…”until NEXT TIME”…

Part #1: “until NEXT TIME”

I got home yesterday (Wednesday – May 3) afternoon from a four (4) day fishin’ trip with five (5) Ole Friends. Somethin’ most of us have been doin’ together, annually, since 1979. There are others that have been a part of this annual trip but this year it consisted only of The Banker, The Ole Marine, The Rail Road Guy (newbie), The APC Mechanic (newbie) , & The Parts Man. Several of us go as far back as Elementary School together. But, ALL of us were “Runnin’ Buddies” in High School, even though we went to different High Schools. Five (5) of the six (6) of us are Retired. The Banker is workin’ his way there though, slowly. There were some wonderful meals, supper after long days on the water, provided for us by The Banker. Let me just say “we ate High on the Hog” for three (3) nights straight. It’s a long was from the ole days of “Blackened Bologna” @ Blounts Fish Camp on Lake Talquin! There were several entertain’ moments on this trip, as always. At one point we were all, three (3) boats, gathered on a point, dodgin’ the high winds & waves. I was fortunate enough to hook a fish. The Ole Marine, who just happened to be behind me, also referred to as “Net Boy” (a name well earned thru the years) swung into action, I’m talkin’ “Lightenin’ Speed Reflexes” kicked-in. Not even thinkin’ about or plannin’ it, he got to show case his talents in front of his two (2) sons, that came to join us for one (1) day on the water. And I must say they were both impressed by the skills of their Dad with a Dip Net. One of them even commented, as he was laughin’ like hell @ his Ole Man, “I’ve heard the Stories thru the years about “Net Boy” but  I had seen him in action for myself! By then we had all begun to laughin’ at the Skills of “Net Boy” & the comments of his son…”until Next Time”!…(to be continued)


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