…”what I could & could’t spend”…

This mornin’ as I was sippin’ on my, second, mornin’ Mug-O-Joe I was listenin’ to the News. It seems like gettin’ caught up on local & world events, for some reason, is hard to do. You have to wade through all of the CRAP that is spewed out, from all sides, tryin’ to convince you that only their “Kool-Aid” is the one you should be suckin’ down. Talkin’ Heads…ya just can’t get away from’em. But I did happen to catch an article about todays College Graduates, with Undergrad Degrees, havein’ an average of $35,000.00 in Student Loan Debt. Could it be that money is just too damned easy to get or are the students livin’ way beyond their means? Then I thought back on my Junior College Career, that ONE long year, & I’m thankful I got out with NO Student Loan Debts. Hell my Bride told me what I could & could’t spend. And I damn sure listened to her! Oh well, lookin’ back now, I don’t regret it…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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