…”FOSTERS (Australian For Beer!)”…

09-10-2016-watchin-bama-football Durin’ one of the many times when our group of friends were camping out at Wind Creek State Park there was one night in particular that really stands out in MY memory. Now, I know we all tend to remember things a little differently! Especially those of us who had  been consumin’ an over abundance of Adult Beverages, {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}}, all day long, well let’s say, “WE have a tendency to remember things a little more vividly than others do”. Nuff said on THAT, for now!

AS I REMEMBER IT…we had had a wonderful day of swimmin’, towin’ the kids on various water toys behind the Bass Boats, cooked lunch & supper both that day. The men even snuck-in a little Bass Fishin’!  Well the evenin’ came & it got a little late. The kids had, for the most part been put to bed in their family’s tents. Earlier the kids & I collected Firewood with the ole Ski Rope trick again. The adults were sittin’ around a roarin’ campfire, on a 90 degree & 90 % humidity Alabama Summer Night! Now you don’t go campin’ without havin’ a campfire, no matter how hot & muggy it is, RIGHT? Y’all know how that goes. Well, the {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} was a flowin’. As the evenin’ got later most of the adults had slipped off to join their kids in their tents for the evenin’ Well, that just left “The Banker, his bride/The Teacher, my Bride & me. The stories got longer & deeper as the {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} continued to flow. Every time the Teacher would get us another {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} she would cackle to herself. Well, my Bride said, OR as I understood her to say, “I’m goin’ to bed”. I said “Ok, I’ll be there shortly,” or somethin’ like that. It has been debate over the years as to what was actually said! The night stretched on, the Banker, the Teacher & I were the only ones left by the roarin’ fire, sweatin’. We threw a couple a more (chattin’) logs on the fire. We didn’t want to get a chill in the 90 degree cool night air ya know. The conversation shifted to “our 5 Year plans”, you know, where do you want to be 5 years from NOW & what are we goin’ to do to get there, & the {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} still flowed, but it was startin’ to run very low. Now, the 3 of us were really enjoyin’ this. In those days I could hold my Beer pretty good & we always called the Banker a Professional Beer Drinker. But let me tell ya, that Bride of his I swear has a “Hollow Leg”! That gal was damn near goin’ Beer for Beer with the Banker & Me. I was impressed! Well as it always happens, when you’re enjoyin’ that many Adult Beverages, I was feelin’ the call of nature screamin’ at me. So I just politely excused myself, slipped off in the darkness behind a tree & relieved that back pressure. I was ready to go again. The Banker & the Teacher had done the same, I think.  As we gathered back by the campfire I said “I guess I need to head toward my tent for the night”. The Teacher, who was grinnin’, like a fox, let me know there was just one more {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} left a piece for us. She was a diggin’em out of the Ice Chest for us. We heard a russlin’ in the darkness behind us, & we were hopin’ it wasn’t a wild animal. There,  just out of the campfires light my Bride appears. Now this is where I go back to “we remember things differently” earlier. I hear what resembled her voice, about 5 octaves lower than normal though, her eyes appeared to be glowin’ in a reddish tent, & that voice said “Are you comin’ to bed tonight, I’ve been up there, with the children, waitin’ on you”! Then the Banker starts jabberin’ about somethin’. He wasn’t helpin’ the situation either. The Teacher says, somethin’ to the effect “we’re just goin’ to finish our last {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}}. We all only have one each left”. Well, my bride mumbled somethin’ as she disappeared off in the darkness toward our tent. I knew I should follow, but the thought of that one last {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}} just called out to me. The Teacher was just a laughin’. She opened the Banker’s for him, opened hers & set it down. Now she was laughin’ like a little school girl & the Banker had joined in, as I was waitin’ on mine to be served up. I heard that distinctive sound of  it openin’, the Teacher turns around & hands me “a 32 ounce FOSTERS (Australian For Beer!) {{{{{ COLD BEER ! }}}}}”, they had 12 oz Millers. “DAMN”!, I said. Now they were all but rollin’ on the ground laughin’. She had been plannin’ on doin’ that all evenin’/night long. She brought it especially for me. We finished our beverages, our 5 year Plans & all staggered off to our respective tents, & so ended that night. The sun came up, just a few hours later, much sooner than I wished it would have. But rise it did & we began another day…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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