…”Ole Friends & Fairy Lies”…

Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - CopyYesterday the Ole H-D & I headed to “The Ham” for a luncheon. I  met up with some Ole Friends @ {{{{{ HOOTERS }}}}}! The ride in was very enjoyable. There were 15 Guys & 1 Bride that made it. Another friend got held up in traffic due to a wreck on I-459. He got there right after most of us had departed for parts unknown. But, there is always next month! My ride home, back to “The Big Pell”, was also relaxin’, until that damn Big Ass Bug {{{{{ WHAM ! }}}}} liked to have knocked my sun glasses off of my head. He left his guts all over my right lens. Had to stop & clean his remains off so I could see. Now that got my attention! Other than that it was a wonderful day to ride, to share time with Ole Friends, & just enjoy the sights & what all God has created along my travels. After the excitement with that Bug, 100 miles of mostly back roads riddin’, a full belly, Ole Friends & Fairy Lies, the Ole H-D & I arrived back home safe & sound. It was a great day….”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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