“GOD Bless those”…

It was a late night last night watchin’ the News to keep up with the Weather System movin’ thru our area. I heard bits & pieces of Bad Reports about folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, scattered parts of Alabama, & The Florida Panhandle.I finally crashed about 11:30 p.m. as the OK sign was given for my particular area, thank GOD. I got/get so tired of the News Broadcasters just repeatin’ themselves like “Skawin’ Parrots”. GOD Bless those that have & are sufferin’ from the damage that befell them in the early evening & durin’ the dark of night . This mornin’ as the sun is risin’, it’s a New Day!  There are more & more reports comin’ out about the loss of Life, personal injuries, & personal property damage, & loss in various scattered areas. My Thoughts, Prayers & Condolences go out to those that lost love ones. All other things in time can be replaced. If You & Your’s, as Me & Mine, were fortunate enough not to be in the path of the storms count your blessings…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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