…”Until next time”…

Today started out as “one of those days” none of us want to participate in. But, then, there is something deep inside of us that tells us, we know where we need to go. One of “The Ole Fourth Ave South Kids”, the older sister of two younger brothers, life long friends of mine, Passed just the other day. She/The older sister was several years older than me. She was always a very friendly person, just like her Mother was. We lived next door to their family from the time I was 20 months old until I was 11 yrs old. My Mother remarried & we (my Mother, brother, & I) left my Grandparents house & moved about 7 miles away. At that age it was a LONG distance. But we, the brothers & I, kept in touch through the Summer Swimming Pool/Cascade Plunge where we all hung out at & Wahouma Ball Park where so many of us played Summer Baseball. Anyway, the younger brother & I were the best of friends thru our High School years. I went in the Military, as had his older brother. We reunited after the four (4) years I gave The USAF. And as some relationships go we slowly sort of drifted (careers, marriage, & children) apart. But we ARE still Friends! Always will be! We, the three of us, got to  spend some time talkin’ after the Funeral today. I did enjoy it so, but just not the circumstances. And life goes on. Until next time, my friends, under better conditions I hope…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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