…”livin’ in your town, on your streets!”…

Barrett School    1st grade  58-59 - CopyMay 21, 2017 is a sad day in American History, for many reasons. One of which is, after 146 years, The “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus” is NO MORE! My mind takes me back to a song, by James Darren, “Goodbye Cruel World (I’m off to join the Circus)”. Who of you, as a child, ever dreamed of runnin’ away to join “The Circus”? How many of you, out there, as a child, got excited when you heard “The Circus is coming to Town”! I can smell the roasted Peanuts, in my mind, right now! “Cotton Candy! Get your Cotton Candy” echoes in my mind! I remember as a small child bein’ taken to watch the Elephants, Lions, & Tigers get unloaded off of the Train. We got to watch the Parade thru Birmingham, AL. I remember my Mother takin’ my brother & I to go see “The Circus”! THREE RINGS!!! More activity goin’ on at one time than my eyes & mind could really process. WOW! Did you SEE all of those Clowns? They were EVERYWHERE! They were {{{ FUNNY }}} back then. Now everyone is {{{ HORRIFIED }}} of’em! What changed? It was truly an EVENT! And now, It’s DEAD! Talk about Unemployment! Imagine HOMELESS CLOWNS livin’ in your town, on your streets! Think about!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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