…”& the laughter began all over again”…

New Boat 005-aYesterday started out pretty good. I was able to get my Ole (2003) Expedition,”OleBig Red”, out of the Auto Hospital/Shop. Finally, got some minor lingerin’ issues handled. Hell, with 292,000 (+/-) miles on it its bound to have some issues. But it’s ready to go for my up coming Fisin’ Trip. My daughter & I were headed to have & enjoyed a good lunch together at a local Buffet Bar. I always enjoy bein’ able to have a little one on one time with my Adult Children, it does my heart & mind good. Even though she’s 39 yrs old I look across the table & have flashbacks of her as a Little Girl & moments in time locked away in my mind of her & me together – “Good Times”! Lunch bein’ over we move on to get her car appraised for Hail Repairs. She zips over to run her car through a Car Wash, before, I wait for her, in “Ole Big Red”, & decide to floss my teeth after lunch. A habit of mine. Nothin’ worse than that “ole chunk of meat or salad greens left hangin’ around” for someone else to see. Well, durin’ the process I break off part of a, rear, tooth. Oh hell yeah! This is just what I need today, I shift into {{{ PANIC MODE ! }}}. My magical fingers break into action on the cell phone, to my local Dentist, explain my {{{ Emergency }}} & he says come on by. My daughter shows up about that time, we go to the Auto Body Shop to get her inspection started & I head on to my Dentist. Luckily, it isn’t as bad as I thought it was. After checkin’ me out he said “you’re good to go for now, on my “Fishin’ Trip” & we’ll deal with it when ya get back. So, I headed back to the house. Shared with my Bride & Daughter  my Oral Issues. Made some more personal phone calls, got ready to head to “The Ham for a monthly Social Event” with Ole Friends I was lookin’ forward to. I went thru my Thursday afternoon/evenin’ round-up of house hold trash. I always try to get it, in the large container, & up to the road on my way out so I don’t have to do it when I get home later in the evenin’. As I’m gatherin’ my personal items & loadin’ my pockets, I kiss my Bride a “fond farewell”, out the door I go, hook the Garbage Container on the ole trailer hitch (it’s a perfect fit) to get it up hill to the road (about 200 feet) ready for an early tomorrow mornin’ pick-up. Well, I get distracted in “Ole Big Red”, fiddlin’ around as usual, finally kick it in gear & I off to “The Ham”! Have ya ever had that feelin’ “Somethin’s Not Right”…I get on down road a block or so & notice a strange sound! I turn down the “Oldies” I’m rockin’ with & try to tune in these big ears I’ve got to figure out what I think I’m hearin’. Hell, I just got “Ole Big Red” back, earlier today, after repairs & think NOW what? A quick scan of the dash gauges, nothin’ out of kilter there. “Door Ajar” light isn’t lit up! Check windows, they’re all up, so it’s not Road Noise… What am I hearin’? By now I’m about a mile from the house. “Ole Big Red” ain’t pullin’ one way or the other, so it’s not a flat tire! What am I hearin’! As I approach a Stop Sign, I begin to slow down more, as does the muted roar I’m hearin”. Then it dawns on me…”It’s The Damn Garbage Container” hangin’ on the trailer hitch right where I put it!!! I quickly go into a “panic survey” in all directions. Did anyone see me? I passed several house along the way. I get turned around & head back to the house. Now I’m hearin’ every damn dog along the way justa raisin’ hell, barkin’ like crazy! I hope the neighbors weren’t lookin’. Ya know, it’s amazin’ how true that damn Garbage Container tracks behind “Ole Big Red”. Anyway, I got back to the house, unhooked it, turned around & speed off, tryin’ to minimize my visibility to the neighbors along my route. I called the house, my daughter answered the phone, I shared my calamity with her & my Bride. I accepted all their ribbin’ through their roarin’ laughter, hung up & continued on my way. Then I happen to hear the voice on radio station I’m rockin’ to, again, warnin’ of a traffic snarl on “The Super Slab” headin’ towards “The Ham”. I quickly shift my mind into “Road Map Mode”, determine an altered route I’ll take, thru the “Back Woods” that I love to travel anyway, & adjust accordingly. As I calm down from the afternoon activities I relax & enjoy the ride & scenery along my way. Finally arrive I at my destination for the “Monthly Get Together”, stroll on in & begin an evenin’ of reunion & friendship. It was a great crowd to share an evenin’ with. The evenin’ passed too quickly though. Yes, “all good things must come to an end”. Folks were beginin’ to thin out & head for their destinations, as did I. I finally arrived back home. There sat that damn Garbage Container, right where I finally left it. I stopped for a moment & had a good laugh, at my own expense, headed on down the drive, into the house, & the laughter began all over again. All in all, it was a good day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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