…”Then I noticed somethin’ odd”…

After workin’ out this mornin’ I headed home, got cleaned up, & headed to the Anniston area get a hair cut & run some errands, one of which was to pick up somethin’ for Supper.Shortly after I got home my Bride got home as well. WE visited for a while & she let know she was goin’ to take a nap. “Please wake me up @ 5:30 p.m.” she said. I said “Ok, I’m goin’ down to take the Battery Charger off of the Pontoon Boat”. Naturally I didn’t walk down empty handed. Again this evenin’ I took the rod with the Tandem Blade Spinner-bait on it. I got the Pontoon Boat squared away, picked up the rod & began to cast. On cast #3 – I hooked up with a Spotted Bass. After playin’em down I got him up on the pier, took the attached picture, next to my 13″ long/size 11 sandal, for scale. Then I noticed somethin’ odd. Anyway, I removed the bait & I released the Spot to fight another day. Then I headed toward the house. I stopped to take another picture of my Spinner-bait on a stump & continued my stroll up the driveway. After stowin’ away the Battery Charger & Extension-cord, in the work/storage area of the basement, I put my rod back on the boat & headed up to wake my Bride. I got our Salad & “Mata’s Pizza” ready for us to eat. Oh, we did enjoy it. Another day in the books as a good evenin’…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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