…”Life in each Pasture is just different”…

Today was my Haircut Day. It’s pretty much a given every 4 weeks I go see “Ole Hair-cuttin’  Mary” who has been cuttin’ my hair for the last 25 to 30 years. Needless to say we get along great & it’s always an adventure to get to converse & catch up with her as we share life’s adventures between cuttin’ dates. Got an early start to make a large circle & accomplish several tasks & be home back about lunch time. First off I got the oil changed in Ole Big Red. With now over 3000,260 miles on him I got to treat him right. next I hit my favorite Biscuit Eatery & grabbed a couple of Sausage & Egg biscuits for the road. I love travelin’ the back roads when I out & about. Ya just never know what ya might see! And today was NO LET DOWN! I was toolin’ along, choking down ole biscuit #2 & chasin’ it with the remains of my 3rd Mug-O-Joe. Out of my peripheral vision, in this small pasture I catch a Big Ole Healthy Bull, if you get my drift? There were also I think about five (5) Cows & one (1) very New Lookin’ Little Calf.

Now I don’t know what it was that told me to stop & watch the activity that was about to unfold, but I’m glad it did. Right place, right time, hell I don’t know? I was ahead of schedule for my upcomin’ shearin’ so I pulled over, in a shady spot, to finish my breakfast. Well things began to happen!

Now get yer minds out of the gutter! You’re sittin’ there thinkin’ that Ole Big Bull was goin’ to get amorous with one of his gals there ain’t cha? Nope! Far from it! This ain’t “Pasture Porno” folks! The Little Ole Calf decided it was meal time. So he was really on the heels of the Ole Mama Cow. He’d get that little ole head down in position to latch on to a Teet/Breast/Utter (you name it) & Ole Mama Cow wasn’t havin’ it. She’d would kick him in the head, as though to chase him off. Now, it wasn’t hard to tell who the Calf belong to as that Ole Cow was totin’ a FULL BAG! That Little Ole Calf would stumble around & make another attempt only to receive the same shun from Ole Mama Cow! About the third time the Calf tried here comes the Ole Big Bull & brushes the Calf aside. Now, I wasn’t raised around a farm or around cattle. But the next few moments were really entertain’ from my perspective. This is where I wonder if you “Awhburn Folk” have ever seen or encountered the followin’ down around your Ole Cow College? No, I don’t mean personally, well I hope not anyway…

That Ole Big Bull nudged that Cow & she stood perfectly still. He lowered his head, cocked it to one side, slide out {{{{{ THE LONGEST TONGUE }}}}} ya’ve ever seen on an animal. Hell, I was impressed! Now again, damn-it, get yer minds out of the gutter here. I’m not sure what yer thinkin’, but it ain’t that! OK! Almost in the blink of an eye that Ole Big Bull, with that tongue extended snatched aholt to a Teet/Breast/Utter & began to jerk away at it, as I was expectin’ that Little Ole Calf to do, had Mama let him. But she stood there rather stoic, as though she was enjoyin’ it! I don’t know how long it actually lasted, but that Big Ole Bull got his fill & lumbered off. Maybe he just needed to wash that ole grassy taste out of his mouth, I don’t know…Then Ole Mama Cow let that Little Ole Calf come in to nurse. I guess “Life in each Pasture is just different”. Folks, ya just can’t make these things up. I was now runnin’ late for my sheerin’ so I was off to “Ole Hair-cuttin’ Mary’s” as fast as I could without fear of gettin’ pulled over. I hate to be late for an appointment but today it was well worth the entertainment value…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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