Part #3: …”until NEXT TIME”…

Part #3: …”until NEXT TIME”

Later in the mornin’, there’s the Acrobatics of The Rail Road Guy. They were phenomenal! From just a short distance away we had “Ring Side Seats”. The three of us (The Ole Marine, The APC Mechanic & Me) in my boat happened to be lookin’ at JUST the right time. It was truly a “Kodak Moment”! There he was, as it always appears to happen, in Slow Motion, beginnin’ to topple forward, rod & reel already haven been released from his grip, along with the rockin’ of the boat from the waves & wind (& I think assisted from The Parts Man & The Banker in the boat) he was teeterin’ left to right & front to back. Arms were flailin’ around tryin’ to regain his balance, it didn’t work! His feet were doin’ some sort of dance, I wasn’t familiar with the steps, as well but that too didn’t help! His efforts were all to no avail. There he was…goin’ down! The only question was-was he goin’ In The Drink or Nose Divin’ in the bottom of the Boat? Well after a few long-long seconds in time, that seemed like several minutes, “Thar She (He) Blows/Falls”! The bottom of the Boat won out! {{{{{ CRASH ! }}}}}. The good thing was he wasn’t hurt! By some sort of miracle there were No Rods were broken. But the rest of us, well we were all hutrin’ from laughin’ our asses off. Hell, we couldn’t fish for what seemed like an hour! Me personally, hell, my ribs & my throat hurt. My head was even throbbin’. He crashed right into a pile of Rods & Hooks and somehow seemed to keep from havin’ some of those sharp hook from penetratin’ his baby soft skin. As our day on the water came to an end for the guys in my boat, we headed to the Boat Ramp & got the boat on the trailer & out of the water. We were at the top of the boat ramp securin’ our gear.  Then we hear {{{{{ Crash – Boom – Bang ! }}}}} we all spin around turn to see a nice Aluminum Bass Boat slidin’ down the Boat Ramp that just slid off of it’s trailer, with a Older (than us) Gentleman in it! They, him & his younger partner, had made the mistake of UNHOOKIN’ the Bow Line from their boat at the top of the ramp. We later recalled the comments I had mad earlier in the mornin’ “Somethin’ I have seen too many times thru the years”. Luckily no one was hurt. We assisted them, along with others near by, to get it back on the trailer. That bein’ done, they decided to launch again, successfully that time, & go Fishin’. I know the other guys will recall other events, about our trip as well,  but these are mine. The next mornin’ three of us, The Banker, The Rail Road Guy & I, took to the water one last time. The others had already departed for various reason. We caught a few more fish, told some more “Fairy Lies”, headed in & had lunch together then parted ways ourselves, “until NEXT TIME”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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