“…Fire When Ready”!…


So, tomorrow I’m takin’ my Bride & Daughter to a Certified Weapon Safety Program put on by the local Police Department.  It teaches how to respect, handle, load, & fire a weapon. There will be classroom orientation, both Dry Fire & Live Fire on their trainnin’ course with targets. They have “2 FBI Certified Trainin’ Instructors” that will be puttin’ this program on. This is FREE for the Citizens of our community. You just have to call and register for the next classes that will be offered. They will then do a background check on each participant prior to acknowledgin” your specific  registration slot for the class. {{{{{ Whew }}}}} – we all cleard”! Due to local interest there are  2 sessions tomorrow, mornin’ & afternoon. We will be in the mornin’ session 8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.  Neither of them have ever fired a hand gun/weapon before & it’s that time! I’ve tried to get them to go with me before, but it’s never happened. I’m glad they decided to this time & that we have the instructors instead of me tryin’ to do it. I’m sure they’ll pay closer attention to the Instructors. It will be a much better situation! There are weapons there for them to use, a .38 caliber Revolver is what we selected for each of them, we supply the ammo, 50 rounds each. I’ve been gettin’ my weapon, .45 cal Revolver, ready & cleaned up for tomorrow as well. Checked to make sure I have the proper ammo for the weapons of the day. Got out both pair of my Shootin’ Ear Muffs & ready for my Bride & Daughter, & my Ear Plugs for me. Will pack us some snacks & drinks in the mornin’. Now I’m just kickin’ back & enjoyin’ a little Adult Beverage & watchin’ TV in “The Cave” with the Fire Place goin”. I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ “Ready On The Right! Ready On The Left! Ready On The Firin’ Range! Fire When Ready”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


5 thoughts on ““…Fire When Ready”!…

  1. Kudos! That is awesome. And a little sad that tomorrow will be the first time they have pulled a trigger. My dad taught me on a .22 single action. We blew ballons up and tossed them over the bridge and shot them as they floated by. Good memories and best of luck to your ladies.

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  2. I wish they would do that here. There’s a lot of ignorant people walking around Sams Club, hip holster in the wrong spot, shoulders puffed. Maybe I’d feel safe the holster was on correctly! I’m glad you put this picture up as I’m dying to know if you caught the mounted fish and what they are…as I LOVE fishing 🙂

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    1. Thank you for you comment. The Fish on the wall down in “The Cave”, yes I caught them all. From left to right are #1) Salt Water Stripe {Land Locked) 32lbs came from Lewis Smith Lake i in Cullman, AL, #2) a Large Mouth Black Bass 7 3/4 lbs came from Lake Talquin in Tallahassee , FL, #3) a Large Mouth Balck Bass 7 1/2 lbs also came from Lake Talquin in Tallahasse, FL, #4) a Small Mouth Bass 5 1/2 lbs came from the Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River in Town Creek, AL…..BG>

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