…”FUN, FUN, FUN!!!”…

Clean up duties here this mornin’ after my son & his family left for “The Ham”.  My Bride had headed to work as well. After mornin’ chores was Lawn Mower Shoppin’ time. After 11 yrs my old one, after 11 hard years, laid down & died on me last week. This evenin’ my Bride & I got thru with a “Left Overs Supper” so I went down to the Boathouse afterwards with a “Perch Jerkin’ Rig” in hand. Needed to work off some stress. You know, the tensions of bein’ Retired! My Son left some “Live Red Worms” here so I thought I’d just help myself. I think I only really used about 6 of’em all total. But damn’em Lil Suckers were all over’em. The total catch was 2-spotted bass (1 of which was pretty good. On 6 lb. test line on a medium action rod it was a blast!), 2-bream, & about 25 to 30 small Squealers/CatFish. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Made me recall “Ole East Lake Park” days as a child. “Hold’em Hook”!….BG>


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