… “BECAUSE of Y’all I Made It”…Part #2

Part #2 of 5
I’ll begin with the obvious…

#1) Mrs Hall, 1st Grade, Barrett School. I’ll never forget our “Readin’ Groups”. Remember?…Dick, Jane, Sally, & Spot? We had two (2) Readin’ Groups. One had the Average & Accelerated readers in it. In the other Group there was Me & Mrs. Hall. Mrs. Hall & I lacked the ability to properly communicate with each other. I got sent to The Office my very first day, of the first grade, for throwin’ rocks on the playground (& hittin’ someone in the back of the head). I received my very first paddlin’ from a Principal that day. I had conduct issues, accordin’ Mrs. Hall.That reputation followed me all through my academic years…

#2) I stumbled thru the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades. Mrs. Howell, 5th Grade Geography, Barrett School. This Lady had my attention from the  very first time I walked into her Class Room. Globes & Maps were every where. Charts & Graphs! Pictures of seasonal progressions! She had me right then! This lady TAUGHT me. “Where we were in the world was a given!”  We learned standin’ out by the double water fountains on the Play Ground “At 12 O’clock Noon Our/My Shadow Points North”! We learned to find our directions. North, East, South, & West! Standin’ out on Division Avenue we learned “Moss Grows on The North Side of The Trees”! Do YOU know why? I’ll give a hint…it had to do with The Sun. I did well that year in Art, Geography, & Music. Maybe it was because of the constant movement & changin’ of focus to keep up. Those three (3) classes were never borin’ to me. I ended up Failin’ the 5th Grade. All of my Core Classes weren’t too good to me…
#3) I had to change Schools because my Mother re-married & we moved. Good Ole “Curry Tech”. There too I stumbled thru the 5th grade (for my 2nd go around) then the 6th. Ahhh…The 7th Grade, Mrs. Davies for Home Room & most of my Core Subjects, Curry School. She was Short, Mean, Grumpy & Old! Needless to say we knocked heads from the get go.  Hey, there was once a Green Snake crawlin’ up out of a sack, inside of her Closet, as she opened it to hang up her Coat. Well let’s just say “I got sent to the Principal’s Office & got the Paddlin’ for that one”! But damn it was funny! A long story short I failed the 7th grade that year & DAMN if I didn’t have her again the followin’ year. Needless to say we didn’t like each other any better & I FAILED her/the 7th Grade a second time. Now keep up…I was about to repeat the 7th Grade again, for a THIRD (3rd) time attempt at it!…

…Labor Day!…


Growin’ up in East Lake (a community of Birmingham, AL) back in the Mid/Late 50’s & 60’s there were two “HAPPENIN’S” that took place on Labor Day in our community. I always attended both in my younger years.

One was the Official LAST/CLOSIN’ Day for Cascade Plunge’s Summer Days. This meant losin’ close contact with many friends, until Next Summer, as so many of us went to different Schools around the city. The Biggest Event of the day was “Splash For Cash”! This always happened right around Noon Time. Mr. Jimmy/Dickson (who’s family owned Cascade would come out as The Master of Ceremonies with a couple of buckets of CASH/Change. From Silver Dollars to Pennies. Everyone had to CLEAR The Pool, line the Pool Deck, for what they thought was the “Best Spot”. Mr Jimmy would then walk the Pool Deck throwin’ Hands full CASH/Change into The Pool. The Kid’s (of all ages) would get worked into a frenzy as each hand full hit the water. When the Buckets were empty then came the count down. Then HUNDREDS of kids hit the water searchin’ for their day’s find which they got to keep. The Life Guards were all on Full Alert durin’ this time. I personally don’t ever recall any Emergencies but they/we were ready. And there was ALWAYS someone or several that would sneak in Dye Packs & Release ’em. I was accused several time over the years of this. I was NEVER caught doin’ it. I still deny it to this day (Richard).

The other was “The Labor Day Picnic”, primarily a Fun-Raiser event, at St. Thomas On The Hill (sometimes referred to as the “Orphans’ Home”). It  was truly an all day affair of Fun (for all ages), Food (of All Varieties & for All Palettes), Games (for all ages & Chuck-A-Luck was my favorite). Then in the evenin’ a Dance for The Teens. Always a high light of the day.

These two events marked “The End Of Summer”! Most of us hated to see Labor Day End. Because School Started on the day/mornin’ After Labor Day/the 1st Tuesday in September, in Birmingham, in those days. Now with this Labor Day quickly comim’ to an end I still, in the back recesses of my mind, think of School Startin’ Tomorrow. I’m just a few months shy of 70 years old, Wonderful memories of those events…”HOLD ‘EM HOOK”!…..BG>

…”The Sun Room”…

This mornin’, while my Contractor was cleanin’ the Windows, in The Sun Room, I walked down to where The Bass Boat is parked (in The Turn-a-Round area) durin’ this Construction Period. It usually stays in the Basement Garage but it is filled with Supplies & tools for now. I needed to drain the water standin’/puddlin’ up on the cover. All of a sudden I heard this enormous {{{{{ SPLASH ! }}}}} about 15 feet off the the Sea Wall. Actually about 35 feet from where I was standin’. After regainin’ my composure, I thought it was/might have been, a BIG STRIPER Feedin’. As it turns out it was an Osprey Feedin’! I saw in gainin’ height  flyin’ in a circle with a good size fish in it’s Talons. What a beautiful sight to see.

I made my way back up to The Deck/Sun Room to check on the cleanin’ progress. As I stood there talkin’ to my Contractor I heard that sound again…{{{{{ SPLASH ! }}}}}…and then watched The Osprey fly up & off again, with a fish in it’s Talons. And that was when I really got to appreciate “The View” from The Sun Room. Oh & “The View” has nothin’ to do with those “Ole Bitchy Women” on TV.

The windows are clean, the Contractor is gone (he & his crew ‘ll be back Tuesday). He just wanted to make it nice so we could use it this weekend. There’s still some “Paintin’ & Touch Paintin’ that needs to be done.

As I sit here Chillin’ & Enjoyin’ myself the Hummin’ Birds are buzzin’ back & forth just enhancin’ what I can see from my vantage point. About the time I expect to see ’em collide “Head On…they Break Off” just like two Jet’s in a Dog Fight! They’re fightin’ over two feeders I washed & filled this mornin’ for ’em.
Yeah…I can see we’re goin’ to really enjoy “The Sun Room” year round. Before the “Screened In Deck” was dependin’ on The Weather we were experiencin’. And for 23 1/2 years it was nice. This is much NICER!…”Hold ‘Em Hook”!…..BG>

…”He looks so Stoic!”…


There is a Blue Heron who seems to land on the end of our Short Pier most every mornin’. We refer to him as “Ole Pete”. He stands there facin’ East almost every mornin’. No…IT’S NOT A RELIGIOUS THING! He’s a Damn Bird! It’s as though he is waitin’ for & watchin’ The Sun Rise up over the hill & trees across the River from us before he starts his day. It’s a beautiful sight to see. He stands there so straight and tall. He looks, from my distance of just over 200 ft. away, so well groomed with every feather in it’s place. He looks so Stoic!

I am, again, enjoyin’ my mornin’ “Mug-O-Joe” sittin’ in “The Sun Room” just enjoyin’ watchin’ “Ole Pete”. Even though it, “The Sun Room”, is STILL under construction the view is so much better than it was as “A Screened In Deck” over the past 23 1/2 years. Most of the Glass is in. Yes it is still in the process of becomin’ a (Glassed in) Sun Room. We’re waitin’ on 4 more small upper Custom Cut glass panels, some minor Electrical work, a Vent-less Fireplace with a Custom Mantel & final paint. But the view, from just sittin’ here, is so much better than before. I look forward to seein’ “Ole Pete” for many years to come.

Whoa! He just broke his pose & caught his Breakfast. From here it appears to have been a Big Ole Shad. He’s now off to do what ever Herons do durin’ their day. Until tomorrow Pete!…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>

…Fifty (50) Years Ago Today…


Three (3) Friends & I (all 4 of us went to Banks High School together in B’ham, AL) were Discharged from The United States Air Force Reserve (Inactive “Delayed Enlistment Program”) that we had been “Sworn Into” in March, 1971. We entered the DEP so the others could Graduate from High School with our “Class Of 71” @ BHS. As for me well that’s a Long Story for another time. BUT I WAS QUALIFIED! That’s ALL that mattered.

Then, We were Immediately, like in just Minutes, “SWORN-IN” to The United States Air Force (Active Duty) at the Induction Center in Montgomery, AL.  We were immediately lead/escorted  to the Montgomery Airport for a flight, “with connections”, deliverin’ us to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio,TX. This began the First (1st) day of my Four (4) Year Adventure (71′ thru 75′) in The USAF! And the truth is “It was the best thing that ever happened to me”.

About Seven & a half (7 1/2) or Eight (8) weeks we were all fortunate enough to graduate from Basic Trainin’ together & on schedule. Next we all departed for our different Technical Schools. Two (2) of us were lucky enough to be sent to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Miss. That was a LONG Fifteen (15) Hour Bus Ride I’ll never forget! We attended different Career Field Tech Schools but we were allowed to Room together while there. After completin’ my Tech School, ACW Operator #27600, I received orders for Germany, Ramstein AFB, where I spent my one & only Permanent Duty Assignment (of 3 yrs & 8 mos).

After separating from The USAF I tried myself at College. I should’ve thought more about my Educational Past. It didn’t take me Too Long to realize “I wasn’t cut out for College”. For those that know me I put THAT in for YOU! I was fortunate enough to find a Job & A Paycheck at the local (family owned franchise) Caterpillar Equipment Co that lead to a Thirty Three (33) Year Career from which I have now been Retired from for the past twelve (12) years. That was, for me, a wonderful thing. It afforded me & my family many opportunities we might not have been able to experience otherwise.

I sit here this mornin’ “Thinkin’ & Reminiscin’ ” on how those  four (4) years changed my life. Yes…For The Best! Traveled a lot the first year & a half. I met & Married my (Military Brat) Bride & Married Her Twice! That’s another Story also. Happily Married now for 46 yrs & 5 mos we have two (2) wonderful & successful Adult Children (an RN & an Attorney), One Wonderful Daughter-In Love, & three (3) adorable Grandchildren. I’m now 69 yrs of age & “Livin’ The Life”…”Hold ‘Em Hook!……BG>


“HAPPY FATHERS DAY”As a young Child there were things I didn’t learn at home. My Grandfather taught me to Fish & Fear him! To all of The 4th Avenue Neighborhood Fathers, Wahouma Park Coaches/Fathers, Match Box Estates Dads, Coach Jim Currier, Uncles Pete & Buddy, My Step-Father (even thru our years of turmoil) & Yes Mr. (“Mr.Jimmy”) Dickson from Cascade I want to say “THANK YOU” for Your Time, Kindness, & Leadership you all shared with me as a growin’ young Boy/Child who’s Father Passed (I was only 20 mo’s old) before I ever knew Him. You all made an impression on me in many/your own different ways. To You/Them ALL “HAPPY FATHERS DAY”…Hold ‘Em!……BG>

…”My/Our Nation – The Dead Ones are Laughin’ “…

I {{{ FEAR ! }}} For The Life Of My/Our Nation! The Nation MY Generation grew up in has already changed DRASTICALLY. Fewer & fewer respect our Flag & what it stands for. They disrespect those that have fought, died, or have been wounded through the generations for the Rights That Flag Represents. Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to warn us in The 50’s about Communism/Socialism within our Society & Government growin’ & expandin’. The U.S. Senate (at the time) shouted/voted him down by a vote 65 to 22 to condemn Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for conduct unbecoming of a senator. Many of them were coverin’ their asses or the asses of their contributors. The same thing that is happenin’ in our Congress today. Look at our Nation today…the phrase “In God We Trust” in Washington DC has little meanin’ & less each day to our Professional Politicians/Government Elected Officials. And the shame is they set the pace for Others to follow. They live by different Rules, Insurance, & Ethics…

She/Our Nation is strugglin’ against forces from within almost as hard as She struggles from other Nations tryin’ to beat us down. Our Borders are under siege. The biggest question is Which/Who Will be The One To Topple My/Our Nation first?

Hell…Invaders & Illegals are Votin’ in our Elections, every year, at a larger number than DEAD PEOPLE are. I know many States require Voter I.D.’s. I’m PROUD that My State of Alabama DOES! I know the DemocRATs/Socialists/Liberals are fightin’ this from bein’ required in MORE states. I guess because they would lose TOO many Voters. There are more VOTERS votin’ than there are Registered Voters in many Cities/Counties/States. The Live Ones are scared of this! The Dead Ones are Laughin’ about it…Can YOU hear ’em?….Hold ‘Em Hook!….BG>

…”Quit Starin’ Bubba”!…

Today was a beautiful day to get out. It was a Beautiful Sunny Day with the Temps hooverin’ around 60 degrees with a Slight/Light Breeze. So I decided to go to the “Alabama Boat Show and Expo” at the Barber Motor Sports Park. I missed the Birmingham Boat Show in January due to the issues with The Chinese Virus & Public Gatherin’s. I wanted to just see the New Offerin’s from various manufactures.

Hey…FREE Admission & FREE Parking…You don’t find THAT @ The BJCC facility. And to top that off it was outside on the grounds. There were several different Food Trucks offerin’ varied menus. If you were lookin’ for a Pontoon Boat well you were at the right place. Many many Brands, Styles, & Sizes were on display. There was a fair offerin’ of PWC (i.e. Jet Ski) type of crafts. Also there were several Brands/Offerin’s of Ski/Wake Board/Water Surfin’ Boats as well. As far as [Bass] Fishin’ Boats went…well it was limited to the Offerin’s that Bass Pro Shops offer. Let’s say there were “Slim Pickins” in THAT category.

Now I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t Shoppin’ for anythin’. So I guess it was a damn good thing. Oh there was a smatterin’ of Vendors offerin’ all types of Water/Lake related Items such as Boat Docks, Boat Lifts, Sea Walls & Repairs, etc. I think maybe one (1) Vendor offerin’ Fishin’ Services.

The next largest variety of products there, Second Only to the Pontoon Boats, were The Personal Ware Items bein’ strutted around The Grounds. I’m talkin’ bout The Vast Abundances of “SPANDEX DRAWERS”! I’ve heard…”Tights are not leggings & leggings are not pants”! There were long ones, short ones, big ones, small ones! There were tight ones, tighter ones, & Yes Even Tighter Ones! I’M TALKIN’ Bout The Ones That Were Bout To {{{ BUST ! }}} At The Seams Tight! There wasn’t much left to the Imagination to be seen. It was all Right There for the viewin’. Why You/I could even tell if ’em Gals/Girls/Ladies were Sportin’ French Cuts, Bikinis, Granny Panties, Thongs, or Just Plain Ole Dental Floss with One Cloth Patch! HELL…One Mama slapped her young son in the back of the head & said “Quit Starin’ Bubba”! Oh and the [Gals/Girls/Ladies] Tee Shirts/Tops? Well they were just as varied. Let me just say “if a slight shower had come up there would have been “Participation Trophies” awarded for ALL Categories”!

I know this was the 1st year for this event to be held at The Barbers Facility. Maybe next year it will attract a Larger Selection of Boats & Clothing Apparel. We’ll SEE!…”Hold ’em Hook”…..BG>

…”Super Bowl LV”…

For the past five (5) years I have not welcomed The NFL into my home. Not for Pre Season, Regular Season, Divisional/League Play Offs , nor The Super Bowl! Bein’ a Veteran of The USAF I felt Personally Insulted by The actions of
Colin Kaepernick of The 49’ers. When he decided to “Kneel” durin’ the Playin’ of The National Anthem on Sept. 1, 2016 prior to the Final Pre Season Game. I turned that game off and Haven’t allowed The NFL back. Roger Goodell has lost control over The NFL. He gets paid $40,000,000.00 (+/-) per year for WHAT? I, as a one time fan, don’t care about all of the now professed reasons these Spoiled/Overpaid Athletes choose to (supposedly) support in their personal lives. I DON’T SUPPORT THEM & don’t feel they should be FORCED on ME durin’ The/My National Anthem. Show some Respect for those that have Fought/Died/Served thru the Decades/Centuries to provided the opportunities to them for their careers. It appears they are too consumed in themselves. To Hell With Goodell & The NFL!

Wow…ALL indicators seem to reflect that Super Bowl LV, 55 for those of you that don’t read Roman, was yet just another FLOP for The NFL! The FINAL SCORE: Kansas City Chiefs 9 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31.

So far this mornin’ I have seen many comments concernin’ Super Bowl LV (55 remember) from last night. Seems like I didn’t miss a thing. There have been several comments about the BOTCHED National Anthem by two people that considers themselves Singers/Performers/Entertainers. And then The Canadian The NFL/CBS must have sent out Bids and took the LOW BID from the Actors/Musicians Union. I wonder which Manufacture supplied all of those “Tighty Whities” for those idiots to parade around in on their heads? Ahh-hahahaha!

I’m Glad/Proud that there have, how ever, been a few Positive comments about “The Fly Over” performed by The USAF! My Brothers & Sisters in Arms. {{{{{ SALUTE ! }}}}}…..BG>

I’ve heard on The News & Read Personal Comments that The Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes, was well…LESS than The Super Star he was built up to be. Plus it seems as though an overwhelmin’ number of comments have mentioned how poorly “The Chiefs O-Line” was. I guess they expected their Super Star to get his job done without them exertin’ too much energy or exposin’ themselves to injury. Hum-m-m. But there were just as many, if not more, that commented on how “The Buccaneers O-Line” took pretty dam good care of their Ole Man/QB Tom Brady! So it seems that Youth got Shown-Up by an AGED/EXPERIENCED/OLD MAN QB! Interestin’ don’t you think?
It appeared that many of the usual Product Manufactures/Major Corporations failed to contribute to The Fallin’ Ratin’s The NFL has suffered over the past several years. What that means is they chose NOT to buy any Advertisin’ Time/Space durin’ Super Bowl LV (55 remember). In the Advertisin’ Arena it seems they too have suffered from the lack of support & purchasin’ of their products from the Average Consumers/People like You. YOU DO MATTER!

Oh!!!…and then throw in all of The Bitchin’ & Moanin’ about the Officiatin’! “They didn’t call THIS! They didn’t call THAT! They favored this team. They favored that team”. It’s really FUNNY! And what many don’t realize is that The Officiatin’ Crew are not a Regular Crew. They are picked from their Personal Callin’ Records/Performances from the current Season. Kind of like an Allstar Crew. So as it goes the opinions about the Officiatin’ ain’t really any different from any other Super Bowl. Accordin’ to who’s Team Lost it’s all because of “BAD CALL BY THE OFFICIALS”!… “Hold ‘Em Hook!”…..BG>

… “Y’all get ready for The Fire Works & Infightin’ “…

Recently I was sittin’ out on The Deck sippin’ on my “Mug-O-Joe” almost lookin’ for the NEXT/LATEST incident of Joe Biden’s Slip/Screw ups in his addresses to/for The People. I know The MSM ain’t goin’ to report ’em but other News Agencies will!

What I was REALLY wonderin’ is “just HOW LONG the DemocRATS are goin’ to allow his ineptness to string out” before THEY make “The (Overnight) Switch” that so many are expectin’ is comin’. Like a Baseball Manager Signalin’ down to “The Bull Pen”! Because we ALL know “Ole Uncle Joe” isn’t up to the Pressures & Riggers of “The Job”. Or if they do let THIS PLAY OUT how long will it be before they “Jerk The Rug/Presidency” out from under Him for a more Suitable/Controllable Puppet/Candidate to step up as “The President”.

Now keep in mind this could only happen with the approval of The DemocRATic National Party/DNC, their Major Contributors, & Mr. Soros (of course). The Money will HAVE TO FLOW to pull this off so “These Beggers/DemocRATS/Politicians” will be doin’ what They Do Best…”SUCKIN’ Up” to those with the Deepest Pockets & Makein’ Promises they KNOW they cant’ keep!

When “Ole Hillary/Killary” Lost in 2016 it sent ’em all into {{{{{ SHOCK ! }}}}}. Hell…some of ’em even into Drugs, Alcohol, or even Mental Help & Recovery! The DemocRATS just KNEW they had That Election “In The Bag”! Well the Ole Bag lost! The MSM didn’t know what to do! They ALL tried & LOST!

Now they’ve got “Ole Uncle Joe” propped up out there embarrassin’ ’em (almost) every time someone makes the MISTAKE of allowin’ a Camera or Microphone to be put in-front of him. We all know it’s comin’. Kamala Harris (as a Talk Radio Host was discussin’ recently) is out showin’ off her New TIGHT (lookin’) Face & Bleachin’ Job (the M. Jackson Look).

It’s been mentioned that Hillary is reportedly “lettin’ Her Golden Locks Grow Out” to try & make herself more Presentable & Fit to a younger, Ahh-hahahaha, group of DemocRATS/Liberals/Socialists. Oh, and many others are beginin’ to crawl out of “The Shadows” thinkin’ they too might have an opportunity, should “Ole Uncle Joe” falter at the last minute, to get their name on “The Ticket”.

Now “Ole Joe” is slippin’ up more & more the closer The Election gets. Per The Daily Caller News Foundation, on 9-15-2020, “Democratic nominee Joe Biden called his potential White House team the “Harris-Biden” administration on Tuesday during a speaking event in Tampa, Florida”. Now that’s on tape? Doesn’t HE know that The Presidential Candidates name is usually mentioned 1st?

Now, Kamala Harris has had a “Slip of The Tongue” as well herself sayin’ “The Harris Administration”! I wonder what SHE was thinkin’?. Hum-m-m…Is “OleJoe” NOT goin’ to be around? Interestin’…don’t you think?

Y’all get ready for “The Fire Works & Infightin’ ” among-st ’em. November ain’t that far away y’all…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Mr. Albert”…

Today’s been “One Of Those Days”. Started out gettin’ my ole peepers dilated & The Eye Doc spyin’ deep into my eyes. Yeah, there’s work to be done in there. Got home & settled in for the day. Then…
I received some sad news about an Ole Customer, no Ole Friend, NO Ole Fatherly Image. He was “One Of The Greatest Generation”! I was fortunate enough to spend time in his shadow & to learn from his experiences. We exchanged ideas, knowledge, & secrets together. Thru the yrs he shared his wisdom with me as well. And surprisingly much of it stuck! In the end it was that Damned COVID 19 Virus that took him from this world. I know he is now with “Our Lord & Savior”. I know his Bride (a Lady I have come to Love thru the yrs as well), his two (2) Sons & their families will miss the Leadership & Love he gave his family. May The Spirit Of Our Lord & Savior be with them thru these tryin’ times.
“Mr. Albert”…Thank you!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>