…”winding down a day like that”…

Personal Card 11-30-2012Sunday evenin’, 6:00 p.m., supper’s finished. I cooked & my Bride is cleanin’ up. I went down to the water with a rod in hand, of course. Yesterday, I decided to give the “Ole Chrome & Blue Rattle Trap” a rest. So, I took a 3/8 oz.Tandem Willow Blade Spinner Bait with a White skirt on it to flip around the piers, seawalls, & weed-beds. I caught three (3) Spots & missed two (2). Not too bad for about 30 to 45 minutes walkin’ the banks. This evenin’ I did the same thing. But today I caught five (5) and missed two (2) again. but as a bonus this afternoon I saw a Bald Eagle fly over head. It had fresh fish in its Talons & appeared to be headed for its nest.  I really enjoy winding down a day like that…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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