…”those ole wrinkled faces”…

Heads with White/Gray/Silver Hair. Heads just tryin’ to hang on to Hair. Heads with NO Hair @ all. They weren’t always like that. The bodies aren’t as slim, trim, toned, nor as muscular as they once were. Most of us don’t like to admit to it. Time/Life has taken its toll on us. But we are still more fortunate than some of our “Ole Runnin’ Buddies” that are no long among us. To those I say “it was fun while it lasted”…Salute!

Many of the faces are heavily covered with facial hair. Some of us still have a hard time growin’ it. Voices are a bit different. Some broken, some more gravelly than before, many are more mellowed than before, several are still soft spoken, & others of us are still just as loud as always.

Lookin’ around me at lunch today was a sight. But a good sight! There are several “Old Men”, Fifteen (15) to be exact & One (1) Teenager/Grandson, that joined together, as circumstances allowed, to renew friendships. Most are retired but there are still some that are workin’.  We all looked around to see who was there. Greetin’s, hand shakes, cussin’, & yes even some “Manly Hugs” were shared. At the same time we are all lookin’ around & noticin’ “who’s not here” since our last get together. It’s as though we are inquirin’ to the others if who ever is not there is OK. It’s kinda funny, yet also serious. And as always if they’re not there they ARE talked about, good or bad, & laughed about.

We take/make time, out of our busy lives, to break bread, slurp some hot soup, sop biscuits in gravy, or graze their way around a bowl of salad (Yuck!). Cause their Wife’s or Doctor told’em they needed to & then take all the smart-ass comments about it. All in jest!

We come from various backgrounds. Many of us were from the same neighbor hood. Many of us played “Little League” ball together @ Wahouma Park. Many of us went to grammar school together. Many of us spent endless summer days at the same Swimming Pool (Cascade Plunge).

We were a blendin’ of different High Schools. But the comradery was always, and still is, there. Many were Academicians, many were Jocks, others just were what ever they wanted to be!

Many went on to College, several went into The Military, others went on to find Careers, & some started families. The years passed by, as they still do. Over the years (for various reasons) many of us kept up with others & some didn’t. Our paths went in so many different directions. That’s life!

But destiny has been kind to us. It has, for what ever reason, chosen to reunite many of us back together, once, a month to share little more than an hour to an hour & a half together. But what a fun & interestin’ time it is. Oh-h-h and the colorful conversations that are over heard! Some true, some distorted, & many just made up!

I consider myself lucky, fortunate, & blessed to be a part of this “Fellowship”. I’m sure I could use many more adjectives (there’s a $0.25 word throw-in) to describe how I feel. But then I would be admittin’ that, when I actually was in class way back when, I really was payin’ attention.

It was good to see all of those ole wrinkled faces today & I look forward to seein’em again next month.Until then,..”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


…”Until next time my Brothers”…

Today, Saturday, My Bride & I were fortunate to be able to meetup with several/five (5) “Ole Friends” & their wives @ The Birmingham Boat Show. An event many/most of us thru the years have used as an opportunity to unite, refresh friendships, & just catch up with each other. Most of us guy’s have been runnin’ buddies from Grammar School days, High School days, Cascade Plunge, & Wahouma Ball Park days. A couple of us did time in the Military, a couple of others took the College route, as the others found their careers & started families. Yet as our Military & College Days came to an end we all just seemed to find one another as though we had never parted. Now all but two (2) of us are retired after various different career fields, families are raised, & we all brag on Grandchildren. Most of us have been Bass Fishin’ buddies since the mid to late 1970’s. A few of the others have joined us in those adventures in latter years. We just wander aimlessly just lookin’, admirin’, & dreamin’ of that Next Boat! Oh the options that are available now days along with extreme price tags! But, Toys do get expensive no matter what your interest may be. After a few hours we left the Boat Show. There we lost one couple to other activities. Yet met up with another across town for a casual dinner. The {{{{{ Cold Beer ! }}}}} began to flow as The Stories got to be “Tall Tales & Fairy Lies” of days gone by. The laughter at times got loud & out of control as one story topped the previous. But we didn’t reallyseem to care. The Management didn’t ask us to tone it down of threaten ot have us removed so I guess we didn’t offent the others around us too much. Everyone had a Yarn to tell! Too many to count. The Brides all seemed to enjoy the “Tellin’ of Tales” even as some of them, at times, really got vivid with details from yesteryear. I feel both blessed & fortunate to have shared my life & memories with these guys (& their Brides). No one bought a Boat but we had “One Hell Of A Day”! Until next time my Brothers (from different Mothers)…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”shades of Crimson & White”…

This is the Eve of the NCAA – CBS 2018 Game to held in Hotlanta, Ghawga. Featurin’ The Thurnderin’ Herd Of Pachyderms from T-Town, Bama & ’em Bull Dawgs from Athens, Ghawga. Ohh, did I mention it’s an all SEC! SEC! SEC! Game. Just sayin’! This has been a long season for all’em boys, on both teams. They have earned their ways to the Big Game. There are many many criers out there justa shedin’ their tears, bitchin’ & moanin’ why they ain’t the ones there instead. It’ simple. This year they’re {{{{{ Loosers ! }}}}}. After tomorrow night there will be yet another {{{{{ Looser ! }}}}} & only one (1) {{{{{ WINNER ! }}}} / The National Championship Team. I just hope my Pachyderms from T-Town are brushin’ the dust & fleas off ’emselves, as they tend to their wounds, while totin’ that Gold Plated Trophy back home wiff’em. “The Bear” will be proud I’m sure. If not! Hotlanta might look like “Sherman” done marched thru there again! I guess I need to take inventory, tonight for anything I might need here for The Game tomorrow.  Double check all your game gear so you’ll properly attired come Kick Off time. Y’all sleep tight on this eve. May you dream in shades of “Crimson & White”. {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”TODAY – don’t wait!”…

Today is one of those “Special Days” we all have in our life’s. Yes even YOU have had’em but, too many of you, are embarrassed to admit’em. So with today bein’ Epiphany Sunday” I felt this was the perfect time to face my reality. Many of you, TOO many of you, have known me for most of my life. Others of you for just a short period in that spectrum. Others don’t know me at all other than thru my ramblin’s & thoughts. Yes, there are those of you, if you stop to think about it, have either thought it or even said to others, “What the hell is wrong with That Boy”? Hell even my own Family Members have & have admitted it to me (as a Beloved Uncle, who has passed, did). The lack of my responsibility & focus on things as Education & Behavioral issues. “Boy! I’ve told you too many times…”! Oh how that rings in my head. There’s a lo-o-ong list, too damn long, of tale tale signs there as I look back & reminisce. But what a trip it has been! In recent times there has been a New Product that has made it’s way into my/our house. I’m not really sure if made it here by my Daughter or my Bride. But the fact is “it made it here”! Now this particular product raised my curiosity for sure. Why?, I wasn’t sure. Anyway, from time to time I’d sneak me a taste of it. I couldn’t tell the difference in it & several other products, maybe hundreds, that look & taste just like it! This type of product has entered into my life in many forms & from many different vessels. Is there a difference? Heck, I don’t know.  Many of you may be in a better position to judge that. Hell, maybe even YOU! So, with today bein’ “Epiphany Sunday” I thought I’d share my “Epiphany” with y’all. It’s really simple, too damn simple, if ya think about it! I’m attachin’ a “Learnin’ Aid” for you, most of you. You probably saw it right off the bat! If not then you’re even slower than me. I always had trouble with “Curve Balls”. I mean, maybe YOU should try it. TODAY – don’t wait! You’ll never know if you don’t…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>smartwater

…”{{{{{ HAPPY NEW YEAR ! }}}}} in 2018″…

Tick-tock, Tick-tock, Tick-tock…We’ve almost made it. This very Eve we will, yet again, close out another Year as 2017 is quickly fadin’ & 2018 is rushin’ in on us as The New Year! Oh-h-h the things that have happened in this year that is about to close out! We, the United States of America, have a New President & there is no Debate/Argument of where he was born. Imagine THAT! The Stock Market is at all time RECORD HIGHS! My retirement fund is lookin’ {{{ GREAT ! }}}. We have a President that has {{{ ACTUALLY ! }}} done many of things he “Promised” he would do, durin’ the Presidential Campaign. Imagine THAT!  Doin’ what he said he’d do! And he is fightin’ Congress (both damn Parties) to get other Campaign Promises completed.  Obama & Hillary just won’t go away, even after a year! Everyone is investigatin’ everyone. The Skeletons that are locked away in closets in DC are a rattlin’! Many are tryin’ to get out. I must admit, as many of my writin’s & postin’s show, “I am a pessimist toward Politicians”. To me, personally, “Politicians are Career Liars, Thieves, & Crooks”! More on that another day. The National Championship for The NCAA is at a fevered pitch! Tomorrow, New Years Day, round One of Two will be played between the Top Four (4) Teams. Oh-h-h & did I say my favorite team, The Crimson Tide of Alabama – {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}, is in the mix? But that will take a few games to determine who is #1. “If there’s a Rock & Roll Heaven well you know they’ve got a Hell of A Band” (The Righteous Brothers, 1974), & sadly enough, it has gain several NEW members this past year of 2017. I too have had several Friends & Family members Pass. Losses are always hard & emotional. And the same question is always uttered “Why, Why Them”? That’s just life I guess. Well, there are things to get done this day before it ends so I must get busy. To/For all of you I wish a Healthy & Prosperous {{{{{ HAPPY NEW YEAR ! }}}}} in 2018. Travel & Party Safely as you go. “God Bless America”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”To all of you, out there, “from My House/Family”…

“The Reason For The Season”, Christmas Day! The day that reunites us, with differin’ opinions, is drawin’ nigh. We, the believers, of the Christian Faith will in just a couple of days be, once again, celebratin’ The Birth of Jesus Christ, The Son of God! To save us all from Satan’s power. When we were (have) gone astray“. To forgive us of our Sins, if we accept him as Our Lord & Savior. Thank you God for such a wondrous Gift/Blessin’.

I would like to take this time to share Seasons Greetin’ & A Happy New Year to you all. The shelves are all runnin’ thin with those Special Gifts. Google, Ebay, Yahoo, & others are now so over whelmed that their systems are beginin’ to suffer from “overload”. For those that work in that industry “if it starts ta smokin’ back way & shut’er down before she blows”! The wrappin’ paper, cellophane tape dispensers, & spools of ribbon are bein’ flung, twisted, & knotted by those in a state of panic! Whew, there now it’s perfect! Many of you will be loadin’ up & hittin’ road to visit your family & friends. Be safe as you make your way “to and fro”.

To all of you “from My House/Family have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”I was completely shot!”…

WOW! What a day it was in the Game Of The Pigskin! My day started with “The Game Cocks” of The Lower Carolinas who survived their encounter with “The Gators” of Tallahassee. Seems the Gators found their way outta the Swamp & up to Columbia, SC. There they found more than they bargained for. Seems those “Carolina Game Cocks” got a little more of those Gator Tails than was expected! Those Gators slithered back to their Swamp after a close one, 23- 20 the Game Cocks of So. Carolina!This got me cranked for the day. The my focus shifted to Plains of Lower Alabama where the #1 Bull Dawgs from “The Peach State” sauntered into Jordan-Hare Stadium (check the pronunciation of that word “Jordan”) to gnaw on that Ole War Eagle, & yes it did fly. Well, that didn’t quite happen. ‘Em Ole Big Cats did some gnawin’ of they own! When all was said & done’ em Ole Puppies left the Plains ah squealing, havin’ lost that #1 rankin’, 40 -17 Tigers! As my day progressed I learned that The Trojans of Troy, AL (all found their way off of the shelves &) gathered in Myrtle Beach, SC to do some Bird Watchin’. As the game progressed & Ole “Chauncey the Chanticlee” (what ever that is?) lost many a feather durin’ that pluckin’ as he went down, 42-17 Trojans! Next up, the news broke that some Skyawks, from UT Martin, flew into the hen house of the Game Cocks of Jacksonville State, in the small little community of Jacksonville, AL. Well “Ole Cocky” was havin’ none of that! As “Ole Cocky” rounded up his flock & they began to peckin’ & spurin’ the hell out of’em Skyhawks. The whole time they was’a shewin’em back into the Hills of Tennessee, 14-7 Game Cocks! Now down near the Gulf Coast there was rumors of some hungry “Red Wolfs” from Arkansas St. (I ain’t never seen one of’em) was a creepin’ in for a fight with the “Jaguars” of South Alabama. And a fight they did get! That was a mistake on their behalf. Seems as though they lost that fight. Them Jags sent dem “RedWolfs” headin’ back to “Clinton Country” in need of some strokin’ & lickin’ (Easy Now!) of their wounds, 24-19 “Jags”! Then came the News outta San Antonio, TX that the “Dragons” of UAB, outa “The Ham in Alabama, went huntin’ for sump’en’ to roast. Seems like Ole “Rowdy the Roadrunner” had been doin’ some tauntin’. Now he can get by with that kinda behavior against an ole wore out “Wiley Coyote” but not a hungry “Dragon” (the Board of Directors tried to kill off AND FAILED!). Oh yeah “The Dragons” are now “BOWL ELIGIBLE” {{{ AGAIN }}}! As it turned out “Ole Rowdy” got his feathers scorched & his butt roasted! ‘Em “Dragons” just upped their stock even more (how’bout dat you rich ole foggies!), 24-19 UAB! Later in tha day came word of an invasion by “The Buccaneers” outta East Tennessee, (Johnson City to be exact) on that quaint Baptist College campus, Samford University, over there in “The Brook” (a burb of “The Ham”). But as it turned out the “Bull Dawgs” of Samford were have’n none of that. They got their hackles raised up & commenced to gnaw’n on the draggin’ butts of’em “Buccaneers” as they headed for their boats & sailed down Shades Creek, huntin’ their way to the Tenn-Tom Waterway, for a quick escape back hills of North East TN., 42-7 “Bull Dawgs”! It was now/then time for the LAST game of the evenin’, as far as I was concerned! Em “Ole (Nasty) Dawgs”, of “Hail State”, brought their “A Game” to their field. They let it be known from the git-go they were there to win!  But, “The Pachyderms from T-Town” had come to play too! It was one hell of a game. There was “Slobber Knockin’ ” takin’ place through out that game. Hell, ’em ole men in them Stripped Shirts even got run over a few times. They was a lotta hollerin goin’ on in my house, & the {{{{{ COLD }}}}} Beer had been flowin’ all the day long. I’m now out’a my easy chair, on my feet pitchin’ a fit, amongst others in my house! But!, as that ole Game Clock was’a windin’ down & that final Wave was’a ROLLIN’ in “The TIDE” bested ’em Dawgs from MS State, 31-24 BAMA! {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}. I collapsed into my Lazy Boy for the last time, swagged down the remnants of my last {{{{{ COLD (now room temperature) ! }}}}} Beer of night. I was completely shot!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>