…”But oh they’ll ALL be Talkin’ “…


This mornin’ our Nation suffered from the actions of yet another CRAZY! At approximately 7:00am ET/6:00am CT a Stranger, I’ll refer to him as Stranger #1, on a street in Alexandria, Virginia asks another Stranger, I’ll refer to him as Stranger #2, about some men out on a Baseball Field in a local park, “are those Democrats or Republicans”?  Stranger #2 responds “Republicans”. Just a few moments later GUNSHOTS begin to ring out! A US Congressman lays on the ground WOUNDED! Luckily it wasn’t Life Threatening we later found out. And few others as well, including Protection Detail members. Also, Stranger #1, the shooter, was shot & taken down. After hearing the reports on the News, about all that had transpired, by the DC Police & Alexandria, Virginia Poilce, & as well as others, I predicted (@ approximately 11:00am ET/10:00amCT) “I just wonder if the “Shooter” will ever make it to the inside of a Court? Hum-m-m-m…”. I less than an one (1) I then heard the “Shooter had passed away”. I then posted a second comment (@ approximately 11:45am ET/10:45amCT) “I hate to say “I told you so, but, I TOLD YOU SO”!…“. Now, let the RUMORS Begin! ALL of the Talkin’ Heads are droolin’, as they rush for their microphones & cameras, to be the 1st to spew what little is STILL known about exactly happened & why. Hell, most of them will be Talkin’ just to hear themselves Talk! But oh they’ll ALL be Talkin’! You know it’s goin’ to happen…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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