…”so I trudged back up”…

20150613_125051_resizedToday has really been a laid back Sunday afternoon. After lunch my Bride decided she wanted to watch “My Show! My Show”! So that meant I was banished to The Cave. Yeah, “it’s a hard life but somebody’s gotta do it”. It might as well be Me! After bein’ down there a short time I decided to lumber down to the water & just check things out. I was sittin’ in the swing on the pier just relaxin’ & soakin’ the peace & quiet in. There were just a few boats out on the lake in our area. I heard my (favorite) neighbors walkin’ down to their pier. I throw up a friendly wave & they returned it with one. They got in the water on some floatin’ chairs & enjoyin’ the same peace & quiet. The sun moved behind some clouds, a slight breeze picked up, & the motion of the swing got my attention. I shuffled over to the pontoon boat, dug out a Life Jacket, shuffled back to the swing, folded the Life Jacket in the proper pillow shape, got the swing goin’ like I wanted it, laid down & got TOTALLY RELAXED! Thirty (30) minutes later I wake up with a light rain blowin’ in on my face. What a way to ruin a good nap! Oh well, so I trudged back up to The Cave & here I am! Hope y’all have as good of an afternoon as I have had…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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