…”It’s those innocent comments”…

Recently there have been several references about Squirrels on the internet. Many of’em show them tryin’ to rob the Bird Feeders. Others have’em walkin’ power lines, fences, etc. Then I, quite often, enjoy watchin’em from The Deck, as they scurry up & down the trees in the yard playin’ “Mornin’ Chase”, or so it seems.

Then there are the “dusty ole memories” of all those teenage years & silly comments about “Squirrels”! Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about…BUTT in today’s world “Squirrel” refers to the fact that someone gets easily distracted from what they’re doin’ or sayin’. Kinda like that dog in cartoons as a Squirrel catches it’s attention & off it goes tryin’ to catch it…

Then my mind turns to two (2) very brief, but to me very funny comments made “In Jest”, not once but twice, durin’ innocent  conversations between two different Young Ladies & Me years apart. The entire conversations, thru the years, have faded as they do. BUTT like many other things, those just can’t be un-heard & un-seen scenarios in MY mind, these always bring a chuckle to me & a smile to my face. The Young Ladies, felt the need to interject how they were feelin’ @ those particular mornin’s/moments in time as they said, with huge smiles each I must admit, glowin’ faces, & bubblin’ energy that they were “Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed”! Who says “Lightenin’ Don’t Strike Twice”?

Well, I could only look’em in the eyes (yes their EYES) & say “I’ll bet you are” (I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity)! It took a moment, a lonnnng moment, to sink in with them both. BUTT suddenly they both seemed to realize just what they had said or inferred to. Then, separately of course as they happened years apart, they started to turn many “Shades Of RED” as they tried to explain what they “did or didn’t mean” with their comments. I just stood there, both times, the entire times, lettin’ them talk, as I just kept “smilin’ & enjoyin’ the moment”…It’s those innocent comments that sometimes just really make our day. Ya know?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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