…”just expressin’ my thoughts”…

Today Is The Day! The CFB Playoff Game Is Here. The University Of Alabama -vs- Clemson University! The questions I keep hearin’ are “WHY is it bein’ played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California”? & “Why is it on a Monday so late at night”?
Apparently “The CFB Board Of Detractors (Iggiots)” missed the possible effects this game could have on the area of Santa Clara, CA. Lets consider the “Carbon Foot Print” that those Ole Left Coast Freaks is always bitchin’ bout!  Can you say “Additional Smog” & “the Residual Effects on The Eco System”? How bout the possibility of additional “Plastic Straws” that might just find their way into the Ocean & Cloggin’ some Ole Turtles Nose? Do I hear “Today’s Special – Turtle Soup”?…Hum-m-m? Oh…I’m sure they have already been calculatin’ all those MILLIONS of $$$$ that they could gain from this event. Maybe they could help some of those “California Homeless” to get off of the Streets, to hide them from the view of the incomin’ Foot Ball Fans. And…possibly they could spend some of that “Wind Fall” to hire additional “Poop Scoopers” to clean up the streets & sidewalks. Nobody likes steppin’ in POO! Oh-h-h & do those BCS Iggiots realize that the “Golden Bear State” is the site of numerous, let me repeat NUMEROUS, {{{{{ EARTH QUAKES ! }}}}} annually? Do those CFB Iggiots realize what they’re exposin’ all those Citizens & Fans in that Stadium to?…Damn!
To put it simply, so those CFB Iggiots can understand it, IN ADDITION to all of the “Good, Good, Good Vibrations” from all of the additional Pedestrian, Taxi, Bus, Plane, possibly Train /Rail Traffic, & all of the Jumpin’, Stompin’ of Feet, Loud/Obnoxious Cheerin’, & those BANDS  hammerin’ out all that noise in the Stadium penetratin’ down to those {{{{{ TECTONIC PLATES ! }}}}} just what effect might that pose? Hum-m-m… I wonder what them Rector Scales might record (member down in LS WHO!!! )?
Oh…let me mention just one other small issue those CFB Iggiots might have over looked. There will be a Hurd of Pachyderms chasin’ a Pack of Scraggly Lookin’ Cats around on that turf for a “Full 60 Minutes” (member that 1 second?) each tryin’ to possess that inflated Hawg Skin. Now THAT might just add some additional “Good, Good, Good Vibrations”! And where do ya think’em will tramsmit down to? Yep! Right on down to’em ole {{{{{ TECTONIC PLATES ! }}}}}…Hum-m-m…
I hope my ramblin’s here ain’t upset them CFB Iggiots too much. I wuz just expressin’ my thoughts. I’ll close now simply sayin’  “I hope’em Ole Pachyderms, of mine, bring home #18”!…{{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook:!…..BG>

…”The Rain”…

The Rain…
There’s a subtle change in the temperature
I can feel it droppin’
There’s a breeze buildin’ for sure
The clouds are begin to change shades
My knees confirm my suspicions
The skies will soon be a poppin’
Birds are in flight
The breezes  are gustin’
I don’t know if its for sport
Or from fear of whats comin’
Boaters scurryin’ up & down the lake
Searchin’ for a safe place
A port to duck into out of the storm
It appears they will loose that race
If you were the one
To be caught in the rain
Then you probably have
A case of Damp Ass
And that is a pain
The Storm has now come & gone
As Summer Storms do
The Sun has returned
As though nothin’ was wrong
The Rain…
…Hold’em Hook”!…Billy Gray

…”my “Pea Brain”…

Ahh-hhhh…It was another early start to a Sunday mornin’. After yesterdays Birthday Celebration here at The “Hold’em Hook” Hide Away for our Nine (9) year old Granddaughter, “my how times fly’s”. It was time to get an early start to put away all the water toys for another time. The Grands & their Parents are now & headed back to “The Ham” for yet another celebration for her today. So-o-o I fixed me another Mug-O-Joe & headed down to play with the Bream with a Fresh Willow Fly Hatch. It NEVER gets old for me doin’ that. Just a jerk on one end waitin’ for a jerk on the other end. It never takes too long to get that reaction. Ohh & the child hood memories just flow through my “Pea Brain”. And what memories they are! Hope ya’ll have as good of a start to your day as I have had to mine. “Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”May the Peace Of The Mornin’ Be Upon You All”…

Fresh refill on my Mug-O-Joe, the aroma waftin’ my way, comfortable in my swivel chair on The Deck, legs propped up on my fluffy pillow & stool (my Bride got for me), Ceilin’ Fan remote in arms reach (& turned on Low). Fish are bustin’ the surface catchin’ breakfast. Pete our resident Blue Heron walkin’ the seawall scoutin’ for his meal. Yeah, this is the RIGHT way to start my day, right here in the front row. Nothin’ to listen to but the sounds of Nature The Lord has provide me on “this day of Pentecost”. It’s a beautiful sermon, if ya just listen & let it sink in. Oh, Pete has company on the seawall, a White Heron. The/My American Flag, down by the lake, is hangin’ flat as there is NO breeze on the water this mornin’. “God Bless The Red, White, & Blue”! The ever changin’ reflection’s on the water are somewhat hypnotizin’, they seem to allow the sounds of the mornin’ to be better absorbed in my soul. Four Blue Birds are restin’ on the Power-lines runnin’ to the house. A lone Red Bird/Cardinal restin’ in the Large Oak down in the yard. So colorful they are. So vibrant! May the Peace Of The Mornin’ Be Upon You All…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”The child in me”…

After a supper of BBQ from a local “Joint” I decided to take “Ole Chrome & Blue” for a stroll. I had to blow the dust off of him as we got outside cause it has been several days since we went out together. At 6:00 p.m. in “The Big Pell” it  was 75 degrees with a slight breeze. The activity was slow. Only two (2) bites but Two (2) landed! One Bucket Mouth tippin’ in about 3 pounds or so. The other was a Black Crappie. No that’s NOT a racist term! It weight in around 2 pounds or better. Both were fun to play with. No pics as the phone was on the charger. But there were WITNESSES! Neighbors on both sides… The child in me decided to stomp on a couple of Ant Beds along the drive way as I headed back up to the house. Just to get them buggers all worked up & angry. Another wonderful end to a blessed day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Coincidence? I think NOT!”…

This mornin’ I overslept. My body clock was off! {{{ 6:30am ! }}} I’ve got to get up! Why? I don’t know? Strange…I staggered to the kitchen & loaded up both my Brides, individually flavored, Coffee & my Pot-O-Joe as well. I noticed lights on the slough so I eased out on the Deck. It was about 45 degrees outside. There were two (2) boats workin’ their way into the slough fishin’ all of the piers. Must have been Tournament Boats cause they were workin’ at a pretty good pace. Weekend Fishermen are much more relaxed & fish a little slower. It was amazin’, as I stood there. I notice, as the mornin’ light got better, how all of The Dogwood Trees were so pretty. Most of’em have bloomed already. They were catchin’ the mornin’ light & they seemed to glow. It was as though “they were lightin’ a path”? Simply beautiful! And just think “tomorrow is Palm Sunday”! Coincidence? I think NOT!…Whoa!!! The Joe’s ready-gotta go…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Indian cigar tree”…

Us kids, back in my years of early youth, were somewhat like animals. What I mean by that is that we were always patrollin’ “our territory”. You know, lookin’ for new experiences. Sometimes we found somethin’  but most times we didn’t. I remember there was a yard down on 3rd Ave South that had several Catawba Trees growin’ in it. Now Catawba Trees were good, to us kids for two (2) things. #1) Catawba Worms which were a free & abundant Fish Bait if you could climb a tree to pick’em. They were always available durin’ early summer months. For me they were most effective with the heads pinched off, turned inside out with a match stick, & used on a long shank Bream hook. Bream, Bass & Cat Fish could all be caught with’em. Some of us also learned we could sell’em to local Bait Shops, across from East Lake Park for pocket money. #2) Later in the Summer months the Catawba Worms would play out by the Birds that fed on’em, spinnin’ their cocoons to transform into butterflies, & of course us catchin’em for our use. The Catwaba Trees had “long green bean pods” on them that would eventually start turnin’ brown as they were gettin’ ready to split open & distribute their seeds & then fall to the ground or scatter in the winds. We always heard’em called “Indian Cigars”! I don’t remember where that came from but we did… Well guess what? Some one always seemed to have a couple of matches with’em. Now, never really knowin’ for a fact I did some research on the “Indian Cigar” this very mornin’. Here is a quote I found in an article, about the “Catawba Tree”, by Taylor Wilson from April 28, 2005 that the Native Americans smoked the bean pods of the tree for questionable “medicinal” or hallucinogenic purposes. Therefore, the tree has also been called “smoking bean,” “Indian bean” and (yep!) “Indian cigar tree.” Damn, ya just never know what you’ll find when you’re out on the prowl as a kid. We never really knew what we had, but we either puked or we were feelin’ good!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>