifes?
Should we ban Baseball Bats/Clubs?
Should we ban Cars/Trucks?
Should we ban Rocks?

“SHOULD WE BAN PEOPLE”?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


Tomorrow is “Patriot Day, Rememberin’ 9-11”!

I can’t believe IT HAS BEEN SIXTEEN (16) YEARS since we, The United States of America, were {{{{{ ATTACKED ! }}}}}. I’ll never forget. I was sittin’ in my office, in Oxford, AL. There was a TV on, in the temporary office (the Truck Drivers Lounge) I was in, as our buildin’ was under goin’ an addition at the time. Then there it was, bein’ reported on Live TV, just a few minutes after the First (1st) Hi-Jacked Air Craft Struck! At first Reporters were speculatin’ if it was a flight off course, an accidental crash, just sheer speculation as Reporters do just to be the first (1st) to get a Report/a SCOOP! out. As the moments passed by the Second (2nd) Hi-Jacked Air Craft came into the picture. It was makin’ a wide, low altitude sweepin’ turn, as it struck it’s target on that day, September 11, 2001. Now commonly referred to as “9-11”. There were Four (4) Civilian Commercial Aircraft, HI-JACKED, in order to accomplish their goals. The First (1st) Strike, Hi-Jacked Aircraft American Air Lines Flt #11, was flown into the North Tower of The World Trade Center (The Twin Towers). Then, just a short time later, The Second (2nd) Strike,Hi-Jacked United Airlines Flt #175, was flown into the South Tower of The World Trade Center.  In, what seemed like for ever, actually just a short time, the Twin Towers collapsed to the ground into a huge pile of rubble. A Third (3rd) Aircraft, Hi-Jack American Air Lines Flt #77 was flown into “The Pentagon”, Our Military Head Quarters, at about ground level. The first three Hi-Jacked aircraft had HIT Their Targets! The Fourth (4th) strike, Hi-Jacked United Airlines Flt #93, crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa. The Passengers, NO THE HEROES, on board had begun to received information, from varied sources, about the first three (3) Hi-Jacked Aircraft & what had happened. They quickly realized what was happenin’ to them & decided to take actions to keep these Islamist Terrorist from hittin’ THEIR intended target, now believed to be The Capital Building in Washington, D.C. These Brave Americans, These HEROES, rebelled against the hijackers on board, & eventually caused the aircraft to crash into the ground, a seemingly remote field, killin’ everyone on board. God Bless These Heroes, These Patriots, & their families. {{{{{ SALUTE ! }}}}}…May they forever “Rest In Peace”! On “9-11” a total of 2,997 People were killed & over 6000 injured. IT WAS A PLANNED ATTACK BY A GROUP OF 19 ISLAMIC TERRORIST! These TERRORISTS were eventually linked to Osama bin Laden, leader of the Muslim Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda. ME?…HELL NO!… I’ll NEVER FORGET!…”Hold,em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Memories, every item you have has some”…

Sittin’ down here in The Cave this afternoon I got to lookin’ around & considerin’ myself to be lucky to be where I am in life. This room takes my mind in many directions. There are “Souvenirs” of my life. Many of’em are items, rewards, from my workin’ career that allowed me to have what I do. Many are from my Military days forward to my current life. There are trinkets I brought back from Germany. MY two large Bier Steins. One, a five (5) Liter Mug Type, from the Olympics in 1972. The other is a 7.5 Liter, mach Castle Style that tells of Medieval Times in Germany. Both of which, durin’ my years as a single man, I consumed many liters of fine German Bier from, all “As Smooth As Mothers Milk”. A plate from an Open House held in 1972 @ Kindsbach Bunker, where I worked under ground. There is a collections of Books I acquired, mostly while in Germany. I was not a good student in my School Years, but I became facilitated with WWII while there, in Germany. I collected & read many books on the Third Reich & Adolf Hitler. I even acquired a hardback copy of “Mein Kampf”, which I was told at the time (I don’t know) was illegal to possess. At a German Flea Market I even bought a collection of Paper Money, all worthless now, from before WWII. Yes, from The Third Reich. Oh, & my Wooden Shoes, from Holland. And YES they do fit me. I’ve worn them many times. I have several, scale model cars, from an ole friend from those days. A picture of my Bride & I, as part of the Crew, where we “performed admirably as crew aboard the 1987 AMERICAS CUP 12 METRE RACE (Sail) BOAT STARS & STRIPES in the St. Maarten “Americas Cup” Regatta. There is a framed “Masters Pin Flag” from The Masters Tournaments I was fortunate enough to be able to attend twice. Several Fish I’ve caught & had mounted, from different fishing trips over the years. There are many things around this room all with nothin’ but good memories. But there are two (2) little items that I got from my Grandparents house. One was a Little Brass/Copper Cowboy Hat & the other was a Little Hand Painted Clay Mexican Sombrero. They’re many years older than me, but they just bring back so many memories from my child hood. We lived with my Grandparents, after my Father passed away – I was only 20 months old, until I was 10 years old when my Mother remarried. I remember wantin’ to play with’em & my Grandmother, Mama, tellin’ me “you can look at’em but don’t touch’em”. On her bookshelves there were many “Little Pretties” as she would call’em, that we, my brother & I, were NOT allowed to handle. Memories, every item you have has some. You just have to listen to’em…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>  

Part # 7b…Bein’ Prepared! …”That’s not what you had on when you left this mornin”…

Part #7…Bein’ Prepared!…“Bein’ Prepared is somethin’ that was always taught & instilled in me by my Mother”.

(Continued Part #7b)…

Well, Thank God he didn’t! He came bobbin’ up spittin’ & sputterin’, cussin’ & demandin’ we help get his ass out of that  {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} water. At that point, now knowin’ our dear friend was not dead or seriously injured, let me say YES, the laughter broke out. NO, IT REALLY BROKE OUT! He finally got out of the water soaked to the bones. Oh, and there was a slight breeze had kicked up. Again The Banker & I were concerned for his well bein’ but he said he was OK! So the Banker served another round! I was prepared! I told The Marine “I had some DRY cloths in a storage compartment under his feet”. He said he was fine, as his teethe were chatterin’ & lips were turnin’ purple, he wasn’t goin’ to put those “Fat Boy Cloths” on, he’d be fine. He was referin’ to me & bein. bigger than I had been in years gone by. I said “hey, they’re DRY”! The Banker still laughin’ like hell, in the middle, asked who needed another {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} Beer? I raised my hand. For some strange reason The Marine wasn’t in the mood for a {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} Beer, as he cussed us & we continued to laugh @ him & relive his fall into the Lake & drinkin’ {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} Beer. He just kept on shiverin’. I don’t remember exactly how long it went on but, eventually, I heard in a shameful voice “Where’d you say those dry cloths were”? I asked “Oh, those FAT BOY CLOTHS”? We laughed even harder! And The Banker asked “Who wants another {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} Beer? The Marine finally had the dry cloths out. Then question was asked “isn’t there somewhere we could go to get out of the OPEN so I could change”? I responded “do you REALLY wanted me to FIRE that motor up & RUN a few miles back up river @ 50 MPH with you soakin’ ass wet”? A few more cuss words were directed at me. He decided to just strip down where we were. Now, we hadn’t seen another boat ALL day & out of no where we hear a boat comin’ in our direction. The Marine was buck naked by now, an it wasn’t pretty either, & justa bitchin’ @ me to get him out of the open! The boat was comin’ even closer, now the sounds of women’s voices & laughter could be heard in the distance. The phrase “Aw Shit was uttered”! Too late! I don’t know if they even saw us/HIM, but he thought they had. The Banker & I were still laughin’ like hell! “Who wants another {{{{{ COLD ! }}}}} Beer”?, came from the center of the boat, again. The Marine finally got dried off & dressed in dry cloths, we stowed our gear & headed for the boat launch, still laughin’. We got the boat loaded & headed to toward home. We got to The Marines House. As we pulled up, parked & started gettin’ his gear out, & eased toward his front door there his Bride was to welcome him home. The Banker & I were doin’ all we could to keep from breakin’ out in laughter again. Then his Bride says, somethin’ to the effect of,”That’s not what you had on when you left this mornin’ “! Well, The Banker & I lost it, again! Just another day shared among Ole Friends…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>