Part #3…”Bein’ Prepared”…”or Regular flavored”…

Part #3: “Bein’ Prepared”: …”or Regular flavored”…

“Bein’ Prepared is somethin’ that was always taught to & instilled in me from my Mother”.

On another campin’ trip to Wind Creek, yeah with the same ole group of families (the Marine, the Banker, & the Parts Man) we all got there early, well except for the Marine & his family, & got our tents set up & organized. We went about gatherin’ Firewood, with the Ski Rope. The kids all got a kick out of that. The truth be known, so did I! We were gettin’ ready for supper over the camp fire. It was after dark when the Marine & his family finally made it  but we all got our meals out, cooked’em all & were startin’ to relax for the evenin’. The Marine said he be back, had to get their tent up and unload their stuff. The rest of us started enjoyin’ adult beverages & realixed quite abit of time had passed, the Marine hadn’t returned. So we Dads/Good Ole Boys went lookin’ for our Marine. As we appeared on his camp site it would appear he was havin’ one hell of a time gettin’ tent up. After everyone laughin’ & makin’ all the required “Smart Ass comments” I asked “did you happen to read the Instructions”?, Marines quicklt snapped at me “Marines don’t need instructions to put a damn tent up”! I just couldn’t let it go. I asked “where are your your instructions”? He looked at me, & in the dark, I could see he wasn’t happy. Then the quite soft voice of his wife responded “I have’em right here”! The Marine was just grunttin’ a lot. The he responded, somethin’ like, “OK Smart Ass lets see you do it”! I asked his Bride for the Instructions & within just a few minutes we, the other “Good Ole Boys” had it up. I handed him back his Instruction, a hammer, & asked if he could finish it? Well after all the Smart Ass Comments, again, the rest of  headed down the hill to the fire & another adult beverage. As we were in the middle of tellin’ “Ole Fairy Lies” the Marine & his bride came to join us. He was still grumpy ans said something to the affect that he wished he had a Tooth Pick or some Dental Floss. I picked up my {{{ Cold }}} Beer & told my Bride I’d be back in a few minutes. I was asked, by someone, maybe the Marine, “where are YOU goin’ “? I’ll be right back I responded. Off into the dark I went. The Marine made a comment, somethin’ to the effect of, “if he comes back here with Dental Floss I’ll kick his ass”! Well as fate had it, I did come back with Dental Floss. I held out my hand to him & asked “if he wanted Spear Mint, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Strawberry, or Regular flavored”? And the laughter began…All in all it was a good trip…“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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