…”it was a GREAT WEEKEND!”…

My Bride & I spent the weekend in Memphis, TN with our daughter. She has been workin’ up there for the last 13 weeks. My bride had been wanting to go so we did & helped her move back, as she is between Travel Nursing assignments. My Bride wanted to go see one of the local highlights so Sunday we had “Brunch at The Peabody Hotel”. While we were there they had the “Ducks On Parade”. It’s a small gaggle of ducks that perform for the crowds. Yep, we got lost in the crowd there watchin’ from the 2nd floor. The “Duck Master” came out in advance & explained the History of & behind “The Peabody Ducks” & the Peabody Hotel. It was interestin’ though. Then he introduced the “Assistant Duck Master” for the day, a 9yr old little boy, who’s Daddy paid some outlandish sum of money for Little Junior to get selected above all the other children, who’s Mothers & Daddy’s just didn’t/couldn’t come up with the “Magical Sum” for their little one to WIN! As for “The Peabody Ducks”, Donald, Daisy, Hewie, Dewie, & Lewie, well they didn’t let the crowd down. Their music was playin’ although we couldn’t hear it from our vantage point. Their elevator door opened and out they came, marchin’ (scurryin’) along their little Red Carpet to the Water Fountain/Swimmin’ Pool for the day, up their little steps {{{ SPLASH ! }}} it was over. The crowd went crazy with “Ooohhhhh’s & Aaahhhhh’s and everyone was filmin’ & gettin’ their pictures.Then on to the Best Part, for me, The (all you can eat) Buffet Brunch. Plus it included your drinks of choice, Water, Coffee (various types), Milk, Orange Juice, or Mimosa’s. Well, I’ll just say my Bride enjoyed her Mimosa’s. They had three buffets there for your choice of any or all of’em for you choose from. A “Southern Flare” (guess what I had). An “International (Hottie Tottie) Flare” with Various meats, Seafood, Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Breads, & Salads. And finally a “Dessert (calories galore) Bar”. Hey, it WAS PRICEY but then how often do you really do somethin’ like that. The three of us totally enjoyed the Ducks, the time, the meal, & the conversations. Ironically, at the same time, my son & his family were sharin’ the weekend with his In-Laws in “The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee” on the opposite end of the State hopin’ to see “Yogie The Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, & Ranger Smith”. I haven’t heard from him yet if they have or not. Oh and (my) Crimson Tide & The Auburn Tigers both won this past weekend. All in all, it was a GREAT WEEKEND!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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