…”so I trudged back up”…

20150613_125051_resizedToday has really been a laid back Sunday afternoon. After lunch my Bride decided she wanted to watch “My Show! My Show”! So that meant I was banished to The Cave. Yeah, “it’s a hard life but somebody’s gotta do it”. It might as well be Me! After bein’ down there a short time I decided to lumber down to the water & just check things out. I was sittin’ in the swing on the pier just relaxin’ & soakin’ the peace & quiet in. There were just a few boats out on the lake in our area. I heard my (favorite) neighbors walkin’ down to their pier. I throw up a friendly wave & they returned it with one. They got in the water on some floatin’ chairs & enjoyin’ the same peace & quiet. The sun moved behind some clouds, a slight breeze picked up, & the motion of the swing got my attention. I shuffled over to the pontoon boat, dug out a Life Jacket, shuffled back to the swing, folded the Life Jacket in the proper pillow shape, got the swing goin’ like I wanted it, laid down & got TOTALLY RELAXED! Thirty (30) minutes later I wake up with a light rain blowin’ in on my face. What a way to ruin a good nap! Oh well, so I trudged back up to The Cave & here I am! Hope y’all have as good of an afternoon as I have had…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>

…”The Ole Potty Dance”…


With today being “National Potty Dance Day” it takes me back to my childhood days. My memory takes me back to the homes I lived in only havin’ ONE (1) bathroom in them. And there always seemed to be a WAITIN’ LINE to get in there. Many times when you did get in there you didn’t always have it to yourself! Those ole bathrooms were small, no divider walls or curtains to offer privacy to, you, the User! If there were an ADULT in there, well, they ALWAYS got complete privacy! Durin’ my earliest years I can remember, in my Grandparents house, there was always a WAITIN’ LINE to get into the (only) bathroom there. “The Man of the House” always has First (1st) Rights & they always seemed to have the News Paper with’em!!! Butt, @ my Grandparents house, there was the “Ole Ceramic Pot/Slop Jar/Bedside Pot/Honey Pot”, what ever you called it, available. And as a child it always seemed to fit us Children BETTER than it did the Adults, it just goes to show “Size Does Matter”! Butt relief (pun intended) wasn’t too far away. Later in life my (Widowed) Mother remarried & we moved from there. Again we only had a “One Holer” IN our, rental, home. Butt we did have a patch of woods just a few steps out the back door. I learned @ an early age to always keep a, clean, tissue in my pocket or know the leafs that were around me!I made that trip many a time! If you were afraid of the dark, well you just might have a MESS to deal with at times. We moved a few years later, just a few blocks away, & again only a “One Holer”. My (Step) Dad didn’t like us keepin’ an “Ole Honey Pot” around, cause “We had Pot to Piss IN”! Butt we did have an ole detached garage out back, & there was a worn down path out to it. We always kept the grass & weeds cut out there of course! My children don’t realize just how lucky they are. Their homes have ALWAYS had @ least two (2) or more Potties in’em. So traffic issues really haven’t been a problem for them. Yep, “The Ole Potty Dance” brings back memories…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”I’m not as young as I once was”…

Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - Copy

Yesterday started out Slow & Cold. Finally got me a couple of Mugs-O-Joe in me, got dressed & headed out to the Gym to get my mornin’ workout tended to. Again I enjoyed sharin’ some time with an Ole Friend there. Finally completed my hour of self punishment & headed for the house. As my hands were shakin’ in anticipation, I walked in the door, there sat that Shinny Joe Pot, still with steam risin’ from its spout, I drained that Pot of the last Mug full. As I carefully caressed it & sipped slowly I was tryin’ to decide what to do with the rest of my day. I checked the Weather Channel, it’ll be near the 70 degree mark before days end. Then I thought I heard a {{{ Purrin’ }}} comin’ from the basement. Then it dawned on me, it was the Ole H-D callin’ wantin’ to be taken out for a ride. I finished my last Mug-O-Joe, headed for a HOT Shower, & got me some riddin’ cloths on. A Short time later I rolled the Ole H-D out of the basement, fired’er up & off we went. After riddin’ face into the wind a while, & enjoyin’ beautiful scenery along the roads, I ended up enjoyin’ a nice lunch @ the Waffle House in Lincoln, AL. As the Ole H-D waited outside, glissnin’ in the sun, she drew a crowd of admirers. After an enjoyable stop we headed off toward the Talladega Raceway. I hadn’t really thought about how deserted The Raceway is this time of the year, but was it ever. I decided to head to the New Shootin’ Complex, CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, not too far away. If you’re not payin’ attention to where you’re goin’ you can miss that place! Hidden back in the “Back Woods” this is a very nice place. It’s a 500 acre complex! I was impressed. I kinda fell in line with a group goin’ in & toured the place with’em. Again, I was impressed with this facility. I look forward to goin’ back to do some shootin’ there. Time passed faster than I thought so I mounted the Ole H-D & we headed “Homeward Bound”. As I was headin’ out of the parkin’ lot & down the long twistin’, Entry & Exit drive my hips started to Cramp up on me somein’ fierce! Strugglin’ to control the Ole H-D I finally got to the bottom of the hill/drive. I had to get off to walk’em cramps out for a short while. Fearin’ the 20 mile ride home, I mounted back up & headed on thru the back roads. After just a couple of minor twinges we finally made it back to the house. Got the Ole H-D put away and found me a bottle of Gatorade. I guess if there was a lesson learned this day it is “don’t go riddin’ like that after a mornin’ work out”! I’m not as young as I once was…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”get your Shot Guns, plenty of Shells”…

Dear season is now over. Many of you, Hunters, like me, didn’t even participate this year. Then there are those of you who took several good lookin’ Bucks with nice Racks & a few nice Doe! Then there are some of you, I know, almost melted down their gun barrels. Shootin’ at anything that moved. Many of you went many times & never saw anything big enough to kill. Yeah, I too have been there.

Well for those of you who are AVID HUNTERS “Rabbit Season” is still in & in most of Alabama runs thru March 5, 2017.There’s a New Species of Rabbit that has been discovered & added to the current listings of rabbit species. It has been determined to be a Cross Breed. The trouble is, they, The Dept of Wildlife, has not yet determined it’s true origin. But they are workin’ hard to discover its origin. Therefore  there is NO limit on’em. They’re most often found in Low Lying Areas & only come out about an hour before sundown. They run hard all night & bed down about an hour after sunup (See the picture attached)… .

Some of you may have seen’em & didn’t even know what you were lookin’ at. So, get your Shot Guns, plenty of Shells, a license, oh & permission to hunt the woods & fields where you thing you most likely can find’em. Good Huntin’ to y’all! Oh & let me know what they taste like once you’ve eaten a few…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

Introducin’ “The PUBIC HARE”…the-pubic-hare

…”It just does these Ole Hearts good”…

I had lunch with Five (5) Ole Friends today. Our lives intertwine in so many ways. We are all in our Sixties (60’s). Our careers have taken many different directions, yet we all seem to be drawn right back together. It’s great….

Our days go back to times & places such as Cascade Plunge, Wahouma Ball Park, Barrett Elementary School, Curry Elementary School, Woodlawn High School, Banks High School, {{{{ Thrill Hill }}}}, Kelly’s Hamburgers (both Wahouma & Eastwood Mall locations), Military days, & many many more. We reminisced the days & times from our past.

Many of YOU, that will read this, were talked about today, I promise! Gender was not protected! We were even rememberin’ (talkin’ about) many of those who are no longer with us as well, but all in good taste. After all, they were friends of ours as well. Yep, we told Fairy Lies about’em all. There were Fractured Lies/Stories told, & even many more Fairy Lies told on those of us there by others of us that were there & then many more told about YOU. Yeah, YOU know who YOU are, and had you been there YOU could have told your side of the stories!

It’s funny how these scheduled one (1) hour luncheons turn into a two (2) hour laugh fest. Of the Six (6) there today five (5) of us are retired and the other One (1) guy wasn’t in a rush. These type of get togethers do us all good. To look around the group & to see the smiles on  the faces & the gleam in their eyes tells the story. It just does these Ole Hearts good. Until next time…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”This seems kinda redundant”…

4036Yesterday was our, my Bride & I, 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary. Due to her havin’ “The Flu” we didn’t really do any celebratin’. I just need to get her over this. We may try to celebrate at a later time or there’s always next year for our 43rd right!

Oh, did I say that, today is our, my Bride & I, 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary. Due to her havin’ “The Flu” we aren’t really goin’ to do any celebratin’. I just need to get her over this. We may try to celebrate at a later time or there’s always next year for our 43rd, right!

This seems kinda redundant, I know, doesn’t it. Well those of you that know us/me know of what I speak. For those of you that don’t, well, you’ll just be scratchin’ your head tryin’ to figure this out or just think I’m crazy. And if you’re thinkin’ the latter you may well be right. But it is what it is…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”our 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary!”…

I don’t really know if I slept-in this mornin’ or didn’t sleep sound enough last night. Either way I got up @ 6:45 a.m..

I first  went to check on my Bride. As I entered the bedroom, I slept on the sofa, she had one eye cracked open lookin’ at me thru the thin slit there. I asked how she was feelin? I got a couple of grunts & a moan like someone usually communicates that isn’t quite up to normal feels. Yep she was feelin’ like someone with “The FLU” usually does. She said she’d like some coffee so I headed to get a Pot-O-Joe goin’ for us both. She got up & got her mornin’ Meds down, scuffed into the livin’ room, settled in on the love seat and covered up. I got her Mug-O-Joe fixed & delivered it with a smile. Then circled back & served myself up a Mug. As the mornin’ progressed she got a little better. I called my Dr & get him to call me in a prescription for some “Tamiflu,as an additional precautionary measure, I got a Flu Shot back in the Fall, & went to get it.

Later this after noon I harken back to my childhood days, yeah we all liked to play Dr! Since my Bride was restin’ & watchin’ TV I got her Allergy Shot drawn up and headed her way. “Ok, right side up” I said. What, what”?, she asked. “I got your shot ready”, I said. But somehow it wasn’t really what we all thought of when we were young, playin’ Dr. We got thru the shot, checked her Temp, Orally, and it was down to a good level. She was a good Patient. I then got us both some Hot Soup ready & we enjoyed a nice little supper of slurpin’ soup together. How Romantic!

Now we’re both kicked back & relaxin’ in the livin’ room. I hope we both sleep better tonight, her especially. Tomorrow is our 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary! What a way to spend it…”Hold’em Hook” …..BG>