…”Illegal Immigrants are Invading our Country”…

I am confused about one of the most important issues that’s facin’ our Country today. I really can’t grasp the reactions of people concernin’ this most important issue…Our Southern Border…

{{{{{ BORDER ! }}}}}…Definition: “a line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries”.

A single word. {{{{{ BORDER ! }}}}} that has so many divided against one another. We use, mostly, an open Border around our Country. In some areas we have NO structure at all to control entry. So people just come & go as they choose. Some are Desirable & many are Undesirables. But we just can’t seem to control’em. Some areas have natural barriers such as Rivers. At times those may just slow those entries down but NOT control’em. Some areas have, maybe, just a Barbed Wire Fence. Those have more of a tendency to keep some wildlife or domesticated animals contained. But people climb over or under’em or just cut them down & enter as they please. In recent years we have gone so far as to put up larger barriers, in selected areas, that slowed the flow until people decided to Climb them. Why our Government hasn’t {{{{{ ELECTRIFIED ! }}}}} them still amazes me. We have even tried to re-enforce our Southern Border with Manpower, our Border Patrol personnel, limited in scope as to what they can do, to prevent Illegal entry & Electronic Surveillance to assist, that gets damaged or taken down by Undesirables.

As I think about this I wonder why people are so opposed to “A Border Wall”. Think about this for a moment. Now, direct your thoughts to say “YOUR HOME”! Whether you live in a House, an Apartment, a Trailer, a Tent, a Make-Shift Lean To, a Yurt, a Cave, a Tree House, or any other abode YOU call HOME. Don’t YOU, in a manner of speakin’, consider “the outer barriers” of your abode as “A Border”? Do you not decide who does or does not cross that Barrier/Border & enter into your protected space? Why?… Do you have Locks on your entrances? Do you use them? Why?… I would think to keep unwanted people out & to protect what you perceive to be yours! Do you have a fence around your abode, yard, farm, or acreage with gates at certain locations to control entry? If not, do you ever wish you did? Why?… Is it/Would it be to keep protected what you happen to have within it or to keep others from enterin’ your space & take or abuse what is yours? Do you feel the urge to protect yourself, your family, or your animals? Why?…Maybe because those that pass through your property just abuse it & move on. Maybe they are movin’ Illegal substances across you property & bringin’ with them undesirables, undocumented (un-vetted) Illegals not to mention all of the illness & diseases they bring with them. Then possibly other undesirables want to engage them for those Illegal substances or even Human Traffickin’. If you had exhausted many/all other options would you not choose a taller Border device/Border Wall to keep you & yours safe? Yet maintain an area for entrance & exit to control those who do pass through your property…Now think of it on a much larger scale. Do we not need to do the same for our Country? I am one of those that think we do. Illegal Immigrants are Invading our Country unchecked!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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