…”Nice way to start my mornin’ “…

About 9:20am this mornin’ my son & his family rolled out of the drive way headin’ back to “The Ham”. In, what seemed to be, just a short time I got a call. Papa, the girls forgot to release their bucket of “Water Creatures/Snails” they had caught over the weekend & want you to go & turn’em loose on the “Sandbar”. I consented to handle the chore. That meant a trip to the Water. And what does a “Trip to the Water mean”? I grabbed a rod & reel, with a “Lunker Lure” with white & red skirt on it, & down to the water I headed. First things first, I released the “Bucket of Creatures” as I said I would. Then the castin’ began. I missed two quick strikes. First thing I did was reel it in quickly, with that 6:3 gear ratio Abu Garcia, & checked the sharpness of the hook. Nope, couldn’t blame the misses on a dull hook. I guess I was too anxious & didn’t wait for the feel of the tug on the other end to “Set the Hook properly”!  Number 1 Rule when fishin’ “Top Water”! So I made a few more casts, caught two good tournament size Spotted Bass, released’em to fight another day, & headed back to my chores. Nice way to start my mornin’ though…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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