…”wear a Big Smile”…

20161002_142853Somebody posted, on FB yesterday, that Thursday October 13th is NO BRA DAY!!! I’m guessin’ that this is an International Celebration. So, just bein’ the forward thinkin’ person that I am, I would like to get a “heads up” on who all will be participatin’ on this Special Day. I mean this could be entertainin’ for many’, embarrassin’ for some, & dangerous for others! So, at this time, not knowing which category I would {{{ Stumble Into }}}, I just need to prepare myself. I’m tryin’ to decide if I need to clean my Sunglasses real good or get out a pair of my old Safety Glasses for personal protection. Ooh well, I guess I’ll just be at the mercy of what ever comes my way. So stand tall, erect, shoulders back, chest out, avoid crowded areas, face the Sun, wear a Big Smile, & watch where you’re goin’…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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