…”Yep, Lake Life!”…

Today my Bride & daughter, havein’ returned yesterday from their “Girls Beach Week”, were kinda just veggin’ out. I spent a little over an hour out on The Deck finishin’ up my Mugs-O-Joe. Well, the mornin’ just drug on. Lunch time came & went by quickly. I decided I was goin’ to go get in the lake. I needed to gas up the Pontoon Boat & piddle around down on the pier anyway. So I went & dug out my “Ole Speedo”, slipped it on, checked myself out in the mirror, yep, lookin’ good! I gathered up three of my 6-gal gas tanks from the basement, loaded’em on the Pickup Truck, grabbed my rod with “Ole Chrome & Blue” tied on & down the driveway I went. I gathered up all five of our water floats, got in the water with’em and washed’em down good. Re-stacked four of’em & I took the other one out in the slough to just bask amongst the light breeze & ripples on the water. Layin ‘ out there lookin’ up I saw a couple of Osprey circlin’ over head lookin’ for a meal. After about an hour I got out of the water secured all the floats & put the 18 gals of gas in the Pontoon. I dug out a couple of hammocks from the storage locker on the pier & hung’em as well. I got out the Catfish food and fed the fish around the pier. Looked like Piranha boilin’ the water! The hammocks were swayin’ in the breeze & one of’em caught my attention. Thirty minutes later I woke up & realized I needed to head back up to the house. I gathered up the empty gas cans & the unused rod & backed the truck back up the hill. Yep, Lake Life! What a nice way to spend an afternoon…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Now, what to do with the rest of my day”…

20160928_080352_1475069248953_resized{{{{{ Yaaawn }}}}} & Streachin’! It was 5:00am…Gonna sleep in. Nope, it didn’t happen, 5:15am & I’m risin’. I get up slowly & entertain myself with all of the “Snap, Crackle, & Pop” sounds comin’ from my joints (I said my JOINTS!) I slowly head to do my personal business then on to Joe Station & get that ole trusty Pot to makin’ that “Magic Elixir” to kick my mornin’ off. Stepped out on the Deck & could tell it was goin’ to be another beautiful day. Checked-in on the World News & The Web. Not too much real excitin’ either place. I decided to head down to the water just to see what was happenin’ I grabbed a rod & reel with a “Lunker Lure” on it. As I eased down the driveway to the water the dogs next door sort of half way barked as they realized who I was. Hum-m-m I could tell there was no breeze as My/The Flag was hangin’ limp on the pole. A pair of Mallards scurried of the pier, for the water, as I got to close for their comfort. Quackin’ somethin’ awful. Wish I could’ve understood’em. Ole “Pete” our resident Blue Heron also let it be known I was interruptin’ his mornin’ fishin’ as he too squawked off.  Out my peripheral vision (that phrase surprised some of ya didn’t it!) I noticed a slight swirl on the surface off to my right about 25 to 30 feet off of the seawall. I quickly cocked, cast, & about 3 cranks of the handle and there {{{ SPLASH }}} he was…waited to feel the pressure, as the rod tip loaded up, & I set the hook! I called out “Hold’em Hook”! Me & Mr Spot played around for a few minutes, him tryin’ to throw that “Lunker Lure” & me enjoyin’ every moment of it. I finally got’em in, admired him for a moment, & released him to fight another day. I do so love catch Spotted Bass. One Cast & One Fish! It don’t get no better than that folks, so, I turned  around & head for the house & the Pot-O-Joe callin’ my name. Later on I checked in with my Bride, down at the Beach, all was well with her. After my second Mug-O-Joe I decided to go straddle that Ole H-D down in the basement & go put the wind in my face for a while before it got Too HOT to really enjoy it. 75miles later I’m back here at the house puttin’ the Ole H-D back in it’s stall there next to the “Ranger”. I look at some hooks layin’ on the deck of it & I think they were rustin’ from lack of use. I need to get it out & blow the dust off of it soon. Lunch was served, by me to me. Yep, left over Pot Roast & Veggies. It has been a busy mornin”. Now, what to do with the rest of my day… I’ll figure somethin’ out I sure…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”there’s a {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}}”…

Supper’s done & it’s cleaned up. We all had leftovers of varying types. There are Rain Fronts all around so I thought I’d walk down here to the Pier & toss a Lizard for a change. I missed two (2) right off of the bat. Then caught two (2) Small Spots. The wind started pickin’ up. Out on the Main Channel it’s White Cappin’, the temperature has dropped from 92 down to 84 now. The Smell of Rain is in the air but not yet fallin’. I see two (2) young fishermen out in the mouth of the slough still fishin’. Well it’s now here. I can feel the air gettin’ even cooler now. The rain hittin’ the Tin Roof on the pier is so enjoyin’, it seems to have a rhythm all its own. As for those two (2) young boys fishin’, well they’re really gettin’ “A Bad Case of DAMP-ASS” out there. Lightenin’ still poppin’ off in the distance. Ahhh…youth bravery or stupidity? The Wind has picked up, there’s a mist blowin’ in on me sittin’ here on the swing, I need to move. Now I’m on the Pontoon Boat, away from the mist bein’ blown in. This is so peaceful in a way. Hum-m-m…they finally “battened down the hatches” & their gear & head up river. Probably lookin’ for some safe/dry port out of this Storm. Ya know, this is just another one of those times when ya know God’s hand is workin’. The rain has now slowed to just a light fallin’ rain & the wind is gone but it’s still thunderin’ off in the distance. What a way to wind down yet another day. An just another reason we chose to live here on the Lake. I guess now I’ll just ease on back up to the house. I think there’s a {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} with my name on it up there.”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 3 of 3)

20170625_123456_resized_1Part #3
A day or two later Mother called me in, early, from playin’. That usually meant trouble, I didn’t know what I’d done? I was thinkin’ all the way home about my activities for the last couple of days. I went in & she said “Papa wants you on the back porch”! “Yes ma’am”, I said. I went out back & there Papa was in his chair & a stool for me. I’ve got somethin’ for ya Boy”! he said. He handed a Small Steel Tackle Box. “Well you gonna open it up or not”. I eyes were fixed on it as I stroked it carefully, “thank you sir”!, I said. “Oh, yes sir, I’m gonna open it”. I did & to my amazement there were three plugs, a few plastic worms, some worm hooks, a few swivels, a tube of spare/wear reel parts (a level wind/paul arm, a level wind/paul follower, two gears, & some spare screws) a pocket knife, a triangle file, a pair of pliers, & every tray lined with Sheet Cork!. “I expect you to take care of that equipment & those plugs Boy”! Yes sir” I replied. I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}. My own Tackle Box! To this day, I still have those three (3) plugs, all with Sharp hooks! 20170625_165523_resizedThose three (3) plugs are all Top Water Plugs, #1) a Creek Chub Broken Back Fan Tail, #2) a Creek Chub Darter (modified by Papa into what he called a “Talkin’ Plug”), & #3) a Paw Paw jerk bait (modified with front spinner removed & a weighted tail to give it more action). I keep’em all, along with the Reel & Reel Boot in a display table in my family room upstairs. The Rod I keep in a Rod Rack in the basement garage, where my Bass Boat sleeps…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 2 of 3)

Part #2
Now Papa was one that went fishin’ at night & fished until about 8:00am the next mornin’. We, my brother & I use to beg him to take us Fishin’ with him. He’d say “Ok, soon”. Ya gotta learn to cast first! Then I’ll take ya with me. I remember sayin’ one day “but Papa I don’t have a Rod & Reel”. “We’ll fix that soon” he said. I would help him tote his equipment down to his ole Dodge, he’d load up & in the process I’d ask if I could go with him? He tell me to either (a) “Go ask Mama or your Mother ” or (b) “Go tell’em to make ya a sack dinner”! OK, & up the steps I’d run, as fast as my short stubby little legs would carry me, find either Mama or Mother & tell’em “I’m goin’ Fishin’ with Papa tonight”! Then they would let me down & explain that I wasn’t really goin’, he was just kiddin’. I’d go to the front door, look down to the street, where Papa parked, & the Ole Dodge would be gone! I fell for it more times than I can remember…such is the life of a 4 or 5 year old little boy hopin’ to go fishin’!
Well, “soon” finally came around! At Five & a half (5 1/2) years old my Papa/Grandfather gave it to me. My First {{{ 1st ! }}} Rod & Reel! It was an old one he kept around, in good workin’ condition, in case one of his “Ole Fishin’ Buddies” needed one to use. It was a Bait Caster, No 666 (now your thinkin’ about THAT aren’t ya) South Bend FreeCast Model A.

For some reason I always thought it, the rod, was three (3) foot long. The Rod was a Solid Steel Rod (medium action) with an ole “Pepsi Cola” bottle cap screwed onto the bottom of the Reel Butt as protection! As he handed me that Rod & Reel he called my attention to the Reel Boot on it. “You see this Boy”!, as he pointed to the Reel Boot, “if I ever see this Reel Boot not coverin’ that Reel you better have it in your hand usin’ that Rod & Reel or it’ll be mine again! You hear me Boy”? “Yes sir Papa, I hear ya”, I answered responsibly. But TODAY for some reason curiosity got to me. I got that ole Rod out I measured it & to my amazement it is actually 4 feet, 7 1/4 inches long. And it STILL works as good as the day I got it!  Papa told me to sit in this chair, out on the back porch. When you can hit that ole tire out in the yard, with that practice plug (tied on the rod) five (5) times in a row you can go Fishin’ with me. I’d spend days out there castin’ till my arms hurt. I finally did it. I went & got Papa to come & watch me. And again “I DID IT!” He approved in his own silent way and said “OK”! (to be continued)…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 1 of 3)

09-10-2016-watchin-bama-footballPart #1
Today, I’m sittin’ down here in “The Cave” watchin’ a Bass Fishin’ show on cable TV & readin’ on my FB account, at the same time, about a cousin that fishes on the FLW, Bass Fishin’, Tour circuit as well a friend that is also a Pro Fisherman & Guide. That got this ole brain of mine to wanderin’. Yeah, I know that can be dangerous. But it got me to thinkin’ about my First {{{ 1st ! }}} Rod & Reel I ever got. My grandfather gave it to me. My Mother, brother, & I lived with my Mothers Parents/my Grandparents after my Father passed way when I was Twenty (20) months old. Sorry, I regressed.
We, my brother & I always were mystified by Papa’s/our Grandfather’s Tackle Box and Rods & Reels. And every Reel had a Reel Boot on it when not in use, to keep it clean & protected. Hell, I know, I almost drooled when I got to touch or hold somethin’ of his. Papa would sit on the front porch, the back porch, or in his “Big Red Arm Chair” in the livin’ room dependin’ on the time of day or evenin’, surveyin’ his equipment. If it was his Tackle Box, then he would look at everything he used the last time he went fishin’. Now he had everything in it’s specific place. Even had every slot lined with Sheet Cork,
& rubber glued to the bottom of his ole steel tackle box to keep noise to a minimum. He could put his hand/fingers on any item in his Tackle Box in the dark! He’d check the hooks for sharpness & if required then he’d gently file, with his ole triangle file, with long slow/smooth strokes, each hook on that specific plug to “Razor Sharp” condition. It might even be an Ole Plastic Worm. Creme was the Brand he used (Black, Purple, or Green). He NEVER threw one away! Should it be torn or damaged in any way he would put them in a plastic bag while on the river, then take’em out & repair’em at home. He’d melt’em over the stove & put’em back together. He called it “Gluin’em”! He would cut small strips off of ones too damaged to repair & make lizard legs & melt’em/glue’em on a repaired body. We just watched in amazement! In future years we would do the same things for ourselves. This was before you could buy Plastic Lizards in our area. Heck, I don’t know if they were even manufactured yet. That was back in the mid Fifties {{{ 50’s }}}. If it were a Rod, he would check the eyelets for alignment, the wrappin’s that held’em on the rod to see if any were fraided at all, if so it required a coat of Clear Fingernail Polish to protect’em. If it were a Reel, he’d pull some line off of the Reel & wind it back up, the whole time listenin’ to it and checkin’ it’s freedom of movement. Then if he determined it was “OK” then he would lube it with his own mixture of A-1 Machine Oil & Powdered Graphite. That would damn sure slick’em up for castin’. If by chance there was a sound out of the norm, he’d strip that rascal down, wash it in gasoline & scrub it with an ole toothbrush, reassemble it & lube that rascal up good. I’m tellin’ ya, he was a Perfectionist! (to be continued)…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

…”Nice way to start my mornin’ “…

About 9:20am this mornin’ my son & his family rolled out of the drive way headin’ back to “The Ham”. In, what seemed to be, just a short time I got a call. Papa, the girls forgot to release their bucket of “Water Creatures/Snails” they had caught over the weekend & want you to go & turn’em loose on the “Sandbar”. I consented to handle the chore. That meant a trip to the Water. And what does a “Trip to the Water mean”? I grabbed a rod & reel, with a “Lunker Lure” with white & red skirt on it, & down to the water I headed. First things first, I released the “Bucket of Creatures” as I said I would. Then the castin’ began. I missed two quick strikes. First thing I did was reel it in quickly, with that 6:3 gear ratio Abu Garcia, & checked the sharpness of the hook. Nope, couldn’t blame the misses on a dull hook. I guess I was too anxious & didn’t wait for the feel of the tug on the other end to “Set the Hook properly”!  Number 1 Rule when fishin’ “Top Water”! So I made a few more casts, caught two good tournament size Spotted Bass, released’em to fight another day, & headed back to my chores. Nice way to start my mornin’ though…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>