…”Indian cigar tree”…

Us kids, back in my years of early youth, were somewhat like animals. What I mean by that is that we were always patrollin’ “our territory”. You know, lookin’ for new experiences. Sometimes we found somethin’  but most times we didn’t. I remember there was a yard down on 3rd Ave South that had several Catawba Trees growin’ in it. Now Catawba Trees were good, to us kids for two (2) things. #1) Catawba Worms which were a free & abundant Fish Bait if you could climb a tree to pick’em. They were always available durin’ early summer months. For me they were most effective with the heads pinched off, turned inside out with a match stick, & used on a long shank Bream hook. Bream, Bass & Cat Fish could all be caught with’em. Some of us also learned we could sell’em to local Bait Shops, across from East Lake Park for pocket money. #2) Later in the Summer months the Catawba Worms would play out by the Birds that fed on’em, spinnin’ their cocoons to transform into butterflies, & of course us catchin’em for our use. The Catwaba Trees had “long green bean pods” on them that would eventually start turnin’ brown as they were gettin’ ready to split open & distribute their seeds & then fall to the ground or scatter in the winds. We always heard’em called “Indian Cigars”! I don’t remember where that came from but we did… Well guess what? Some one always seemed to have a couple of matches with’em. Now, never really knowin’ for a fact I did some research on the “Indian Cigar” this very mornin’. Here is a quote I found in an article, about the “Catawba Tree”, by Taylor Wilson from April 28, 2005 that the Native Americans smoked the bean pods of the tree for questionable “medicinal” or hallucinogenic purposes. Therefore, the tree has also been called “smoking bean,” “Indian bean” and (yep!) “Indian cigar tree.” Damn, ya just never know what you’ll find when you’re out on the prowl as a kid. We never really knew what we had, but we either puked or we were feelin’ good!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


Neighborhood Fruits #9b….”Shew me out of the Patch”… continued

Remember the “Row Sacks”, from earlier, well Mama would slit open the sack & scrape those Fish Eggs into a bowl with the Chicken Eggs & Scramble’em all up together. Um-m-m-m GOOD! Back to the tomato Plants…some time in late March or early April, when ever “The Poor Richards Almanac” said it was time, Papa’d get his seeds out on the back porch, send one of us to go get him a 5 gallon bucket of dirt from where we had been buryin’ fish guts and bring it to him. He’d mix up that fertilizer in that dirt real good & then take the ole egg cartons he’d have Mama save for him & he’d fill twelve (12) holes there with the mixture then plant one seed in each hole. When he was through he would gently water’em by hand to just the right moisture & set’ em on a shelf there on the back porch. The two weeks later he’d do it again for twelve (12) more. Now, some time in the first of May, again according to “The Poor Richards Almanac” he’d call us out again & tell us to “get our tools” & up in the yard we’d go. He’d then point to a spot on the ground & say “give me a One Foot x One Foot x One Foot hole right there! Then move two feet in a line & repeat it. I want twelve (12) holes & make’em in a straight line”. “Yes sir” we’d respond! Papa always seemed to pick the hottest day to do this! Then he’d wait two (2)  weeks & we’d go do the same thing right beside the first twelve (12) holes. When all was said & done there’d be 24 healthy Tomato Plants growin’. As time passed those first twelve (12) plants started producin’ Big Ole Tomatoes. And we were blessed with’em. Then in just a couple of weeks the others started to come in. WOW! Now with so many tomatoes bein’ available you’d think a few wouldn’t be missed. I had a bad habit of sneakin’ the salt shaker off of the table & sneakin’ up to the Tomato Patch & just ah helpin’ myself. Somehow Mama always seemed to show up wantin’ her salt shaker & then would “Shew” me out of the Patch with her ole broom. It beat gettin’ a Switchin’!…”hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 

Neighborhood Fruits #1…”the grapes were ripe”…

Sittin’ around yesterday mornin’ my Bride & I were chattin’ about things that we wanted to do around the house. Then the conversation turned to “fresh foods & fruits” & how they fit into our diets. Who knows? At the same time I noticed somethin’ on the TV that sent my mind to wanderin’ again. Of course it really doesn’t take a lot to do that anyway. It took me back to the neighborhood I grew up in. We (my Mother, Brother, & I) lived with my Grandparents. Up in our back yard there was a huge fig tree on one side & on the other side a very large grape arbor that had two (2) vines growin’ over it. One from each end that Papa had planted many years ago & carefully tended it regularly. The grapes especially! I watched that Old Man, more times than I could count, as we’d be sittin’ on the little back porch, shoot birds out of that grape arbor with a home made Sling Shot! At 30 yards away & slightly up hill he could hit birds as they would land in there to “rob his grapes”. “Boy, get me my Sling & my bag of marbles from the house” he’d say. “Yes sir” I’d reply as I scurried to fetch’em for him. Upon my {{{ quick ! }}} return he’d look over his sling, to make sure all was good with it, reach down in his bag of little, light green crystal clear glass, marbles. He’d load one in the pocket of the sling, draw it back, & with a quick flick of his wrist, release it, & {{{ Whack ! }}}. Out of the arbor would fall a bird floppin’ around. Papa never seemed to miss! Then as out of nowhere at least one, usually more, cats would appear & pounce on that “Thievin’ Bird”. Then before I knew it {{{Whack ! }}} there would be a second bird on the ground, floppin’ around. And yes, more cats arrivin’. It was as though they could hear Papa diggin’ around in his marble sack & they’d come a runnin’. Feathers & Fur would fly, as always, then there was always a proud cat prancin’ off with a bird in its mouth while the others were still fightin’ over the second bird. I don’t know why, but it seems to my recollection, they always fell in pairs. The other birds would escape durin’ all of the fuss over their two fallen comrades. Sooner or later they would return & the process would repeat it’s self. But I must admit, my Grandmother/Mama sure turned those ole Concord Grapes into some wonderful “Homemade Grape Jelly”! When the grapes were ripe Mama would tell us, my brother & I, to go pick a couple large baskets for her. While we were pickin’ I remember we would first grab us each a couple of bunches & sneak off & eat’em first then get Mama hers. How sweet they were too!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”afraid of future competition”…

This country has always Protected it’s IMPORTANT PEOPLE with Weapons/Guns! As do other nations around the world.

Just for example, for those Idiots who don’t understand that, maybe this might help you. In our country we protect The President, with Secret Service Agents, both while in office & even once he (so far there has never been a HER) has left office for LIFE. The Vice President for as long as he (again, there has never been a HER) is IN office. All of our Legislative Offices, Judicial Offices, Military Bases, and on and on and on.

In this Country Children (Elementary School, High School, & yes even Colleges) have pretty much been considered  as “Hands Off”. But it seems as thought that has changed too. For some strange, Charles Whitman decided to change that in Austin, TX. back in the 1966. And the most recent down in Parkland, FL.

Crazy People come in all shapes, forms, sizes, colors, & religions. I’m sure there are probably many other categories that could be listed. Some influenced by politics, video games, religious beliefs, drugs, dropouts, unsuccessful students, lack of love or supervision at home, and on and on and, on. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to be of the utmost importance to protect the future leaders of this country. Does that show that current Career Politicians want to eliminate the completion in future years? I sure as hell hope not. Although some I DO wonder about!

I realize that Federal, State, County Governments, & Local Municipalities would have to work that into their budgets. And like ALL good politicians none of them want to raise taxes to cover such issues. But throw “A Little PORK” item out there that they can steal from & they’ll all vote for it. Nor do any of them want {{{{{ GUNS }}}}} in schools for possible protection situations. They would rather let Law Enforcement handle that. Then they have dodged that “Budget Bullet”.

Then there is the argument about Law Enforcement Response Time! Hum-m-m…recently in Florida it took 20 some odd minutes! WHY!!! How do YOU feel on this? Maybe YOUR child, niece or nephew, neighborhood children will be next? Hum-m-m…Oh well, lets study it & MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, vote on it in a few years. We’ll just wait on our Career Politicians to decide on that, if they’re really NOT afraid of future competition…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Things will change again”…

Today is FEBRUARY 20, 2018! The “Weather Prognosticators” are predictin’ the temperature to get up to the upper 70’s, & pushin’ the low 80’s, here in Alabama again today! Yesterday it was 78 degrees here in “The Big Pell”. The next few days are all expected to be about the same! This week is Shorts, Tee-Shirts, & Sandals! The Dandy Lions are in bloom as are the Daffodils! Trees are beginin’ to bud. To Mother Nature I say “It’s a TRICK”! It has Snowed here already twice this year, 2018. That is the strange thing about livin’ here. You just never know what to wear next week so don’t pack away any of your seasonal cloths. Things will change again & it will get {{{{{ COLD }}}}} here again…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”43 years ago today in 1975″…

01-31-75Linda & I on Our Wedding Day 01-31-75
What a day it was! 43 years ago today in 1975. It was a Friday. I was off work! My Bride to be worked from 8:00am till Noon that day & took the rest of the day off. I picked her at work. At 2:00pm that afternoon we met a couple of friends, who were our Witnesses, & her Parents at the Ramstein, Germany Rathaus/Town Hall. We were about to be married by the “Burgermeister/Mayor” of the Town. Her Mom served as our “Translator”, as one was required by German Law to make sure we understood what we were really doin’ & committin’ to. My Bride (to be) & I exchanged our “I Do’s”! Yes we were (& are still) Husband & Wife! Hell, I loved her so much I even married her again the NEXT day! But that’s another story. Wow, what a ride it has been. God has blessed us along our path with Two (2) wonderful children, a Daughter & a Son. We also have been blessed with a wonderful Daughter-in-law & three (3) beautiful Grandchildren! Yeah, I’m a very blessed man! To my Bride, thank you for sayin’ “I DO” back then. Oh, the $5,000.00 you had saved didn’t hurt either! It made a good down payment on our first (1st) house two (2) years later. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Anniversary!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”over exert myself too early”…

Yesterday I got a slow start out of “The Big Pell” as I worked my way to “The Ham” gettin’ some personal errands tended to. I also attended a Visitation & Funeral, “Celebration of life”, of a friends Mother. Those aren’t the kind of things we like to do but sometimes they’re just the right thing to do. After that I got to compleatin’ ‘some additional errands before meetin’ up @ The VT for the Monthly WHS Get Together. I always enjoy seein’ & catchin’ up with Ole Friends. And yet again, last night, I wasn’t disappointed. It was, how ever, a late night last night for this “Ole Boy”. My head finally met my pillow at midnight. Just needed to let my late night ,for me, meal settle before I went to bed. I stayed to enjoy a nice “late dinner” (for me) with twelve (12) friends from the WHS group, after the regular monthly get together started breakin’ up. Was back up this mornin’ @ 5:10am. Needed to get my Brides Mug-O-Joe abrewin’ so it would be ready, for her to doctor up, so she could get out the door by 5:20am. {{{ DONE ! }}}}. Then I got my Pot-O-Joe abrewin’. Finally!, relaxin’ in my recliner, watchin’ the Local & World News. I like to see what the idiots around the globe did over night as I enjoyin’ sippin’ this magical elixir from my newest “Bama Mug”. I can feel my body slowly reactin’, wakin’ up, as I start to see the bottom of my 1st Mug. Guess I’ll shuffle over to the Pot for a refill. The good thing about this New Mug is it holds more which’ll empty that ole pot in two mugs instead of three. Don’t have to make that third trip. Wouldn’t want to over exert myself too early of the mornin’. Y’all enjoy your day & travel safely if you must fight the mornin’ traffic…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>