…”there’s a {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}}”…

Supper’s done & it’s cleaned up. We all had leftovers of varying types. There are Rain Fronts all around so I thought I’d walk down here to the Pier & toss a Lizard for a change. I missed two (2) right off of the bat. Then caught two (2) Small Spots. The wind started pickin’ up. Out on the Main Channel it’s White Cappin’, the temperature has dropped from 92 down to 84 now. The Smell of Rain is in the air but not yet fallin’. I see two (2) young fishermen out in the mouth of the slough still fishin’. Well it’s now here. I can feel the air gettin’ even cooler now. The rain hittin’ the Tin Roof on the pier is so enjoyin’, it seems to have a rhythm all its own. As for those two (2) young boys fishin’, well they’re really gettin’ “A Bad Case of DAMP-ASS” out there. Lightenin’ still poppin’ off in the distance. Ahhh…youth bravery or stupidity? The Wind has picked up, there’s a mist blowin’ in on me sittin’ here on the swing, I need to move. Now I’m on the Pontoon Boat, away from the mist bein’ blown in. This is so peaceful in a way. Hum-m-m…they finally “battened down the hatches” & their gear & head up river. Probably lookin’ for some safe/dry port out of this Storm. Ya know, this is just another one of those times when ya know God’s hand is workin’. The rain has now slowed to just a light fallin’ rain & the wind is gone but it’s still thunderin’ off in the distance. What a way to wind down yet another day. An just another reason we chose to live here on the Lake. I guess now I’ll just ease on back up to the house. I think there’s a {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} with my name on it up there.”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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