…”I’m blessed to have her”…

4036Today, Thursday,  was one of those weird weather days. After gettin’ a late start this mornin, @ 6:30 am, I got myself “Joed up”.  My Bride has been gone for over an hour by now. I got me a shower so I felt better, got a shave, & then dressed. The wind was what “Winnie The Pooh” would call “A Blustery Day”. The wind was blowin’ about 40 mph here. I walked up to the road to survey if there were any downed trees. Lucky for me there weren’t. Then down to the pier and all was good there as well. I came back in the house to get me a  Refill of Joe & catch after havin’ been out of pocket for a few days. There I was, sittin’ in my La-Z-Boy with Eeyore staring me down from the sectional. I wasn’t in the mood for his state of depression so I threw a pillow over his head to cover his Sad Eyes & went about checking my back log of emails & writtin’ my blog.  The wind died down, lunch was had, & I got three (3) loads of cloths done. The the rains slowly began to move this direction. Not long after that my Bride arrived home, we shared some good time together then I left for a BHS get together, I like to attend when ever possible, in “The Ham”. There were about twelve (12) folks there, inf my math was right, but is questionable. I really enjoy spendin’ time with Ole Friends. My Bride doesn’t mind/object & yet seems to think it’s good for me. I’m blessed to have her as my Bride & partner in Life. I’m back home, it’s 54 degrees & she is now in bed where I’ll be joinin’ her a little later. She was up this mornin’ @ 4:15 am. Luckily she’s off tomorrow… “Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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