Part #4…”Bein’ Prepared”…”carrin’ a shovel around”

Part #4: …”Bein’ Prepared”: …”carrin’ a shovel around”

“Bein’ Prepared is somethin’ that was always taught to & instilled in me from my Mother”.

One of my ole friends (the Lumber Broker) entered a BBQ Cook-Off contest in The Ham. It was a pretty big to do. I mean there were Professional BBQ’ers in from all over the country. The Cook-Off was open to all classes (Beginners, Backyarders, Intermediates, & Pro Class). Well another ole friend (the Lawyer) called me, told me it was startin’ on a Thursday (I think) to get set up. Then the Cookin’ would take place startin’ on Friday with the final Judgin’ on Sunday. Let me tell ya, it was an event. Hell, there was all day & all night Bands playin’ on a stage near by, cookin’ around the clock, & more Special Sauces than you could taste. What more could a bunch of Good Ole Southern Boys enjoy other than Three days of {{{ Cold }}} Beer & BBQ Tastin’ ? I checked with the “Powers That Be, my Bride” & she consented that I could go play with the Boys. For some reason durin’ the day on Saturday the Lumber Broker’s fire got too hot! He needed to do somethin’ to cool it down. I sat down my {{{ Cold ! }}} Beer & said I’ll be back in a few minutes. I went out to the parkin’ lot, to my truck, opened my tool box & retrieved the needed tool. When I got back I found the Lumber Broker, said here, & held out a small Military style Foldin’ Shovel. “Where the hell did you get a damn shovel”? he said. The crowd around us all looked on & started laughin’ as I responded “out of truck tool box”! He asked, somethin’ like, “what the hell are you doin’ carrin’ a shovel around” I asked “do you need it or not”? Long story short, it was a fun time had by all…“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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