Part #2: …”until NEXT TIME”…

Part #2: “until NEXT TIME”

For some reason it is always entertainin’ to watch/see someone take a Nose Dive” in or out of a boat. And let me say we weren’t let down this trip! On day Three (3) we were @ the Boat Launch gettin’ ready to launch for the day. I set my boat positioned for launch, at the top of the Ramp, get out & start takin’ off my Motor-Toter & store it. Then on to my tie-down straps released & unhooked. Then I get distracted y some activity or conversation, I really don’t remember now, Get the Life Jackets out & Kill Switch in position. Someone, I don’t remember who, asked “aren’t you goin’ to unhook your Bow Line”? Hell no! I’ve seen too many boats thru the years slid off of trailers. I unhook when I get it down at the waters edge. So The Ole APC Mechanic hops in the Expedition, stretchin’ as best he could to reach the peddles, as the power seat no longer adjusts, but it fits me just fine. Down the ramp he goes. He stops at the waters edge, I unhook the Bow Line, get in the boat & flag’em on down. I crank the   Big Motor, kick it in gear (reverse of course) to gently slide on into the water. Nope! I gas it a little more. Nope! I flag to The APC Mechanic & yell “Mon-Back”! Nope! By now the boat is almost sideways on the trailer. Ho-o-o-o-o! Ho-o-o-o Damn-it! I kick it out of gear, go to the back & realize I released both trailer hooks on the back of the boat but only took ONE (1) off. Laughter breaks out from all standin’ around. Yep! I looked like a FOOL! So I slip off my jacket, push up my sleeve & reach as far down as I could, finally get the ratchet release loose, & unhook the boat. Somewhere there there’s a picture of this mishap, but it hasn’t surfaced yet, it’s only a matter of time though. It finally drifts off fine, no damage done to the boat & I’m just embarrassed a little….”until Next Time”…(to be continued)…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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