…”all of us as a Family”…

MY Bride & I arrived back home last night safe, sound, & worn out. We spent the last week out in the Ft Worth, TX area with her sister & family (husband, daughter) @ their house. It wasn’t a “Vacation Trip” either. It was one of those “Family Get Togethers” about evaluating a elderly family member (NO not me, not-yet anyway) & their ability to live alone. MY Bride & Sister-in-Laws Widowed Mother is 89 years Old & currently lives by herself in Ohio. There are NO family members within a 11 hr drive or more. She is currently visitin’ with them as well. The days drug on as the Adult Children, family members, were observing daily activities, physical abilities, & conversation to evaluate memory skills, etc. of Mom. Fortunately she has not suffered any major health issues but she is startin’ to slip. And it is a slippery slope! There have been & are increasin’ “tale tale signs”. To openly discuss Assisted Livin’, givin’ up her Car, movin’ closer to or movin’ in with one of her two children (daughters), meets with a lot of resistance. I understand NO ONE wants to give up their Independence/Freedom and have to rely on someone else for most all of your/their needs. But, if we live long enough it usually takes folks in that direction. For those of you lucky enough to still have your parents livin’ it is not easy to go through. Love them all you can! My family has already lived through it & it takes a toll on all involved. But, they are Our/Your Parents & that is just what we do. No firm decisions were made but hopefully we, the family, will be able to convince my Mother-in-Law what will be best for Her & Her Family. She will be with my Sister-in-Law & her family for a few more days. So we’ll see how things go from there. While in the Ft Worth, TX area, I was fortunate to be able to separate myself from those issues to MEET & have lunch with a “FB Friend” who broke away from work for a short time. We shared only an hour together but it was enjoyable finally meetin’ & gettin’ to know him. I look forward to doin’ it again my next trip out, hopefully under better conditions. Also my Bride & I were able to breakaway, on another day, to meet an Ole Friend from our Germany days for lunch. It’s amazin’ how much you can share & catch up on in such a short period of time. I have other friends in that area but time was limited for OUR time. I hope & pray that all our efforts, as a Family, have a positive result for my Mother-in-Law. Because what ever the outcome of this “Family Get Together” is it will eventually effect all of us as a Family…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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