…”she’ll reach ever higher each day”…

Eight years ago God gave me a New Branch on My Family Tree. Oh how it has continued to grow & bloom into such beautiful limb. So straight & tall. I have been truly amazed by the direction this new limb has steered the direction of my life. I was fortunate enough to retire just a couple of weeks prior to this Little Sprig Buddin’ into such a tiny limb.  Watchin’ her grow & now swaying in the breeze yet always comin’ back to this straight little limb growin’ even longer, stronger, and more beautiful as the seasons go by. I look at her in amazement. It makes me so proud to be able to be close enough to witness all of the changes she has experienced. I now realize that we all have grown new foliage for the new season. I too have bent in the breezes & weather my storms. My bark grows thicker & darker thru the years & decades. My limbs have begun to weaken, we all hate to admit that, & some get weaker as each storm takes it toll. As I approach each new season of renewal I appear to have fewer leaves, my colors aren’t as vivid as they once were on my individual branches. My roots get a little loose in the soil around me. But I sprout others & send them as deep as possible into the soil around me to hold this Old Trunk upright, to support those other limbs that depend on my strengths as the Storms continue to rage & blow my way. Some Old Trees are looked upon as “Trees Of Wisdom”. I don’t know where I rate there. That’s for others to judge. I now understand it’s directly related to the seasons, the storms, the climate around us, the denseness of the forest around us, & the transplants we have weathered give us our Strength & Wisdom. And yet as the risin’ of each mornin’ sun radiates it warmth upon us we always seem to try to stretch just a little higher than the days past. To that little eight year old Branch, I can only hope I have been able to give her the shade and protection I have all of my other Branches thru the years. Now as she celebrates a new “Ring” in her branch I wish her love, strength, & wisdom. I know she’ll find her proper place in the sun & she’ll reach ever higher each day. HAPPY EIGHTH BIRTHDAY Josie Marie Gray. Always remember, Your Papa LOVES YOU!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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