“bein’ a Grandparent”…

I, of course, can only speak from a personal perspective but “bein’ a Grandparent” is truly a blessin’ from GOD. Speakin’ as one/Papa,  I have been very fortunate & blessed to lived this life I have for as long as I have. Again, I can only speak from a personal perspective. I entered this life, as we all do, with no promises of what was before me. From the earliest days & memories of our lives who do we, most of us, remember most? Our Mothers. From the time we are present to her there is a deep bondin’ that begins.  Again from a personal perspective, this is the person that is goin’ to be there with me thru good & bad. She was the one that was always there for me. Then, in most cases, your Father. These two people are the ones that created the life and bein’, with the help of GOD, that I am. Then, for most of us, are our Grandparents. These people are the ones who are right there waitin’ to meet the Newest Member of the Family. Arms extended out, hands tremblin’, Grandmother bein’ elbowed out by Grandfather, to be the next in line to hold, greet, & bond with you. If your lucky enough there are two sets of Grandparents there all waitin’ patiently for their turn. Heck, maybe even some Aunts & Uncles. These, the Grandparents, are the ones that will be the first to spoil you! That’s an earned, & time honored, privilage. Grandparents are the ones that step in for Mom & Dad when times arise, assistance, help, & guidance are needed. In MY case, my Mothers’ Mother & Father, my Grandparents (Mama & Papa), stepped up & took us in, my Mother, Brother & Me, when my Father died. I was 20 months old & my brother was 3 1/2 years old. My family was much like many other families are. There was a closer relationship to one set of Grandparents than the other. That’s just the way it was. Again from a personal perspective, my Fathers side of the family had too much dis-functionality in it for any of them to step up. Hell, my Fathers Mother even tried to BUY my Brother & Me from my Mother. She was a very domineerin’ woman, accustomed to gettin’ her way (that’s what ruined her 1st marriage), a heavy drinker, well to do (due to her second marriage), & never liked my Mother because she couldn’t control her.  But Mama & Papa did! Papa was a hard, blunt, & direct man. You DIDN’T question him. Mama was the gentle one, all 4′ 9″ of her, overflowing with love, tenderness, always teachin’, a wonderful cook, & always stern. She was always there with a hug & a kiss. She always explained things on a level to make sure you understood, good or bad. Papa never disciplined us, hell, we never gave him a reason to. We were too afraid to know what might happen! As for Mama, well, she had no reservations about usin’ a switch on us when we deserved it. But she always made sure we understood why it was happenin’, The Lecture!, that was the worst part. With two (2) small/young children mother always worked. Mother made sure she did what she could to contribute and not just freeload off of her parents. She was fortunate enough in those days to work for a Company (Pizitz Department Store) & a Manager (Mr. Mihan (sp?) in downtown  B’ham, that allowed her have Summers & our School Vacation days (Christmas & Spring Break) off. But Mama & Papa were very large in helpin’ Mother to raise us. When there was a teachin’ opportunity they both would take it. Retrospectively, lookin’ back, I hate to think of where we would have been if it had not been for Mama & Papa. With all that behind me, now I can recognize the bond & the love I got from my Mama & Papa. And for that I’ll always be grateful to them & as an adult I was able to share that with them before they passed. When my children were born my Mother & (Step) Father became “Mama & Papa” to my children. My Grandparents, my childrens’ Great-Grandparents, now became “Big Mama & Big Papa”. My Bride/Linda & I made sure “Big Mama & Big Papa” were a part of their lives every opportunity we had. Now my children, Daughter & Son, are grown. My son is married to a wonderful young lady, she’s like my 2nd daughter, & we do love her so. They & GOD have blessed our family with three wonderful Children (2-girls ages 6 1/2 yrs& 5 yrs old  & 1-boy 2 yrs old), our/my Grandchildren. My Parents & Grandparents all passed before the birth of my first Grandchild. That I get very teary eyed about just thinkin’ what my Grandchildren have missed by never knowin’ them, their Great-Grandparents & Great-Great-Grandparents. Linda has chose to be called “Gigi” &  I am now “Papa”! I dearly love my Grandchildren, I love bein’ around them, they love comin’ to our home, & they KNOW who their “Gigi & Papa” are! I am truly a blessed man & dearly love “bein’ a Grandparent”! Thank you GOD!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


3 thoughts on ““bein’ a Grandparent”…

  1. Mothers teach manners, grandmas teach tenderness. Fathers give foundation, grandpas give direction. We live so far from any family, and it is our greatest regret that our kids have been raised without their grandparents in toe. Wonderful, thankful, blessed post. Happy weekend gpa.

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  2. an example of good family where all love to each others n respect grand papa n mother.i like dis type family very much n admire them of those family.it is blessing of God for u .say my regards for ur all family ‘s members.

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