…”dream of bein’ a Princess”…

I’m an American Male. Why oh why is there NOTHIN’ News Worthy on a major TV Channel or even Cable Network this mornin’?

{{{{{ What’s the BIG DEAL ? }}}}}…OK! OK! OK! The Royal Weddin’ is over & done with! Now let the fightin’ begin over furniture, colors of paint for the Mini Palace, how many maids (no that’s not racial) will she need, & who will be doin’ the cookin”? WHO CARES? Has Las Vegas started postin’ Odds as to “how long the Love Story will last”? As I told my Bride, as she was sippin’ her Mug-O-Joe, as she was watchin’em board the Royal Carriage “I truly wish someone in the crowd would have popped one of those horses, with a rock from a sling shot, on the butt & watched them tear off wildly thru the streets”. Now THAT would have been {{{{{ EXCITIN’ ! }}}}} & well worth the broadcast time, to ME. I truly do not understand the infatuation with it. Other than mostly all the women, & some men, of the world dream of bein’ a Princess. Yeah, well those odds are slim & none…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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