…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 2 of 3)

Part #2
Now Papa was one that went fishin’ at night & fished until about 8:00am the next mornin’. We, my brother & I use to beg him to take us Fishin’ with him. He’d say “Ok, soon”. Ya gotta learn to cast first! Then I’ll take ya with me. I remember sayin’ one day “but Papa I don’t have a Rod & Reel”. “We’ll fix that soon” he said. I would help him tote his equipment down to his ole Dodge, he’d load up & in the process I’d ask if I could go with him? He tell me to either (a) “Go ask Mama or your Mother ” or (b) “Go tell’em to make ya a sack dinner”! OK, & up the steps I’d run, as fast as my short stubby little legs would carry me, find either Mama or Mother & tell’em “I’m goin’ Fishin’ with Papa tonight”! Then they would let me down & explain that I wasn’t really goin’, he was just kiddin’. I’d go to the front door, look down to the street, where Papa parked, & the Ole Dodge would be gone! I fell for it more times than I can remember…such is the life of a 4 or 5 year old little boy hopin’ to go fishin’!
Well, “soon” finally came around! At Five & a half (5 1/2) years old my Papa/Grandfather gave it to me. My First {{{ 1st ! }}} Rod & Reel! It was an old one he kept around, in good workin’ condition, in case one of his “Ole Fishin’ Buddies” needed one to use. It was a Bait Caster, No 666 (now your thinkin’ about THAT aren’t ya) South Bend FreeCast Model A.

For some reason I always thought it, the rod, was three (3) foot long. The Rod was a Solid Steel Rod (medium action) with an ole “Pepsi Cola” bottle cap screwed onto the bottom of the Reel Butt as protection! As he handed me that Rod & Reel he called my attention to the Reel Boot on it. “You see this Boy”!, as he pointed to the Reel Boot, “if I ever see this Reel Boot not coverin’ that Reel you better have it in your hand usin’ that Rod & Reel or it’ll be mine again! You hear me Boy”? “Yes sir Papa, I hear ya”, I answered responsibly. But TODAY for some reason curiosity got to me. I got that ole Rod out I measured it & to my amazement it is actually 4 feet, 7 1/4 inches long. And it STILL works as good as the day I got it!  Papa told me to sit in this chair, out on the back porch. When you can hit that ole tire out in the yard, with that practice plug (tied on the rod) five (5) times in a row you can go Fishin’ with me. I’d spend days out there castin’ till my arms hurt. I finally did it. I went & got Papa to come & watch me. And again “I DID IT!” He approved in his own silent way and said “OK”! (to be continued)…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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