…”I was still in {{{ SHOCK ! }}}”…(Part 1 of 3)

09-10-2016-watchin-bama-footballPart #1
Today, I’m sittin’ down here in “The Cave” watchin’ a Bass Fishin’ show on cable TV & readin’ on my FB account, at the same time, about a cousin that fishes on the FLW, Bass Fishin’, Tour circuit as well a friend that is also a Pro Fisherman & Guide. That got this ole brain of mine to wanderin’. Yeah, I know that can be dangerous. But it got me to thinkin’ about my First {{{ 1st ! }}} Rod & Reel I ever got. My grandfather gave it to me. My Mother, brother, & I lived with my Mothers Parents/my Grandparents after my Father passed way when I was Twenty (20) months old. Sorry, I regressed.
We, my brother & I always were mystified by Papa’s/our Grandfather’s Tackle Box and Rods & Reels. And every Reel had a Reel Boot on it when not in use, to keep it clean & protected. Hell, I know, I almost drooled when I got to touch or hold somethin’ of his. Papa would sit on the front porch, the back porch, or in his “Big Red Arm Chair” in the livin’ room dependin’ on the time of day or evenin’, surveyin’ his equipment. If it was his Tackle Box, then he would look at everything he used the last time he went fishin’. Now he had everything in it’s specific place. Even had every slot lined with Sheet Cork,
& rubber glued to the bottom of his ole steel tackle box to keep noise to a minimum. He could put his hand/fingers on any item in his Tackle Box in the dark! He’d check the hooks for sharpness & if required then he’d gently file, with his ole triangle file, with long slow/smooth strokes, each hook on that specific plug to “Razor Sharp” condition. It might even be an Ole Plastic Worm. Creme was the Brand he used (Black, Purple, or Green). He NEVER threw one away! Should it be torn or damaged in any way he would put them in a plastic bag while on the river, then take’em out & repair’em at home. He’d melt’em over the stove & put’em back together. He called it “Gluin’em”! He would cut small strips off of ones too damaged to repair & make lizard legs & melt’em/glue’em on a repaired body. We just watched in amazement! In future years we would do the same things for ourselves. This was before you could buy Plastic Lizards in our area. Heck, I don’t know if they were even manufactured yet. That was back in the mid Fifties {{{ 50’s }}}. If it were a Rod, he would check the eyelets for alignment, the wrappin’s that held’em on the rod to see if any were fraided at all, if so it required a coat of Clear Fingernail Polish to protect’em. If it were a Reel, he’d pull some line off of the Reel & wind it back up, the whole time listenin’ to it and checkin’ it’s freedom of movement. Then if he determined it was “OK” then he would lube it with his own mixture of A-1 Machine Oil & Powdered Graphite. That would damn sure slick’em up for castin’. If by chance there was a sound out of the norm, he’d strip that rascal down, wash it in gasoline & scrub it with an ole toothbrush, reassemble it & lube that rascal up good. I’m tellin’ ya, he was a Perfectionist! (to be continued)…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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