Part #2…”Bein’ Prepared”…”Now, y’all gather up that Firewood”…

Part #2: “Bein’ Prepared”: …”Now, y’all gather up that Firewood”…
“Bein’ Prepared is somethin’ that was always taught to & instilled in me from my Mother”.

When my children were young we used to go campin’ with several other couples (the Marine, the Banker, & the Parts Man) & their kids to Wind Creek, a State Park in Alabama. Those of us that had Bass Boats would carry’em so we could fish & play. Now the Rangers & Grounds Folks used to keep the State Park, we went to, very neat & clean of debris on the ground. Trash, fallen limbs, etc. Well we all know you just don’t go campin’ out without havin’ a Camp Fire, right. Oh, if you didn’t happen to carry your own Firewood then you go around & pickup Firewood of of the ground, right again. Well, NOT it that State Park. After bein’ unsuccessfut finding any burnable limbs/Firewood, just layin’ around, I told, my ole friends, & the kids that were with us to “stay right there, I’ll be right back”. “Where are you goin’ “?, I heard one of other Dads ask. “I’m going to my (Bass) Boat to get somethin’ “. Off in the dark I went. A few minutes later I returned with a {{{ Cold }}} Beer in one hand, a Ski Rope in the other, & a big Flashlight in my back pocket. “Ok, we know what you’re goin’ to do with the {{{ Cold }}} Beer but what are you goin’ to do with the Rope”?, one of the Dads asked. I took a sip, yep & actually said “here hold my  {{{ COLD }}} Beer”! I took out my Flashlight, scanned the trees above, “what the hell are you lookin’ for” one of the Dads asked. Hey, y’all give me some room &  don’t look up. I got some slack in my Ski Rope, started swing it around, with the handle goin’ around in a circle, like a Cowboy would have, & launched it up into a tree. Well the laughin’ & comments started to flow “Whats your next trick” someone asked. I pulled the Ski Rope until it pulled tight. “Back up & look out” I said. I took my {{{ Cold }}} Beer back,  then took a couple of steps backwards &  {{{ JERKED }}}! Well I’ll just say it wasn’t “Manna form the Havens” but Firewood was fallin’ out of the Tree above! “Now, y’all gather up that Firewood”! Long story short, before I was thru, those kids gathered enough wood to burn all night long…“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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