…”hit a HOT Shower”…

Mornin' Mug & Pot-O JoeI got up this mornin’ bout the time my Bride wasa gassin’ it up the driveway & headin’ to “The Ham”. Them folks can’t have their Surgeries without gettin’ Prep’ed first. Me, well, I shuffled, into the kitchen, toward the Joe-Pot to get it Prep’ed so I  could my day kicked off. I got dressed, whilst the Joe wasa perkin’, so I’d be ready to head to the Gym, to get my day’s worth of punishment in. Finally got around to my first Mug-o-Joe, clicked on the Mornin’ News & sipped a while. The World is still a turnin’, The Lyin’ – Thivin’ Politicians are still bitchin’ bout how the others are screwin’ everythin’ up. He’ll with that. I got me a refill & headed for the Gym. As I start my sufferin’ & sweatin’, it’s always fun to glance around & watch the others. Those with the loose fittin’ outfits are hiddin’ their Work-In-Progress. Then there are the ones that greased up & used a shoe horn to get into Spandex outfits. Yeah you know the ones. Then there are those strollin’ in with jeans or Coveralls on. They’re just there to burn time & calories. Got my hour done. I’ve survived yet another one. Now to head home, hit a HOT Shower, & get my runnin’ around for the day done. Hope y’all have/had a good day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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