…”something so damn stupid”…

Just Chillin'It amazes me that Radical College Students are allowed to act like, what we are seein’, they do on a College Campus in todays world. Or off Campus for that fact. It seems as though they don’t feel the need to be responsible for anything or to anyone. The Liberal Colleges, Radical/Liberal College Professors, & Administrations are too busy gettin’ out their own personal views to the younger generation. And everyone be Damned if you don’t agree with them. They work harder at shoutin’ down others than they do on their studies. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the “Sidewalk Surveys” where todays College Students fail to know Historical people or Current Events goin’ on around them. And Someone is Payin’ for this Lack Of Education! They aren’t interested in listenin’ an weighin’ the facts & information for themselves. They only want to “Shout Down” the opposition. I wonder about the Parents of today’s college students. Did they actually raise them to act that way? I also can’t understand why the Jails & Courts aren’t overflowing with these people. These Students should be held FULLY ACCOUNTABLE & FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for ANY & ALL Damages they cause/create, before being allowed to attend ANYMORE classes or Graduate from these Failin’ Institutions, if they make it that far. WHAT have those “Institutions Of Higher Learning” come to? I honestly hate to think what I would have done to one of mine if they had done something so damn stupid while I was payin’ their bills!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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