…”It’s the little things in life”…

Yesterday mornin’ I was handed a Grocery List & was pointed in the direction of the Grocery Store. Well how hard can that be? As for me, well, that damn Grocery List always seem to get me in trouble. It seems like there are always items that come home that weren’t on that Grocery List! I realize I’m probably in the vast minority of people that this happens to. But as far as I was concerned it was a good shoppin’ trip. And as usual, I was reminded how simple of a list it was. I never claimed to be a good shopper anyway. From there my day rebounded. I received a return call from a friend (he’s a Financial Advisor) about lunch we had been tryin’ to set up for a while. I told him I was goin’ to be headin’ to “The Ham” for an evenin’ get together so we decided to meet 1/2 way along my route. I arrived a little early which is usual for me. To my good fortune I happened to run into a cousin of mine, that I hadn’t seen in a while, that had been havin’ lunch with some of her friends. We spent about 10 to 15 minutes catchin’ up on the others family & other topics as well. It was very enjoyable. The Financial Advisor arrived & my cousin left. Ya never know who you’ll run into! The Financial Advisor & I caught up over lunch. We weren’t there to discuss business just to catch up on each other. It was very relaxin’ to just talk. Business never came up! A short lunch seemed to turn into a 2 hour period of total relaxation. We bid each other a farewell as he had to return to the financial grind & I had time to burn, before my later engagement. So as fate would have it the Bass Pro Shops facility just happened to be along my route as well. So I popped  in there to kill a little time & see what I needed. After perusing the various departments & examinin’ items of interest, I exited there with the same amount of money, in my pocket, as I entered with. I headed back to “Ole Big Red”, my trusty old Expedition, cranked up my tunes & headed toward “The Ham” for my evenin’ get together. Again I was a little early as was one another friend who was there for for the evenin’ get together. As we were catchin’ up a couple of others arrived. Oh & by Couple I mean TWO (2) other friends arrived right on time. About an hour went by & another couple of folks came in. And again by couple I mean Two (2) other friends (husband & wife) joined us. The Six (6) of us laughed as we caught up, shared stories, & talked about others that weren’t there. those that were too busy, too tired, too sick, too poor, or too far away. Yeah, probably YOU! As the Witchin’ Hour, 8:00 p.m., drew near the small group thinned as usual. I departed shortly after the Witchin’ Hour myself as the last Two (husband & wife) were orderin’ them somethin to eat. It was just a handful of folks but an enjoyable evenin’. As “Ole Big Red” & I made our way back to “The Big Pell” I had all of the windows down, the Sun Roof open, my favorite Oldies Cranked Up just enjoyin’ the 70 degree evenin’ air whippin’ thru “Ole Big Red”, as it also sucked all of the dust out of it. The Moon was Full, Bright & there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. MY 45minute drive went by too quick as I found myself turnin’ into my driveway. I coasted down to where the Garbage Can is kept, hooked it to the trailer hitch & back up the 200 ft long driveway I went, so I wouldn’t have to do it before the sun comes up in the mornin’. It’s the little things in life. Good night all..”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>




People buy guns.
People buy ammunition.
People load guns.
People pick out their targets.
People aim guns at selected targets.
People pull the trigger on guns.
Should we ban Guns?
Should we ban Knifes?
Should we ban Baseball Bats/Clubs?
Should we ban Cars/Trucks?
Should we ban Rocks?

“SHOULD WE BAN PEOPLE”?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Let that sink in”…

Folks THIS is (see the quote below) truly a HORRIBLE thought! I saw this on someone else’s FB post this mornin’. I read it twice & really had to think it thru. And then it dawned on me IT’S TRUE! IT’S SCAREY! The Liberalism/Socialism that is bein’ taught to the youth of this country, K-5 thru College, has already started turnin’ the direction of this Great Nation. It didn’t start yesterday. It has been happenin’ for years, slowly, deliberately. A slight alterin’ of facts here & a deletion of facts there. A effective change in curriculum. “The Dumbin’ Down Of America”! Not only are they changin’ the direction of our country but they are Erasin’ the History, selectively, as they go. Many of YOU question & deny the term “GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS”. Really? I mean {{{ REALLY ! }}}.

“A Generation taught to hate the country will refuse to defend it as well. Let that sink in”…Author Unknown

It truly is {{{{{ SCARY ! }}}}}. God Bless America…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me now”…

Here, in The Big Pell, on the Lake, today it is Beautiful. If there’s a down side to this day it is the Wind that is blowin’. I just stepped out on the downstairs patio & it is blowin’ pretty good. The “FOX6” site say’s 11mph. Well that my be in The Ham! When I see the White Caps rollin’ in from the main channel it tells me somethin’ different. But the Sky is Blue with scattered Clouds. Boat traffic is limited. I’ve seem several Bass Boats gettin’ beaten by the White Caps, but, they gotta Compete! No Wake Boarders, Skiers, or Surfers though. So after such a good day of NCAA Football yesterday I’m just goin’ to chill, here, in The Cave. The Tigers from Auburn really whooped the “Hail State” Dawgs, The Trojans (NO not those kind) of TROY  laid it t? the The Cat’s of {{{ “L S WHO” ? }}} in front of their Home Comin’ QUEEN. Oh! & my Crimson Tide, {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}, of BAMA beat the Hottie Tottie (Black Bears-Hahaha!) Rebels of Ole Miss like a STEP CHILD! I can say that cause I WAS one! But I never got beaten, came close a time or two though. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me now. Oh well, Y’all enjoy “this day that The Lord has made”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”& back on the Stove”…

 Yesterday mornin’ had been some what normal. I got up at 4:30 a.m. while my Bride was gettin’ ready for work. Got the “Joe” to workin’ to deliver that Magical Elixir I now seem to require in the mornin’s. The alarm went off to let me know it was ready in just a short time. Poured my 1st Mug of the mornin’ so it could cool just a tad while I choked down a banana & a small cup of dry Cheerios “The Breakfast of Champions” around this house. Got Mug #2 for the road as I wet to work, yesterday was Friday, no excitement there. Got home poured up Mug #3 as the pot emptied out. I started to work on a 7qt Pot of Chili for today, “Game Day”! It’s a process, you other Chili cookers out there know of what I speak. As I was gettin’ my onions chopped up {{{ DING DONG ! }}}…Seems I was on the “Hit List” for a visit from the good folks from the local “Kingdoms Hall”. I was polite, told’em I didn’t want to shake hands as I was in the middle of Choppin’ Onions. They understood, I refused their print out greeted’em a good day & got back to my Onion Choppin’. I get all of my fixin’s thrown into my 7qt pot then simmer it for 4 hours at a minimum, stirrin’ as needed & add a cup of water, or so, occasionally as it needs some replaced. Got folks commin’ today & will had the Grands last night. Always look forward to that. The New/Next Generation of my genes. Now let THAT sink in! Today I’ll be prayin’ for Auburn, as they are from my State of Alabama, & cause I think they’re goin’ to need it. There’s a lot goin’ on down there on The Plains. But I’ll be hollerin’ “ROLL TIDE ROLL” as usual. Got to go, time to get the Chili out of the Frig & back on the Stove. {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”the lucky car owner”…

Yesterday, after the mornin’ “Clown Show @ Wally World”, I was finally collectin’ myself as I headed toward my Pick-Up Truck, pushin’ my buggy of goods. As I strolled thru the Parkin’ Lot I did what I always do in a space like that. I was busy scannin’ all of the activity, for my own personal safety, goin’ on. The closer I got to my Pick-Up, I happened to notice that discarded old drink bottle out in the main drive part of the aisle I was walkin’ thru, with traffic comin’ toward me. I remember havin’ seen that bottle on my way into Wally World earlier. I had determined, @ that time, that it was a “Spit-Bottle”! Commonly used by folks (mostly Men of course) to Spit a mouth full of Spit/Saliva into as they Chew or Dip Tobacco Products. I have never used either product but I have heard that one DOES NOT want to swallow that Nasty-Stuff. So to keep from Spittin’ all over the place they are kind enough to Spit in an empty Can, Cup, or Bottle. And they usually have stuffed napkins or paper towels into them. Well, it didn’t long to determine that the approachin’ car was about to run over it. I was lucky to be on the opposite side that the bottle was facin’. I slowed my pace for moment & looked @ my cell phone & {{{ POW ! }}}…the car hit it! As I looked up I saw all of that TOBACCO SPIT & The Waddin’, from the bottle, coat the side of an off-white car parked near by. Damn what a MESS! I’m sure that the lucky car owner would like to personally thank the one who tossed their “Spit Bottle” out in the Parkin’ Lot, instead of into a trash can somewhere. I’d like to hear that conversation…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”What’s that phrase again?”…

I read this in a Face Book postin’ last night from “An Ole Boy from Gate City”. I thought it was well worth sharin’: “hughmm…am I the only one who finds it strange that blacks are disrespecting the same flag underwhich the armies fought that freed the slaves?…..just me I guess”.

That’s sad if you truly STOP & THINK about it. It points out JUST ONE of the problems with American History {{{ NOT ! }}} bein’ taught in Government & Private Schools. Maybe it’s somethin’ that SHOULD be taught, say possibly, durin’ ” BLACK HISTORY MONTH”. Naw-w-w, never mind…there would be too much TRUTH, about The/Our FLAG, in it. The DemocRats/Socialist/Liberals would go out of their frickin’ minds if “That CAT Got Out Of The Bag”! What’s that phrase again? “Just another way The Man’s keepin’ us Down”. Maybe there’s some truth to that?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>