…”find the time “…

22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nYa know, sittin’ here watchin’ the swirls of steam generated from the HOT Joe, I’m slowly enjoyin’, while listenin’ to the sounds of the birds, fish breakin’ the surface of the still waters (of the slough), & the Saturday mornin’ Fishermen racin’ up and down the lake (for THAT favorite spot). The grass got cut yesterday & I think it has the Squirrels confused. They are scurrin’ all over the yard scratchin’ & diggin’ tryin’ to fine the acorns or hickory nuts they buried. Yeah, it’s times like this I know things are right in my world. It’s just a matter of takin’ the time to slow down & enjoy what God has created around me. I hope all of you can find the time to do the same today…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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