…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 3 of 3)

20170625_123456_resized_1Part #3
A day or two later Mother called me in, early, from playin’. That usually meant trouble, I didn’t know what I’d done? I was thinkin’ all the way home about my activities for the last couple of days. I went in & she said “Papa wants you on the back porch”! “Yes ma’am”, I said. I went out back & there Papa was in his chair & a stool for me. I’ve got somethin’ for ya Boy”! he said. He handed a Small Steel Tackle Box. “Well you gonna open it up or not”. I eyes were fixed on it as I stroked it carefully, “thank you sir”!, I said. “Oh, yes sir, I’m gonna open it”. I did & to my amazement there were three plugs, a few plastic worms, some worm hooks, a few swivels, a tube of spare/wear reel parts (a level wind/paul arm, a level wind/paul follower, two gears, & some spare screws) a pocket knife, a triangle file, a pair of pliers, & every tray lined with Sheet Cork!. “I expect you to take care of that equipment & those plugs Boy”! Yes sir” I replied. I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}. My own Tackle Box! To this day, I still have those three (3) plugs, all with Sharp hooks! 20170625_165523_resizedThose three (3) plugs are all Top Water Plugs, #1) a Creek Chub Broken Back Fan Tail, #2) a Creek Chub Darter (modified by Papa into what he called a “Talkin’ Plug”), & #3) a Paw Paw jerk bait (modified with front spinner removed & a weighted tail to give it more action). I keep’em all, along with the Reel & Reel Boot in a display table in my family room upstairs. The Rod I keep in a Rod Rack in the basement garage, where my Bass Boat sleeps…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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