…”Yep,The Eyes tell it all”…

Ya know, life deals us all those “FUNNY moments” we have NO control over. The next time you’re among a group of people notice their faces. Their eyes especially! The Eyes tell it all. Ya have the stare, the cuttin’ side to side, the slight squint, the bulge, the slow blink, the closin’ with that long pause, & on & on & on. You know what I mean. Now the question is “who was it” that committed what ever the action was? These are tale tale signs that the one you’re lookin’ at just reacted to somethin’ significant!  Yeah, you know I mean! Then it’s the sudden shiftin’ of bodies, as everyone, in close proximity, reacts to what you too have noticed. The wrinklin’ of noses, the step backs from someone, then the quick exit of The One! Yeah, you picked’em out first! Then, after those few uneasy moments pass, you walk by The One, tap’em on the shoulder, & quietly whisper “Good One”! Now there are only two possible responses that individual can have. They turn & wonder “what are you talkin’ about”?, as an act of denial. Or They know that You know that They are “The One” that just FARTED! Yep, “The Eyes tell it all”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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